Charlotte and Samantha in Detention – Part two

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The next day dawned with an air of excitement, even before I got out of bed, my manhood was stood to attention, and it was not because I needed the toilet, it was because I had spent much of the night thinking of yesterday. As soon as I awoke, my thoughts went there again, and then I thought of later today, and their second detention.

The night for the two girls had been similar, both had text each other continuously, and under their duvets they had face-timed each other, naked, helping each other with their orgasms.

The day at school went by quietly, only once did we get chance to be off our guard, passing each other in the corridor, when we winked at each other.

Thus so, the school day finished, they went to the detention room next to my office, in the quiet east wing of the school. I heard a noise as I sat at my desk, they were here, early! That is not a trait they showed for any other school business. They were eager for punishment.

I had arranged the room as I suggested, and walked in to find them sat facing forward, quite seriously. This was role play….but not ‘only role play’, it was serious re-enactment of times gone by, a new experience for them, and a ‘time gone by’, revisited by me.

Two modern girls were going to get a taste of old fashioned discipline. I knew they wanted it to be as real as possible, but thinking of our last time together, I hoped it would end differently to the old days.

“Impudent girls! When I enter the room I expect you to stand up immediately! Straight, with your hands by your sides, shoulders back, chins up! Then you say ‘Good evening Mr.Jones!”

They shuffled.

“Stay there! I will leave and come back in, and you had better do it correctly!” I said in my strictest voice, and left.

It was good to be the old me again, I counted to twenty and walked in sharply.

In chorus, the two girls spoke. “Good evening Mr.Jones.”

I walked towards them and stopped. “Out to the front! Both of you. Stand at the front desk, side by side….qui-et-ly….and smartly, facing the window. Come on! Don’t dilly dally! You are in enough trouble already!”

Nervously they did as they were told.

I stood and watched them squirm. “Are you tired? Do you need to support yourselves? Why are your hands resting on the desk. You seem to have picked up some sluvenly habits! Now let me see…” I read the report form. “Late….for assembly, four times in this half term! Late, to arrive at school, eight times, oh….I stand corrected, and late back after lunch six times. And what do we have here? Late! Late for handing in your homework! Seven times each. Good Lord! Well?….WELL??….WELL ???”

It logged in, their confused looks changed to slightly hopeful. Once again, in chorus, they replied. “Sorry Mr.Jones.”

“I should damn well think so! Well I have better things to do with my valuable time than waste it chastising tardy, naughty schoolgirls! I have a time honoured cure for tardiness! It is a dose of my trusty size thirteen plimsol….on your bare bottoms. It seems to me that a punished bare bottom is something else that is sadly late in your slipshod idle young lives. Bend over the desk, right now!” I carried on in my strict official voice, it sounds so much better when issuing a dire warning of an imminent punishment.

I walked around them and raised their blazers and skirts in a very ‘matter of fact’ way.

I stood behind them, the other side of the teachers desk, taking in the magnificent view of young, firm, apprehensive bottoms, clad in tight white cotton.

I hooked my thumbs in each pair of school knickers in turn, to pull them around the beautifully curved bottoms, and let them cascade to the floor.”

“You are getting six each, three on each cheek. Any silliness and I will get you to hold each other in turn, and we will start again. Trust me, once you have tasted rubber on your cheeks, you will not want me starting again!”

I walked over to get the plimsol off of the stool, and came back to stand by them. Their breathing was hurried and shallow, they trembled.

With no warning, I made my way down the line three times. Firm whacks, in quick succession…










In the time honoured fashion of no fuss, let’s get on with it! It was over. Two eighteen year old girls…punished.

I moved to stand between them, and dropped my trousers and pants, Charlotte took her right hand, and gripped my cock. Samantha took my balls to fondle in the cup of her left hand. With Charlotte wanking me, and Samantha gently jiggling my balls, I slid a middle finger of each hand in their cunts, the flat of my hands against their lips. Like three horses before a charriot we galloped together to a fantastic orgasm.

More to cum….oops, come!


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