Disgraced on a Work Placement

You will have seen photos very similar to these in story No-14 ‘The April Fool’, click here…


Similar, but not the same, these are some I did not use. I am slowly going through all my stock, it seems a shame for them to sit in files on my computer, you may as well see them.

The Headmistress had a call, from the local company which makes stationery items. Samantha, a troublesome girl has been getting work experience there. Something all the Sixth the formers did.

The call was bad, Samantha is in disgrace, and ready for collection. She has been extremely rude, and not for the first time it seems, to the two people she had been put to work with. They had had enough, and refused to work with her.

The Headmistress arrived and was sent to find her in the ‘Dispatch Room’.

After talking to the man and woman, it sounded that she has behaved as she does at school…badly. The Headmistress had dealt with her before. She told the two people to go to their work space, and she would deal with Samantha, and then send her to apologise. She smiled as she left the door to where she was, wide open, and went to see Samantha. She was given a very loud dressing down, and then much to the delight of the man and woman, she was told to remove her knickers for a bare bottom spanking! They crept to the open door, to watch.

They watched with glee, as the troublesome girl, already acting meek and mild, fumbled with her knickers, her bottom clearly on view. How different the brat looked now, having been put firmly in her place.

She passed her knickers over.

The Headmistress took them, and told her that she would not be wearing them again that day, even when she went to apologise to the people she had been so rude to.

At the edge of her vision, Samantha saw the man and woman at the doorway, “How embarrassing! Miss, they are watching! Please don’t spank me before them!”

“On the contrary young lady! I think it quite fitting that they should see you dealt with, now turn to me, and tuck your gym slip right up at the back. You know how I like it. She heard the man and woman giggle.

She did as she was told, her bare bottom was now facing the delighted man and woman.

“Now get over my knee young lady!” Said the Headmistress as she picked up a flexible green ruler.

The Spanking.

This is something different I am trying as an experiment. More detail on some of the photos. I seem to get lots of contact about individual photos, so, if that is what some of you want, then that is what you will get 😊

A better view of Samantha taking her knickers off…


Part One of her Spanking…


Part Two of her Spanking…


Part Three of her Spanking…


And afterwards…


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