Photo Set No – 332 ~ Charlotte’s Request.

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Anyway, let’s begin…

You know how it is, you get asked to go to see a friend for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, and somehow or other, you end up spanking them. I always have my camera, just in case, and on this day I was so glad I did!

We had talked about all sorts, some gentle music was on and one of those delightful silences drifted down from spanking heaven, like a blushing pink cloud. We looked at each other…”You need a spanking don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes please.”

“Roll play?”

“Not today, just tell me what to do and spank me.” She smiled seductively.

“Okay, naughty girl, get on that chair, and kneel.” I said firmly as I picked up the camera.

Her bottom looked good in jeans, but I wanted to see it bare. “Slide your jeans down, let me see what knickers are covering your cheeks today.”

“Oh! Cane training knickers, how nice.”

She turned to me curiously.

“I could lay the cane down on each line, then slide them down to see how accurate I am!.” She looked shocked as I said this. I continued…”But not today. Mind you, they would be a useful tool in the classroom. I might use that idea in a story, Slide them down Charlotte.”

I think this talk of caning and the classroom had really excited her, she became very submissive and her wiggle told me she felt a tingle…down there. She slid them down.

“I know I have told you a million times Charlotte, but I have to say it again, your bottom is perfect!”

As I was contemplating tracing the indentation of her knickers with my fingertips, she did what she always does, and got what she wanted at her right time…”Thank you Mr.Jones, that’s nice of you to say, but personally I think it looks better all rosy pink!”

Her smile was so disarming, that the elastic indentations drifted out of my mind.

So I gave her her favourite sort of spanking, quite hard, but slow, with lots of bottom stroking and straying fingertips in between the smacks. It went on a while.

The spanking and stroking satisfied her need. “Thank you Mr.Jones, that was perfect. Would you like me to stand and wiggle my red bottom as I say what a naughty girl I am, and how I like to have my bottom spanked?”

I gulped, and said, quite weakly…”Yes please Charlotte.”

And so she began, as she swayed….”Ohhhh my bottom is sore Mr.Jones, my naughty bare bottom has been spanked again, I am soooo naughty Mr.Jones, I need spankings, lots of spankings on my bare bottom. You like me to say spanking, bare bottom, naughty girl and things like that don’t you Mr Jones? Oh! That didn’t take you long!….”


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