Photo Set 342 – A Gallery of Kate’s Spanked Bottom

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Kate ticks all the spanking boxes! She texts me saying she has been naughty and needs one, and when she gets it….she wriggles, makes lovely noises and never says stop!

I like to pose her close to my desk, in corner time, as I write or edit my photos. Here are a few of my views…

As you know Kate loves to be on show. I get lots of visitors, not just spanking people, but people who work close by, such as the girls in the offices below, or a mechanic from the garage next to us, the maintenance team, window cleaners, postmen, etc etc…she never moves a muscle. Bless her. It is great fun watching them trying not to look, or hold a conversation with me, like the reps. Best of all is when I have to fetch something! I leave them stood there…lol


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