Open Doors and Naughty ‘Tease Maids’

Hello, I thought that this strange title for one of my posts might draw you in, I cast my line with a bait of temptation, and….got you! No escape now, so you may as well stay and have a read.

In my photo illustrated novel, ‘The Inveigle’, set in Victorian London, we follow the fate of two orphans, from the orphanage, to a mill, and into service, for the cruel Lady Jacqueline. They escape, into the care of a somewhat risqué photographer, who specialises in spanking. He recommends the girls to his friend Abigail, who runs a fabulous theatre, ‘The Inveigle’, and a bawdy house, for women seeking women, for spankings. They put on spanking shows every Saturday, and in the week the girls offer their services. The girls become stars….but Lady Jacqueline tracks them down.

Enough of the storyline, you see, the point is, that in ‘The Inveigle’ there are girls of different levels, ranks if you like. One of the middle ranks are girls who dress up as maids for clients to use. They are temptresses, they get spanked in public, especially in ‘The Lanes’, which have spanking booths, and rooms around the huge maze of a building….with the doors open. They are gloriously called…’The Tease Maids’.

I thought they would be popular with my readers, so have been through chapters 11 to 17, (after that it is too exciting for tease maids!) and put lots of open doors around the story, where you can see clients, using girls.

Here are some views….

To keep the story authentic, I insert lots of the photographers (Mr.Trentham) images. You see it is his job, to wander around and take them. The theatre sells them as souvenirs. Here are some…

Isn’t it lovely, and both heart and bottom warming, to know that our ancestors enjoyed it too!
This is the real Abigail of the Inveigle enjoying a bit of ‘slap and tickle’ as they used to say. The tickle was not under the armpits, it was gentle and in another warm, yet moist, hairy place!
Mummy Bear spanking Charlotte
Mummy Bear dealing with naughty Samantha

I know that Victorian rumps in bloomers, wiggling bottoms in petticoats, birchings and spankings of naughty maids etc is not everyone’s cup of spanking. But why not give it a try? I have had a few e-mails saying it is a cracking read. It’s not short, but winter is on its way, why not curl up at night in a few mahogany furnished parlours, or sit quietly in oil lamplight, reflecting on brass in boudoirs, or maybe candle light reflecting a well spanked rounded, and ample soft pair of buttocks….tempted?

Then click on ‘Photo Stories’ in the menu above, scroll down and follow Samantha and Charlotte’s bawdy adventure!

If it isn’t your cup of blushing bottom, why not look anyway, and scroll down through naughty school girls, maids, mistresses, and even a spanking vampire…or two…..come on, what ya waiting for? I have been waiting for you to find me for ages! There are about six thousand photos, and getting up to around a hundred stories.

If that has not tempted you….try this…it’s free!!!

I do it all for the love of that most joyous of pastimes….spanking!


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