The Work Experience Spanking – Part Three

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“Right then young lady, ever since the first year you have had a chip on your shoulder, you seem to think you are better than most. Academically, in many ways, you are. But today has proved to me what an annoying brat you can be! Now, you can keep the back of your gym slip up, and your red bottom on show as you walk down the corridor to Miss Cooper and Mr Harris’s Office, where you will make a formal apology. You will also tell them…. That you will be staying here for a further two weeks! During which time, they have my full permission to spank you as often, and as hard as they wish for any more bad behaviour. You can add that at the end of the fortnight, I will inspect the punishment book I am leaving them to fill in, and if I deem fit, madam! I will use a cane on your bare bottom! Now be off with you!”

The corridor which she walked down was long, and always busy. People had heard about her and the visit. She received many comments, gestures and giggles. “Oh this must be her!” And on passing…”Oh God, look at her red bottom, she has had a proper spanking!”…..”OOOH! That looks sore, you’ll be sleeping on your tummy tonight luv!”…. “Don’t let your Mummy and Dady see that red bum you naughty girl, you’ll get it smacked again!”

Eventually she reached her destination, sniffing, and whimpering, rubbing her poor bottom. “Hello Miss Cooper. I am sorry for being so horrid and rude, I will be on my best behaviour from now on. The Headmistress is giving you a punishment book to fill in, and you have permission to spank me as hard as you like on my bare bottom if I am naughty. I won’t be, I promise….sniff.”

She walked over to Mr.Harris’s desk.

“Hello Mr.Harris, I have left a punishment book with Miss Cooper. My Headmistress has given you permission to spank my bare bottom if I am naughty again. I will try not to be, honest I will. I am ever so naughty for being a naughty girl.”

She turned to them both. “I am here for two more weeks.”

As she walked back by Miss Cooper, she shouted her over. “What will your Headmistress do if she sees too many entries in here?”

Samantha winced, and trembled. She whispered…”She will cane my bare bottom Mis Cooper.

“Then you had better be very, very careful!” Smiled Miss Cooper with an evil smile.

We will have to see what happens!

The Headmistress left poor Samantha’s knickers on the desk, and smiled to herself, if she did not get them back, her bus journey home would be interesting, and how would Mummy and Daddy react to seeing her bottom?

Such is the lot of a naughty girl….

Asa’s note….I intend to write more.

2 thoughts on “The Work Experience Spanking – Part Three

  1. For my friend Asa Jones,

    I read these stories over and over again … this story was the starting point for a friendship, even over a long distance and it brought me closer to the spanking scene, or rather the spanking family, through which I met many new and nice people got to know.

    Thank you for your friendship and trust and the encouragement to pursue my goals

    Hope to see you again soon

    Your friend “Hawkeye”

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