Inveigle Visits – Number One

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Samantha discovers her submissive side

As Samantha and Charlotte’s acts became widely known and enjoyed by the ladies attending the Saturday night shows at the Inveigle, more and more wanted to experience one of the girls on a one-to-one private basis during the week. Charlotte was very sought after as a submissive to be spanked by the dominant ladies, whilst the more submissive ones craved to have their bottoms thrashed by Samantha. Abigail was inundated with requests, but the extra money rolling in was a huge temptation for both Abigail and the two girls.

After one particular Saturday night performance, Abigail was approached by a rather striking, tall, dark-haired young lady who introduced herself as Lady Robyn FitzWarren. She congratulated Abigail on the performance, saying that she had found it extremely erotic and had surpassed anything that she had ever seen staged in female flagellation brothels in Paris. Abigail beamed with pleasure at these compliments. Lady Robyn went on to pass comment on all the different acts, singling out Samantha’s and Charlotte’s performance in particular as being extremely arousing. Then, she made a rather strange request. Would she be able to have a one-to-one session with Samantha?

“Certainly Lady FitzWarren. When would you like to visit for this session?” enquired Abigail.

“Oh, perhaps on Tuesday afternoon next week. Would that be a suitable time?” asked Lady Robyn.

“Yes, of course. I’m sure Samantha will be available then,” replied Abigail.”How would you like her to deal with your ‘needs’? Are you after just a firm hand spanking or would you prefer something more severe? Perhaps a strapping, a caning or even a birching?”

“Oh no, you mistake my orientation, Miss Hayes. What I want to do is to spank Samantha.”

Abigail was a little taken aback at this request. Perhaps Lady FitzWarren was mistaken. “Surely it is Charlotte who you want to see, not Samantha? Samantha is the domme, Charlotte is the submissive.”

“No, I’m not mistaken, Miss Hayes. It is Samantha who I wish to spank, not Charlotte. I realise that she is a domme, but I have yet to meet a domme who hasn’t at some point also indulged her submissive side. She has the sort of bottom I would relish spanking. Besides which, I think it’s very important that a domme occasionally submits to a sound thrashing, just to remind her what she normally dishes out to others actually feels like!”

Abigail thought about this carefully. It wasn’t as though Samantha had never been spanked before, although, as far as she knew, Samantha derived far less enjoyment from this than Charlotte obviously did.

“Well, Lady FitzWarren, I suppose there is no harm in asking Samantha whether she would be willing to submit to you. I’ll see her tomorrow morning and ask her. If she is willing, I’ll send a note to your house. Would that be satisfactory?”

“Yes, perfectly satisfactory Miss Hayes. I shall look forward to hearing from you. How much do you normally charge for the service by the way?”

“I usually charge one shilling for an hour’s session with one of my girls, Lady FitzWarren.”

“Well then, please tell her that I am prepared to pay double for the session if she agrees to go ahead with it.”

The next morning Abigail asked one of the Inveigle maids to fetch Samantha. On arrival, she ushered Samantha into her private parlour. “Come in Samantha. Make yourself comfortable. Take a seat, my dear.”

As Samantha sat down, Abigail related the strange request she had had from Lady FitzWarren the previous evening. Throughout the exposition, Samantha showed no indication of how she felt about it.

“So that is what she asked for. She specifically wanted to spank you, not Charlotte. You don’t need to say yes if you are averse to the idea, although I should add that she said she would pay double for the session with you. She is clearly a wealthy young lady and could, if she is kept happy, bring a lot more custom our way.”

Samantha sat there for a few minutes thinking before she finally made up her mind. “Why not! It’s not as though I haven’t been spanked before. I know I could take it, providing she didn’t do it too hard. Don’t tell Charlotte, but I do actually sometimes enjoy being on the receiving end if I take a fancy to the person playing with me! How old Is Lady FitzWarren? Is she an attractive lady?”

“Oh, she must be in her early 30s and, in my opinion, I thought that she was very attractive,” said Abigail.

“Well, in that case I’m willing to give it a go. However, you must impress on her ladyship not to be too severe on me. My pain threshold isn’t up to Charlotte’s,” replied Samantha. “How does she want me to be dressed? Does she want me to be a lazy housemaid, a naughty daughter or a mischievous schoolgirl?”

“I’m not at all sure, but I’ll ask her to let me know before she comes. As for trying to limit the severity of your spanking, I have had a bright idea. I have a special slipper which I have sometimes used on less brave clients in the past. It is relatively light and doesn’t sting too much. However, it still makes a lovely loud smacking sound when it is used, sufficient to excite most spankers. All you need to do is to react as though it really does hurt to add to her ladyship’s pleasure! Squeal loudly and wriggle your bottom about a bit. You know the sort of thing!”

“That sounds good,” replied Samantha.

Abigail affirmed Samantha’s willingness to submit to Lady FitzWarren by letter, adding the proviso that Samantha would only submit to hand spanking and a slippering at this stage. She asked Lady FitzWarren to confirm her agreement with this and to give some idea as to how she wished to ‘play’ the session.

Lady FitzWarren replied promptly, saying how delighted she was with Samantha’s decision and that, of course, she would respect her limits. She added that she would enjoy ‘dealing with’ Samantha dressed in a housemaid’s uniform. The rest of the scenario could be improvised on the day. She would come to the Inveigle at 2.00.

Lady FitzWarren arrived promptly at 2.00 on Tuesday afternoon, dressed in a rather stern-looking outfit – a long black skirt, black ankle boots and a long-sleeved ivory coloured blouse, with a cameo brooch attached to her collar. Her hair was pinned up in a tight bun at the back of her head. Despite the severe appearance of her apparel, she certainly displayed a very striking, attractive figure to the eye.

Abigail welcomed her back to the Inveigle and took the two shilling fee.

“Welcome back, your ladyship. You’ll find everything you need ready for you in Samantha’s room. It’s room 69, just along the corridor at the top of the stairs over there,” she said, pointing with her hand. “I can show you up if you wish.”

“No, that won’t be necessary. I’m sure I’ll find it on my own,” said Lady Robyn, as she set off purposely up the staircase. She then passed along a mahogany panelled and plush red velvet wallpapered corridor to the far end where she spotted room 69. She had decided that she would behave just as any ‘lady of the house’ would behave towards her servants. As she reached the door, she didn’t bother to knock. She turned the brass handle and walked straight in unannounced.

Samantha quickly stood up as Lady FitzWarren burst in. Dressed in her housemaid’s outfit, she tried to look contrite and certainly felt rather nervous. She curtsied as Lady FitzWarren burst into the room, muttering as she did so, “Your Ladyship.”

“Ah! There you are Samantha, you naughty girl! The housekeeper has just informed me of your most recent misdemeanours. I told her I would deal with you personally.”

“Oh! I’m very sorry Madam, but what am I to have done wrong?” replied Samantha, looking rather flustered.

“What have you done wrong? It might be quicker to list what you’ve done right! Everything you do in this household seems either to be done badly or left incomplete! You really are a very lazy, slovenly young maid. Look at yourself! You can’t even dress smartly. Your apron isn’t clean, your boots are covered in coal dust and your hair isn’t even tied up in a proper bun! It looks as though you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! You’re a disgrace! Unless you pull up your stockings very quickly, you’ll find yourself dismissed, thrown out on the streets without any references.”

Samantha looked thoroughly chastened by this tongue-lashing. “Oh Madam, please don’t dismiss me, please don’t. I promise to mend my ways…honest!”

“You certainly will, my girl. I’m going to make sure that you do. In fact, I’m going to give you a good hiding right now, one that you won’t forget in a hurry! I should have done it earlier, but better late than never,” retorted Lady FitzWarren.

“Oh, Madam, please don’t punish me. Can’t you just dock my wages?”

“Don’t be a stupid girl. I have made up my mind. I had originally intended to take a birch to your bottom, but I think that, as this is your first time, I’ll spank your bottom with one of your slippers over there. If that doesn’t get you to buck your ideas up, then it’ll be the birch next time! Bare your bottom and bend over it. Come on, be quick about it or I’ll change my mind about using a birch rod on you.”

During all this tirade from Lady FitzWarren, Samantha was surprised to notice that she was actually being turned on by being so sternly told off by this rather attractive woman, one hardly much older than herself. She felt her pussy tingling and steadily becoming damper by the minute as she anticipated the spanking to come. She had often torn a strip off clients that had requested a domme session with her. She thought that she usually put on a good performance for her clients, but Lady FitzWarren was her equal, if not more so.

Lady Robyn was also enjoying every minute of her performance. She too was becoming more aroused and was struggling not to rush to the next stage. Yes, she was really looking forward to spanking Samantha’s bare bottom, but she knew that anticipation was everything. The build-up must be savoured like a fine wine, not gulped down in a matter of seconds.

Anyway, the time had finally arrived. Samantha turned her back to Lady FitzWarren and bent over. She slowly gathered up her long skirt and petticoats, pulling them up to rest over her back. She then seductively drew the flaps of her split bloomers wide open, so that her beautiful white mounds slid gracefully into view as she bent further down with her hands on a low stool to await her spanking.

Lady Robyn’s heartbeat was now racing faster and faster. Finally she had this gorgeous young lady at her mercy. She noted that Samantha’s pussy looked as wet as her own felt. This was so exciting, so arousing! Yes, she had been privileged to spank a few bottoms in her time, but not one quite so exquisite as this.

She picked up the slipper that had been left conveniently for her use. She tapped it gently on her own palm to test its feel. It felt a bit light, but it didn’t matter. It would still sting Samantha’s bottom and would allow her to spank her for longer without causing undue damage. She then lightly tapped it against Samantha’s buttocks, making them wobble in a most alluring fashion. Lady Robyn couldn’t resist stroking the soft downy globes in front of her. She had originally intended to really wallop this young lady’s bottom, but she decided that a more controlled sensual spanking would more erotic and enjoyable. She wanted to see if she could make Samantha cum just by spanking her, although she realised that she might need to give her some manual assistance if necessary to push her over the top!

After a while spent exploring and appreciating Samantha’s bottom, Lady Robyn let out a little sigh of contentment. “Right, young lady. It’s time for your spanking I think. Ask me nicely to punish you for your thoroughly woeful and slovenly behaviour.”

Samantha felt a little thrill run through her as she said in a submissive voice, “Please Madam punish me for my slovenly behaviour. Please will you spank my bare bottom as hard as you deem fit.”

Without further ado, Lady Robyn raised the slipper in her right hand and started to wallop it down across Samantha’s quivering cheeks…WHACK! SMACK! WHACK!

Samantha was surprised. As Abigail had promised, it stung a bit but not overly so. However, it did make a lovely, beautiful whacking sound each time it collided with her naked flesh. She rose to the challenge, determined to make Lady Robyn believe that she was really hurting her. As the spanking continued, she started to let out little yelps and cries, wriggling her buttocks in an apparent attempt to avoid the slipper.

WHACK! “Yeow!”

SMACK! “Ouch!”

WHACK! “Yeeeouch!”

Lady Robyn kept up a rapid pace, alternating her strokes between each steadily reddening cheek. Although Samantha had found the earlier stages of the spanking bearable, the sting was beginning to build up into a steady burn. She didn’t need to ‘ham it up now’…it was beginning to genuinely hurt, pushing at her limits. However, there were compensations. The tingling in her pussy was becoming more intense and she was starting to feel a trickle of moisture running down her inner thighs!

Suddenly, Lady FitzWarren stopped spanking and ordered Samantha to loosen the tie in her drawers so that they would drop well clear of her bottom and thighs. She wanted to get a better view of her target and deliver some strokes to Samantha’s upper thighs, so far neglected in the spanking. And so the spanking restarted, this time with a short stick…WHACK! SMACK! WHACK! accompanied this time by genuine yelps of pain.

Whilst Lady Robyn could see Samantha was obviously being turned on by her treatment, there was still no sign that she was approaching an orgasm. As a last resort, Lady Robyn decided to try Samantha in a new position. She ordered Samantha to lie on her back on the stool, holding her legs raised up. This position left nothing to the imagination. Samantha’s engorged, dripping cunt was fully exposed to Lady Robyn’s gaze as she renewed her attack, WHACK! SMACK! WHACK! Every few minutes she stopped and let her fingers stray between Samantha’s legs in an attempt to hasten the arrival of an orgasm.

Finally Samantha came with a loud, long drawn out scream of pleasure. Lady Robyn dropped the slipper on the floor and stood back feeling very satisfied with how things had gone. She herself felt very horny and was also on the verge of an orgasm. Samantha was fully aware of this as she looked into her ladyship’s eyes. Quickly she stood up and kissed Lady Robyn full on the lips. Then reaching under Lady Robyn’s skirts she sought out the front split in her silk drawers. Her fingers soon discovered one very moist pussy and they slid easily into the crevice. She then expertly and very vigorously frigged her ladyship to an explosive orgasm as she continued to kiss her! “OH!…OH!…OHHHHHHH!”

After they had both recovered , aided by a glass of wine, Lady FitzWarren said, “Thank you, Samantha, thank you. That was a most wonderful experience. I really enjoyed myself. Perhaps we could repeat the experience at a later date if you were willing?”

“I’m so pleased, your ladyship,” replied Samantha, giving her a mischievous smile and curtsying. “Yes, I would be more than happy to repeat the experience. You really know how to turn on a lady with the sort of spanking you deliver! I hadn’t really understood until now how stimulating being on the receiving end of one could be!”

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