Another photo for ‘First Time Seen’

As you know by now, I have started ‘teasing’ you with what’s to come by unveiling a new photo which will be used in a story within the next couple of months. Today’s unveiling is this…

A lovely shot I took in my schoolroom of Charlotte and Samantha with their crisp white school knickers draped where they fell, around their ankles. Their blazers are folded up, so to are their pleated skirts. The naughty girls are bent over a school desk, and are going to be spanked by me, very soon. The atmosphere in my studio is palpable.

It will appear soon in the next parts of ‘Charlotte and Samantha in Detention’, can you identify which legs belong to who I wonder.

You can see the photo set I put these in, hidden away in this section of my blog. Just scroll down, you’ll find them…

Click here…

I wonder which one of you, my trusty band of followers, will see it first?


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