Photo Set 340 – ‘First Time Seen’.

At all of my shoots there are always a few of my. photographs that are a bit special,. Each one in this new set will be unveiled for the first time, before eventually being used in one of my photo illustrated stories etc.

This is the freshly caned bottom of naughty school girl Karen, being viewed by the School Secretary Miss Evans.

No – 1 To be used in the story ‘The Sanking Adventures of Upskirt Evans’, a separate story under, ‘The Glory Days of Spanking.’ Which is story 62.

No – 2 To be used in the story ‘The Spanking Adventures of Upskirt Evans’. This photo shows the School Secretary in the Headmistress’s Office, after school on a Friday. This is the time the secretary is the Headmistress’s ‘Spanking Pet’.

No – 3 Is for a new story I am writing for Halloween. At the time of writing this it is September 2021. This girl (played by Charlotte) is a vampire, leading YOU to the Nether World. I took this photo around eight years ago! Like a lot of my stock, I am only just getting around to using it!

No – 4. Is another one for ‘The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans’. This is a lovely set you should see in a couple of months where Charlotte is made to trot around on a ‘hobby horse’ whilst Samantha uses a riding crop on her bottom!

No – 5 Is Stephanie having her knickers yanked down by Charlotte, in preparation for a full blooded bare bottom flogging from Samantha. This sequence will be added to my site in a month or so, when my latest story gets to it.

No – 6. Is from the same sequence as above. It is a super set, that is waiting for you, although quite brutal! Not for the feint hearted, this one. Here is Samantha laying the cane across a squealing, bucking Stephanie’s bare bottom , as an enthralled and excited Charlotte looks on!

No – 7 Is a beautiful tender moment, coming your way in a few weeks. Here is Charlotte just about to slide a finger or two inside Samantha’s excited, slippery pussy.

No – 8. Is a shot from the ground, of Charlotte and Samantha bent over a desk ready for spanking. You will see it soon(ish) in the story…’Charlotte and Samantha in Detention’

This is one I never used in the banana masturbation scene in ‘Kate’.

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