Beach Episode…..another from Ma

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Ma and Pa’s beach episode
:Now Ma and Pa went skinny dipping upon a local beach . Pa climbed the fence to show his strength but ended up getting stuck. With his tummy big and his bottom out he was a frightful sight. Ma got incensed about his weight and walloped his bottom bare upon the fence with her red sandal, her own big bare cheeks a jiggling behind her.
: the warden of the beach came by and spotted the pair of bare-bottom bathers. Warden woman got enraged, approached Ma and Pa thus engaged and walloped Ma for breaking the rules whilst she sorted Pa, with both bottoms bare over the fence as they tried to make their escape.
: Warden woman developed an itch – it had been so long she touched a bare bum and Ma and pa on the fence turning pink was quite a sight..
: Ma and Pa had left their clothes on a rock. Warden woman says to them “you’ll get them back in exchange for a whap. “Done” says Ma, “ climb up next to Pa and perch on the fence, which she did, and down came her warden uniform shorts and olive-green pants revealing a bare of weight and depth and heavy of cheek which Ma proceeded to whack.
: warden woman she wriggled and giggled and jived about on that fence , and Ma just increased the pace for she recognised a case of bare-spanking longing when she saw one
: and so a convert to the cause was made due to Pa’s large fore and aft getting stuck on a fence..

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