Photo Set 337 – The Control and Humiliation of Charlotte ~ No-2

Another instance of Charlotte enjoying being made to do something and display herself was after we had shot the story ‘From the Top Floor to the the Cellar’…

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But for now, let’s continue…

She was naked, apart from her hat and shoes, she was feeling exhilarated and sore after her thrashing with a cane. We were on the top floor of the office block where my studio is, and had to make it back down. We had started the shoot very early to avoid being caught, but now it was around eleven o’clock. Not many people use the building, but they do, mostly on the ground floor. Around the building are lots of companies in various buildings, but with me going first it would be easy to get back by the rear stairs, which come out next to my studio.

If we wanted too.

I could read her feelings, I know her needs.

I know the people who work around us, most know what we do, but it would still be risky, and daring. Fortune favours the brave! I told her to return another way….”if we meet anyone just walk on, as you pass them, man or woman, or even a group, tell them you have been a naughty girl. Tell them you have been punished. Then carry on walking. All the way to my studio.”

She looked shocked, nervous and unsure. But I knew it was a fantasy of hers, she also looked excited, aroused, and eager….she agreed, and off we set.

I decide to take her into an adjoining room which overlooks the huge car park af a parcel delivery company. “Go to the window Charlotte.”

She does so.

“I can see the drivers loading up!” Says Charlotte.

“I’ve been punished on my bottom, I’m naked.” Says Charlotte, as she stands naked at the window. Not loudly, but not softly.

“Come on, before we get arrested, go to the other side, to those windows.” I command.

She walks over.

Here Charlotte sees apartments, the backs of houses, and offices. Below her is a garage, where men are busy repairing cars. She feels exposed and loves it. She tells them, in the same volume of voice, that she is naked, and has had her naughty bottom punished. She looks to the offices and can see women at desks in a call centre. They only have to look over, and they would see her. This excites her, normal girls, doing normal jobs. What would they think of her if they saw her, what if they saw her punished. Would they ridicule? Some might wish they were her, some might hate her and want to see her dragged naked into the car park….her mind thought all sorts. We moved on.

We reached the studio safely.


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