Photo Set – 336 ~ The Control and Humiliation of Charlotte – No-1

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Sometimes Charlotte needs more than a spanking. I can just sense when. She wakes up with a naughty, cheeky, bratty way about her. Like this last Sunday, by mid afternoon she had already had three spankings!

“Right young lady! You need teaching a public lesson in obedience! Strip down to your panties.”

It is exactly what she needs and wants, I do not mean this particular method, but the fact that she is to be humiliated and publically shamed, it excites her. She has no idea what is coming, every time is different.

Once she had stripped, I put handcuffs on her, and waited. We had already dined, and we had had a couple of cups of tea. Within half an hour of sulking she needed to have wee. “Okay, I’ll take you for one, but you are keeping your knickers on! Everyone is going to see you wet your pants!”

“Nooooo! You can.’t make me wet my pants before everyone!”

With my camera in my hand, I told her to go to the bathroom…

“Sit down, naughty girl.”


“I don’t want people to see me on the toilet twiddling through my panties!”

I stared, solemnly. “You should think of that before you are naughty…sit!”

I put another set of handcuffs on her ankles, she was now trapped there. “Take as long as you need bratty! Just know that everyone who looks on my site is going to see you wet your panties!”

She held it in, stubbornly…desperately.

“Ooooooooh, awwwwwwww, I can’t hold it in any longer!”

“Then relax, let it flow…wet yourself before the world you naughty girl. Hear them giggle, see them point.”

I crouched down and aimed the lens at her pussy.

And then it came, not in a spurt, but because it was trapped it oozed and dripped, it went on her thighs, her knickers went damp!….then wet!

“Look everyone, Charlotte has wet herself, like a little girl!”

Look at her thigh, see how it squirted!

“Both thighs were splattered, the naughty girl has disgraced herself before you all, she has wet her panties in public… did it feel Charlotte?”

“Totally wonderful Sir…I need to cum now, will you undo my cuffs?”

I did….

I stood outside the door and listened…….”Oooooh yessss yay essss they have all seen me wet my pants, …..mmmmmmmmmm….I’m a dirty naughty …….girl! Ohhhhhhhh ooooooh.”


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