The ‘Workplace Experience Spanking’ – Part 1

See here to see the story/scenario so far


Look, can you see the authority in the Headmistress’s face? Ultimate power over her school girls! The Board of Education’ back her, the parents have signed consent forms, for corporal punishment. She knows that if she says “Get over my knee for a spanking!”, the girl simply has to comply. No matter where, no matter when. If in school uniform a girl is under her control. Even here, away from school, on a work placement.

Let’s not forget the two viewers, both annoyed and fed up with the insolent brat. What joy to be able to stand there and see her put firmly in her place! To see her bottom bared, to hear the telling off, and now, there she is, bare bottom up high, having to comply. She knows you are looking, she hates it, really hates it. And that makes you love it even more.

As for Samantha, well, she is at that age where she feels like an adult in a girls body. Dressed in school uniform, in which she shows her defiance with non regulation shoes, and wearing her gym slip far too short. She is desperate to feel and look grown up, in proper clothes. She has make up, and looks like a fantasy adult schoolgirl. Those two…..oooooh they are boring and set in their ways! She will be so much better than them one day, she hates them! Yet here she is, to be spanked like a little girl before them! On her bare bottom…”I am not going to scream, or cry, or kick, and I am not going to look at them!” She thinks.

The ruler the Headmistress picked up is cold as it rests on her bottom.

Ohhhh the shame, the humiliation, the hurt, the embarrassment. She wanted to show the world she was ready for work, all grown up. But here she is, she can feel the Headmistress’s lap, it feels nice. She can feel the cool air on her bare bottom…that feels nice too. She almost wants it to start.

And them, staring at her predicament, seeing her get a bare bottom spanking! She can hear them snigger…yet somehow, impossibly, it also feels nice, and sends a tingle right up her pussy.

More to come…


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