Long Haul…another from Ma

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Ma and Pa go on a special holiday and Ma gets a special request
: Ma and Pa were on a long-haul flight to celebrate a special anniversary. The Stewardess of this special flight recognised Ma and asked how she was keeping in spite of Pa.
: For Stewardess had seen passenger list and was delighted to find that Ma was on it. She was a member of the slimming club who had taken Ma to their hearts for her way with a board upon a Bare. They’d missed Ma’s ministrations had the ladies of the Group and since she’d been away standards had slipped and focus gone awry.
: Ma asked after ‘her’ Group and Stewardess replied “it’s not been the same since you’ve been away” and hoped she’d be back soonest. Ma smiled a smile and promised she would, whereupon Stewardess put in a request. “ Would you come and see me in my crew cabin for I have an itch I’d like you to scratch upon a patch you know quite well. I have a break soon so would you come up behind the saloon? : “O by the way Ma”, as she turned to go, “ I don’t suppose you have that Board, the badge of your ‘profession’?” Ma said with a twinkle “as a matters of fact it rests in my bag for one never knows when it must be used for cooking or walloping away (Pa benefits from both she added sotto voce).
: Stewardess said with a lovely smile and a slightly tremulous voice “well Ma that’s a date and I’ll see you at eight for a special ‘chat’ ”. Ma watched her go and thought what a figure that Stewardess had! She’d be very happy to help her ‘scratch her patch’, which clearly needed attention. Such a lovely girl so full of discretion, and Ma would use her Board, to wallop her Bare with all her might without making too much noise…
: The appointed hour it soon came and Ma set off up the aisle, leaving Pa fast asleep (these long haul flights muck about with the constitution). She carried her Board in her bag and for all the world was off for a walk.
: as instructed by Stewardess she made her way past the saloon and into the gloom past sleeping crew until she found the cabin she needed. With two quick raps, the appointed signal, she was in Stewardess domain. Now Stewardess was tall and broad – a well made girl who wore clothes well. But sensibly, as Ma had suggested, she’d removed her skirt and panties and they both had a giggle when this South Wales girl (from Maerdy) called her appearance ‘half-tidy!”.
: There was not much space in the cabin small so improvisation was needed. But one thing was sure that Stewardess, who took a delighted intake of breath, when Ma brought forth the Board from its resting place, ready to do its business.
: Ma sat down on the only chair (these cabins were really very small) and patted her lap and said to Stewardess: “ We’d better get started my girl for I hear that you have an itch to scratch, you’ve brought me all this way, so get that patch across my lap and I’ll begin walloping away!
: The Bare that was revealed to Ma when Stewardess bent across her lap was ivory white and a perfect shape for bottom-shaped Board to dish out its fate. Ma paused to admire and in a slight deviation from procedure ran her hand over the ovals which caused Stewardess to purr with content. She raised the Board and brought it down upon that Bare with a force that surprised them both.
: For Ma had been in Australia and keeping her hand in amongst the Ockers and distant family. Well the white of the Stewardess’ very fine Bare first turned to pink and then to red and in a fit of inspiration Ma thought of the colour of Ayers Rock and the Outback’s constellation. She resolved to paint the bottom at hand like a Red Centre sunset, with orange and blues and indigos – a source of fascination. It may be a while before Stewardess could sit but she’d asked for a scratch to be itched on her patch and this was it!
: Mindful of the ticking clock, Ma walloped away and realized that she was in a state of bliss. She was helping out a woman who had sensibility and sense to match, rather like Ma – if she could be so proud.
: For she became aware that this Broad acre bare was rather like hers (from the selfies she’d seen and the mirrors she’d looked in regularly). And a thought crossed her mind that she really ought to teach Stewardess to give as well as receive.
: Ma slowed the pace of for she realized that lost in thought it was time to stop. The clock was ticking towards end of break for Stewardess who would have to rearrange afore setting out down aisle once more. The sunset glow on her bare behind brought forth much heat. “Don’t stop Ma” stewardess said “It’s feeling just fantastic!”.
: Ma replied “my darling girl you have passengers to serve. But I’ll tell you what, since you’ve helped me a lot with holiday readjustment, we’ll set a date when next on leave to learn the art of give as receive. In short my bare-bottomed beauty, when you are next in Bare Acre Green, you can have a go at mine. I’ll teach you the art of wielding the Board and you can practice till your heart sings with joy. You can practice on me, and Pa and Schwas and in good time the other members of the slimming club! Now up you get before I change my mind or get tempted to spend the night a whacking away on your fair bottom bare when you should be out by 9!”
: Stewardess looked at her in wonder and said “‘tis a dream come true. I’ve admired you Ma for style and flair at walloping a Bare since that famous sauna fare. You are a role model I’ve longed to follow and in time I want to do you proud. I can say I was taught by the best. For ‘Tis as good to give as well as receive could be your Motto, you know”.
: Ma looked at her and decided then to show Stewardess, as a parting gift, something she’d only glimpsed before. Which was to give her a taste of what Ma meant, there was just a few minutes before start of night shift so they’d have to be quick.
: As Stewardess was adjusting her dress Ma stood up and stretched, said “keep Bare just yet” and gave it one more whack. She then unbuttoned her Australian jeans, of which she was proud for it showed off well her large behind. She slipped them down and there revealed her lack of underwear! And Stewardess saw a fabulous sight, Ma’s broad acre bare revealed by the glow of the cabin light. The Australian sun had given it a tan – but not too much in these days of health.
: “I want a few spanks, and I want them now” Ma said with a grin and wink. “we have five minutes so we better get on before you have to leave”. They duly changed places and Stewardess, very nearly had a flap as Ma settled over her lap. “mind you five minutes is plenty of time to wallop a bare if you know how. Start with a flurry upon each cheek, then right, then left, then centre. All Bares are different in size and scope but if there’s not much time then a rule of thumb is outside in!”
: Stewardess began to wallop, ignoring her own throb. “ That’s it girl! A great start made” said Ma in transcendental state. “ You are a natural, a real find. It makes a Ma (of ‘maturish’ years) so very proud”. “ You know of course we now have a bond of true devotees of walloping Bares. If your’e anything like me, it keeps you sane in a simple way…you’ll find this out in the Lord’s good time if you don’t know it now”. And she wriggled her Bare in satisfaction of a job well done.
: Reluctantly the women knew they’d have to part for the rest of the trip. Stewardess to the night shift and Ma to her seat. Anyone who was not asleep on that quiet plane good and true would have seen two women taking their leave from cabin crew. Their cheeks did glow, both face and Bare, and they looked in a blissful condition. But strange to say, if anyone looking would see a Stewardess statuesque of figure squeeze the bottom of a shorter woman, as they whispered “well, sweet dreams!”

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