Up Skirt Evans – Part 7

I thought I would bring these into synchronisation. The real story is in black and white…


But after I post a part/chapter I like to pick a couple of ‘choice’ photos to display in colour, and put them here…


Here are two from the last Chapter….9a, which I have just posted..

A confession…

On Thursday I was with Charlotte and Samantha (above) expecting to have quite a busy shoot. They got their uniforms on, complete with Blazers, white socks etc and it was one of those days where things take control and a different route is taken. We role played, as we often do.

I was teacher, they were naughty. I look at this photo above, from a shoot a few weeks ago, and think to myself….”bloody hell Asa! Only two days ago, you had her school skirt up, her knickers down, and was spanking her pert, firm, ripe bottom!” I have done it to them hundreds of times, but it still takes my breath away. I am still trembling….lol…and thanking my lucky stars! I hope they never fall down.


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