What a naughty girl needs.


That is what is needed. A firm hand, someone who is backed by the school, and the Board of Education. Every parent who has a daughter at my school has signed a document giving permission for corporal punishment to be used, at my discretion. I can flog a girls bare bottom any way I want, as hard as I want, for as long as I want. I have total authority, and a girl must respect it. Or else. All my staff know that I am the ultimate deterrent. I back their judgement to send a naughty girl to me, in every case.

So, if a girl is naughty, there is nothing she can do, but bend over, bare her bottom, and accept whatever fate comes her way.

Some girls in the fifth and sixth years are strong, if I foresee any trouble, I get my prefects to help, or use short pieces of rope to tie arms and legs in position.

A good thrashing on the bare, after a jolly good reprimand, and followed by a stern and severe warning is enough.

Until the next time, for some silly girls.

Mr.Jones. (Headmaster)

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