Photo Set 333 – A Trip to the Cafe

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I have a mate with a cafe, one day I borrowed it and shot two videos. One was all about a naughty waitress, the other was about two schoolgirls who got caught stealing….

Here are a few photos to tempt you!

In one, I acted as the cafe owner, and spanked them. In the other I was a customer, and watched.

Charlotte said I got a bit carried away on her bottom…and sulked…then said she loved it ”cos it was really real!”

Don’t naughty girls look cute?

Here was my days work tempting and teasing me, before their spanking.

Make it a good one Mr.Jones…..giggle giggle wiggle wiggle

Oooooh the naughty girls asked for it! I mean, who could resist but make it as real as they could? With these wiggling and begging for a jolly good spanking!

I can assure you that they both got what naughty girls deserve! In the video I called their school after getting their names from the books in their school bag. The Headmistress, Miss Black came down. She spanked them first.

Here they are after the shoot, thanking her for their lovely spankings!

I got kisses an the cheeks too! So of course I kissed the naughty girls cheeks, both on their face and their bottoms! Always a gentleman!


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