Book Covers, and now illustrated Chapter Headings

Now that my team is growing, it means I can get to grips with things in the background of the site, and improve things on the ‘Front Page’, so to speak.

Robin and Robyn Jones, have made a huge impact.

Robin, the wood carver and my researcher is like the hero in my favourite novels by Ellie Griffiths, a forensic archaeologist called Ruth Galloway, who always helps in solving the crimes by her archaeological digs.

And my dear Robyn, the spanking editor! ..she has agreed to go through all my stories, making them just that bit more readable. And on top of that, she is now making my covers. Not only the book covers, but a cover for each chapter. I hope (HINT HINT!! She is bound to read this…lol) that she will do the same for lots of my stories written in the way I do now, with each chapter having a link. Maybe even the longer novels too, like Saint Helena High School for Wayward girls, or the Inveigle.

It is amazing how you can get the gist of a developing story from the covers, like ‘The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans’….have a look at these.

And here is a hint at what happens in the next chapter….coming soon!

Intrigued? Then maybe you should click here, to see what all the fuss is about, after all, it is not even half way through yet, and it has been read 23000 times!


Asa (I get fed up of writing my name! Spell check always turns it to ‘As a’ or ‘Asia’ or, probably the most apt….Ass!!!)

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