Photo Set 339 – Charlotte and Samantha in detention ~ Part One

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Here we have Charlotte and Samantha being rather naughty, they are in detention and are trying to get their teacher to let them leave early. Each house in this Girl’s Grammer School, have different Blazers, tie and skirt. Samantha in burgundy is in ‘Victorian House’ and Charlotte in green, is in ‘Elizabethan House’.

“Can we go home Mr.Jones?” Asks Charlotte.


“Thank you for thinking about it, Mr.Jones.” Giggles Samantha.

“Don’t be cheeky! Just get on with your work, and get it finished. Then you can go home.”

The clock ticks by…

“Bloody hell! You haven’t even got your pencils out yet!”

“Don’t swear Mr.Jones!” Says Samantha.

“I apologise, it’s been a long day.”

“It’s naughty Mr.Jones.” Adds Charlotte.

“Yes, it is, and you two should know everything about being naughty, the number of times you have been in here. And stop staring at me!”

They sulk.

“Oh good grief! Don’t sulk! I just want you to stop staring at me. That’s all.”

“We like you Mr.Jones.” Smiles Samantha.

“Yes, you are not a bad bloke to say how old you are.” Chuckles Charlotte.

“I know I am a bit old fashioned, it’s just my way. I like you two as well, you know I do. But you are on detention. For at least another forty five minutes! So get something done or it will be an hour.”

I try to concentrate and look down.

“Did naughty girls have to do loooooooong detentions in the olden days Mr.Jones?” Asks Samantha.

“I wasn’t around in 1066, but if you mean when I was a young teacher, no, I used to spank a girl for being naughty, and then send them home. So maybe they stopped a quarter of an hour or so….now shut up, and get some work done.”

“I wish I was in your class then Mr.Jones.” Smiles Charlotte as their legs opened wider.

“Have you dropped something Mr.Jones?” Enquires Samantha.

“No. Just get on with your work please.”

“If it meant we could go earlier, we would let you smack our bottoms Mr.Jones.”

My manhood was already stirring but it now stood to attention. I was glad of my desk. “Spankings are not just taps on your bare bottom you know, they hurt!”

“Bare Bottoms?” They said together, interestedly.

My interest was roused, it was after all, my favourite subject. “Yes, always on the bare, I would make you kick and scream. And quite likely you would cry, so be careful what you wish for! I put them over my knee and gripped them tight, and spanked them good, hard, and long, with my hand or a plimsol…..on their naughty bare bottoms. I’d even use an implement if they had been very naughty!”

“I bet you saw everything they had, down there….didn’t you Mr.Jones.” Samantha purred.

“Well, yes I did as a matter of fact, it humiliated them and they were embarrassed. It added to their punishment.”

“We’re their pussies wet sometimes?” Asked Charlotte softly, and she added… “Mine would be! It is now Mr.Jones, tell us some more about spankng.”

This was now after the ‘point of no return’, I was lost in their schoolgirl eyes, and now stared blatantly at their descending knickers. They were going to masturbate as I told them of how some pussies were moist, and how bottoms blushed and bounced….and wriggled….and squirmed…and…

I told them how some girls came much more often than others. I told them of and marks, and how the plimsol left its pattern on the girl’s soft rumps.

“Why don’t you get you cock out and wank it as we rub our pussies, and finger ourselves Mr.Jones?” Suggested Charlotte as she pushed her crisp white school panties down to her ankles.

I did! I got my cock in my hand and wanked hard, watching their pretty little fingers fiddle with their Sopping wet squelching cunts. I described some of the most exciting spankings I had given, they listened eagerly as they played.

I squirted magnificently all over the desk as they had strong orgasms.

“Next time we are in detention, will you spank us Mr.Jones?” Asked Samantha.

“On our bare bottoms, just like you used to, will you make us squeal, and wriggle, and cry Mr.Jones?” Added Charlotte.

“Yes, and I will get lots of implements and apparatus out of my old store.”

“Oh thank you Mr.Jones.” Said Samantha.

“Your secret is safe with us Mr.Jones.” Assured Charlotte.

I thanked them, and put them on detention, for tomorrow.

And so it began…

Part Two


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