A Young Client Visits Eleanor’s Boudoir

A young client visits Eleanor’s parlour

One of the most eagerly awaited events at all the Inveigle Saturday night shows was the raffle. It helped raise a lot of extra money for the Inveigle. The audience bought raffle tickets on arrival according to their individual orientation. If they had dominant tendencies and wished to spank one of the Inveigle girls, they bought a yellow ticket. Those who had submissive tendencies bought a red ticket. The raffle draw was then conducted during the interval and the two lucky winners were able to ‘collect’ their prize after the show in the privacy of the Inveigle girls’ own rooms. Abigail nominated which two girls were to be ‘on duty’ on each occasion.

Tonight, it was Eleanor’s turn to be the prize for the winner of the red ticket, whilst a new girl called Sophie had been nominated as the prize for the winner of the yellow one.

A hush descended on the audience as Abigail first drew out a yellow ticket.

“Tonight’s lucky yellow ticket holder goes to number two hundred and…thirty six! After the performance make your way to Room 23 on the second floor and present your winning ticket. Naughty Sophie will be waiting for you there, her bottom bared for your attention! Spank her hard and enjoy yourself!”

Abigail then drew out a red ticket, “The lucky red ticket holder is number one hundred and….five! You will report to Room 13 on the ground floor where our very own Mistress of Ceremonies, Mistress Eleanor will have the pleasure of chastising your naughty little bottom and doing whatever else meets your wicked desires! Don’t be late or else!”

Each draw was accompanied by loud cheers and clapping, as well as groans of disappointment from the many who had missed out. Many fruitlessly scanned the audience to try to ascertain who were the two lucky ladies.

The lucky winner of the red ticket managed to conceal her identity well and, like many others sitting close to her, looked around pretending to discover who the winning ticket holders were. She was a frequent attender of the Inveigle shows, but had until now been unlucky in securing an audience with one of the Inveigle dommes through the raffle. Tonight, however, her persistence had paid off. Not only had she won the coveted red ticket, but she also had a one-to-one audience with her favourite domme, Mistress Eleanor. So elated was she that she hardly noticed the performances in the second half of the show.

The lady in question was a very attractive young lady called Anne. She had lovely shoulder length brown hair. She wore a white skirt and a delicately embroidered white blouse. Both were semi-transparent. Her ample, yet pert young breasts were tantalisingly visible through the fabric. Despite her slightly risqué attire, Anne possessed a rather quiet and shy personality as befitted her submissive nature.

After the performance, Anne hung back in the auditorium until most of the audience had departed before making her way slowly towards Room 13, full of anticipation.

Eleanor, the Mistress of Ceremonies at the Inveigle, was one of the establishment’s favourite Dommes. As befitted her position, her room actually consisted of a small suite of rooms, but her favourite for assignations with clients was her bedroom, or what she liked to call her ‘boudoir’. It was decorated in a very warm and opulent style. At its centre stood a large four poster bed with very plush gold and green patterned curtains. A small fire crackled away in the corner and that, together with a series of candles in a candelabra, bathed everything in a warm flickering and very sensual glow. A number of strategically placed mirrors hung around the bed, enabling clients to watch themselves being spanked and whipped. A clock ticked quietly in the background adding to the quiet tranquility of the room before the action started.

On this particular evening, Eleanor returned from the stage after the show to await the lucky raffle ticket winner. She wondered what the lady in question would be like. She hoped that she would be young and beautiful. It made her task so much more enjoyable.

She heard a tentative knock on the door and bid her caller to enter. The door opened slowly and in walked an attractive young lady. Eleanor was in luck!

“Good evening, young lady. So you must be the lucky holder of the red ticket tonight. Welcome to my boudoir! Come in! Now, before we have a little chat, why don’t you kick off your shoes and remove your skirt. You’ll feel more comfortable and it’ll help you to relax.”

Anne was slightly taken aback by this suggestion, but nevertheless complied. It had come across as a polite suggestion, but there was a degree of force in Abigail’s voice that brooked no refusal. Having removed her skirt, Abigail got her to do a twirl, appreciating this elegant young lady standing in front of her in a beautiful embroidered blouse, dainty white open-crotch bloomers edged with pink ribbons, and unusual black-and-white striped stockings.

“Now, take a seat on my bed,” Eleanor said, guiding the girl into the room with her hand around the young lady’s waist.

Eleanor sat down in front of the girl, staring intently into her eyes and asked, “What is your name, my lovely?”

“Ere..it’s Anne, if you please, Miss…sorry, Mistress Eleanor,” whispered the young lady, averting her eyes and blushing deeply.

“Well Anne, what is it that you would like me to do with you?”

Anne blushed again, but seemed unable to speak or to meet Eleanor’s gaze.

“Come on Anne, don’t be embarrassed to tell me. I’ve heard and seen it all before. It’s impossible to shock me,” said Eleanor in an encouraging voice.

“Well Mistress Eleanor, I would….I would…I…I…,” stammered Anne and then ground to a halt, seemingly incapable of expressing her desires.

Eleanor decided to take charge of the situation, instinctively guessing what Anne desired. It wasn’t the first time she had encountered star-struck fans who idolised her to the point they seized up when alone in her presence.

Maintaining her intense stare, Eleanor enquired, “Have you been a very naughty young lady, Anne?”

Anne blushed again and nodded.

Eleanor ignored her nod and asked again, “Well, have you been a very naughty young lady? Answer me!”

Reluctantly Anne whispered, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Speak up! I want to hear you say it!” replied Eleanor in a forceful voice.

“I have been a very …n…naughty young lady.”

“That’s better!”’Eleanor commented. “And what happens to naughty young ladies?”

Anne seemed to shrink back into her shell again at the abruptness of this next question, dropping her gaze from Eleanor’s face.

“Look at me girl,” Eleanor said in a stern voice. “I require an answer! What happens to naughty young ladies?”

Anne looked up and said, “They’re punished!”

This was like trying to squeeze water out of a stone, but Eleanor persisted, “Oh, they certainly are, young lady! But … HOW exactly are they punished, might I ask?”

Anne looked away again, but managed to stammer out, “They have their bottoms spanked, Mistress.”

“Yes indeed! Go on, tell me in detail exactly how they are spanked.”

“Do I really have to say, Mistress?” asked Anne, feeling very embarrassed.

“Yes! You certainly do. Continue”

“Well, Mistress, they are usually put across someone‘s knee and they have their b…bottoms!”

“Yes! Continue!” replied Eleanor, sounding angry.

“Well, they usually have their drawers taken down to bare their bottoms. Their butrocks are then slapped hard to make them cry!”

“Correct! Their bottoms are most certainly bared! With what might their buttocks be ‘slapped’ as you phrase it?”

“Oh, with a hand or maybe a hairbrush, Mistress.”

‘‘And if they are extremely naughty, what then?”

“If they’re extremely naughty, I suppose that they might have their bottoms strapped, caned or even b…birched, Mistress.”

“They most certainly would, young lady. However, although I sometimes use a birch on naughty young ladies’ bottoms, I prefer to thrash them with a cane. A cane stings like the devil. It creates beautiful red stripes and welts on their bottoms, a lasting reminder of their visit to me. It doesn’t take long to make them scream and squirm as the cane wraps around their naked cheeks. Some naughty young ladies very quickly beg me to stop, whilst others beg me for more and more! It’s a strange old World!”

Anne looked into her Mistress’s gleaming eyes feeling a heady mix of fear and excitement, both sending a rush of tingling arousal right through her loins.

Eleanor stared hard at Anne, “Do you think you need your bottom spanked, young lady?”

“Oh Yes, Mistress!”

“And have you been naughty enough for me to thrash you long and hard with my cane?”

Anne opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

“Well, young lady, what do you have to say to that? Speak up!”

“I beg your pardon, Mistress. Yes, I have been extremely naughty. Please thrash me with your cane until I beg for mercy!”

“Tell me again what you need, young lady!”

“Please, Mistress, please spank my bare bottom and then thrash me with your cane. Make me cry out and beg for mercy!”

Eleanor relaxed her harsh stare and gave her a little smile. “Of course I will, my dear. It’ll be a pleasure to deal with your bottom.”

Eleanor then stood up and walked over to the other side of the room, where there stood a large, tall ornate vase containing a variety of punishment implements, She drew out a supple long dark cane and walked slowly back towards the bed, swishing it noisily through the air and then placed its tip on Anne’s shoulder.

Anne stared wide-eyed at the whip, mesmerised by the sight and sound of it.

“Would you like to feel this across your bottom, Anne?”

Anne gulped and nodded, “Oh yes Mistress, I think I might enjoy it!” replied Anne, “But will you please spank me first?”

“Of course! I want to thoroughly acquaint myself with your bottom before I apply my cane to it. It needs warming up if it is to withstand a sound caning,” replied Eleanor.

“Right! Let’s prepare you, young lady. Roll over and take that bolster over there,” she said pointing with her cane. “Place it in the middle of the bed and lie over it…face down!”

Anne did as Eleanor had instructed and lay over the bolster, which helped to elevate her bottom. Eleanor put the cane down and then took hold of the pink ribbon securing Anne’s drawers and slowly undid it as though she was unwrapping a mouth-watering sweet. She then drew the side flaps apart to reveal a wonderfully full and well rounded bottom. It was the sort of bottom which Eleanor just adored spanking! There was plenty of soft pliable flesh to sting and to redden.

Anne lay there with a look of almost dreamy anticipation on her lovely face. She glanced over her shoulder at her domme. Mistress Eleanor looked magnificent in her outfit, sending a shiver of excitement through her whole body. She had often masturbated herself to sleep after attending one of the Inveigle shows fantasising about spending an evening with this strict and powerful woman. She really hoped that the forthcoming experience would live up to these fantasies.

Eleanor stared down at Anne, drinking in her semi-naked form lying so enticingly across the bolster on her bed. A lamb for the slaughter! Slowly she removed her white gloves in a most theatrical fashion, one by one. “Oh this is going to be fun, my dear! We’ve got the rest of the evening to enjoy ourselves.”

Eleanor knelt on the bed and sensually caressed the curves of Anne’s beautifully curvaceous buttocks with her bare hand.

“Do you like my bottom, Mistress?” asked Anne, shyly.

“Oh yes, you possess a beautifully succulent young rump. It’s just ripe for a sound spanking, my girl!”

Anne relaxed a little and gave a little chuckle, saying, “I bet you say that to all of your clients!”

“Oh no, I assure you I do not. Not all of my clients possess such a beautiful bottom as yours!”

“Really? Do you really mean that?”


“Oh please, Mistress, tell me out aloud what you are thinking as you look at my bottom. I’d love to hear you say.”

“You really are a very wanton young lady. Yes, you do have a very succulent, soft round bottom and I want to spank it. I want to spank it very hard. I want to make it wriggle and writhe under my hand. I want to make it blush bright red and then paint it with deep red stripes with my cane. I’m going to make you scream and cry out. You won’t know whether to beg me to stop or to ask me for more!”

Anne was ecstatic over this. The words were so exciting, so arousing. “Oh YES, YES, YES, Mistress!”

“Right, young lady. I think it is time to turn words into action! I want to spank your lovely rump NOW? Are you ready?”

“Oh yes, Mistress.”

“Ask me again nicely and say that you are a naughty little slut who needs her bottom soundly spanked!”

“Oh yes, Mistress! I’m a naughty little slut and thoroughly deserve to have my bottom soundly spanked and then …thrashed with your c..c…cane!”

Gazing down at Anne’s beautiful bottom excited Eleanor enormously. She was going to enjoy every single smack and cane stroke she delivered to this young lady. However, Eleanor didn’t like to rush the process. Neither of them saw this as a punishment. It was a highly erotic act, which must be performed slowly and fully savoured.

Eleanor started off by caressing her submissive’s bottom again, enjoying the feel of Anne’s soft, creamy, smooth, pliable, unblemished cheeks. Anne closed her eyes and relaxed, moaning softly.

After a while, Eleanor started to gently slap each cheek, enjoying watching the flesh ripple as the colour of the skin started to pinken. Anne’s moans steadily became louder as Eleanor stepped up the pace. She started to raise her bottom up to meet her Mistress’s hand, inviting each slap in a most lewd fashion.

Eleanor paused. She sat down on theb bed and instructed Anne to place herself over her knee. Pushing the bolster away, she lay across Eleanor’s fish net clad thighs.

“I think it is time now to properly spank this lovely rump of yours, you dirty little slut!” said Eleanor. “Ask… no BEG me to spank you hard!”

“Please, Mistress, spank my bottom… spank it very hard!”

With that Eleanor’s arm rose and with a flick of her wrist, she delivered a full-blooded smack to Anne’s right cheek, which wobbled beautifully on impact.

“Ooooo! Yes, Mistress,” Anne squealed out as she felt the lovely sting burst across her buttock.

And so Eleanor continued delivering increasingly harder and harder smacks to Anne’s quivering bottom. The room filled with the resounding sounds of smacked feminine flesh. Anne squealed and moaned loudly, both in pain and in ecstasy, shouting out “Harder Mistress, please harder!”

And so the spanking continued, both lost in a World of pain and pure pleasure. Neither wanted it to stop, or at least not just yet!

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Finally the spanking stopped. Eleanor gazed down at Anne’s now well reddened bottom and gently caressed each buttock with her hand, enjoying the feel of her soft warm cheeks.

Suddenly, without warning, Eleanor rolled Anne off her knee and onto her back, and started to kiss her lips and exposed breasts passionately, whilst her fingers sought out Anne’s pussy. Unsurprisingly, Anne’s cunt was extremely moist and it didn’t take much time for Eleanor’s experienced fingers to bring Anne to a shuddering, screaming climax.

Once Anne had recovered, Eleanor commanded her to rise and kneel on the bed holding the metal bedstead. “We’ve only just started my dear. We have a long way still to go before I’m satisfied your bottom has suffered sufficiently to atone for all your naughtiness!”

“I think a little more spanking is needed before I cane you. Your bottom needs to be much redder if it is to withstand a sound thrashing,” Eleanor said, kneeling up beside Anne and delivering a series of hard slaps.

Anne closed her eyes as she absorbed each burning slap. “Oh yes, Mistress. Prepare me well for my thrashing!”


“Right you little slut. I think I’ve warmed you up enough now. Prepare yourself for the cane. I’m going to thrash you until you scream for mercy. You can make as much noise as you like! No one will mind. They all know what games I like to play! If you struggle too much and try to resist, I will tie your wrists to the bedstead, so be warned! You will have no control and will be at the mercy of my cane! Is that clear?”

“Oh yes, Mistress. I understand.”

Eleanor picked up the cane

“I want you to count each stroke loudly and thank me, and then ask for another one! Whatever you do, don’t lose count.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The cane exploded across Anne’s rump….SWISH! THWACK!

“Eeeshhh! ….One thank you, Mistress!…..Please can I have another. Thrash me well!”


“Yeeeeowch! …Two …thank you, Mistress!…..Please can I have another.”


“Ooohhhhh! Yeeeouch! …..Three….thank you, Mistress. ……Ooohh!…Please…can I have another one?”


“OUCHHHHHHH!…..Four, thank you Mistress! Please can I have another one, Mistress.”

Eleanor paused to trace the four beautiful stripes that now adorned Anne’s inflamed buttocks. As her fingers moved around each cheek, she let them slide down between Anne’s splayed legs and drew them up slowly through her very wet, slick cunt, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from Anne.

“OOOOOHHH! Mistress, I love you so much!”

“Do you like my fingers down there?”

“Oh yes, Mistress!”

“I’m sure you do! However, I haven’t yet finished caning you, so you’ll just have to wait! Beg me to continue caning your bottom.” Eleanor said, withdrawing her fingers from Anne’s moist honeypot.

Sounding a little frustrated, Anne managed to blurt out, “Please Mistress, continue to cane my naughty bottom.”

The whip immediately whistled through the air landing with a loud thwack across the centre of Anne’s bottom….SWISSSHHHH! THWACK! “Yeeeoooowhhhh! …..Oh! Oh! OH! …..f…five….th…thank you, Mistress! Pl…please can I have another.”

And so Eleanor continued to thrash Anne’s bottom. The room was filled with the sound of shrill swishing and loud thwacking as Eleanor thrashed her young submissive, painting stripe after stripe across her writhing buttocks, as she screamed and cried out for more. What a thrashing it was, but it was one that Anne had long wished for!

Finally, Eleanor stopped, her eyes full of lust. Throwing the cane aside she knelt down and grasped Anne’s hips in both hands and started to kiss the hot cheeks she had so recently thrashed with her cane. She then slowly drew her tongue up through the deep groove between Anne’s cheeks until it reached Anne’s cute little anus. Her left hand reached round Anne’s left hip and she inserted her middle finger deep into the moist grove finding the erect clitoris. Simultaneously she then started to slowly frig Anne with her hand whilst twirling her tongue around Anne’s anus, occasionally inserting its tip into the opening. Anne bucked and squealed. She’d never experienced anything quite like this before.

“EeeeeHHH! Oh, Mistress! Oh! oh! Mmmmhhh! That’s …Oh!….wonderful! Don’t stop!”

The combination of having been spanked and then severely whipped with a cane, on top of this double stimulation was just too much for Anne. She screamed long and hard as she orgasmed like never before. She almost passed out, such was the strength of it, the ‘aftershocks’ sending little shivers and shudders through her whole body.

As she came to, she slid down onto the bed and turned to her Mistress, “Oh, thank you, thank you so much, Mistress. That was just mind-blowing. It was out of this World! Thank you so much, but what can I do for you?”

“Oh, I’ll think of something in a moment, but first lie back over my knee so that I can have another look and feel of your lovely bottom. I want to inspect my handiwork!” Eleanor was now in awe of Anne, as Anne was in awe of her!

Sighing in contentment, Anne slid over Eleanor’s knee and relaxed as she felt her bottom being gently stroked and kneaded by her Mistress.

“Such an exquisitely beautiful bottom. I really enjoyed attending to it!” said Eleanor smiling.

“Mmmmhhh!” murmured Anne, turning her face towards Eleanor, “You certainly know how to give a young girl pleasure and make her very happy!”

Eleanor then bent down and, grasping Anne tightly, gave her a long lingering kiss. Their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, utterly lost in a sea of passion!

Eventually Eleanor broke off the embrace. She desperately needed attention herself. Standing up she threw off all her clothes. Standing naked in front of Anne, she then instructed her to lie on her back. She climbed onto the bed, knelt astride Anne’s face and took hold of the bedstead. Anne’s hands reached around Eleanor’s hips and clasped her buttocks in her hands, and then started to lick Eleanor’s moist pussy just inches from her lips.

Eleanor was finally getting some release from all the built-up tensions and arousal created by the evening’s activities. This was one of the most exciting and arousing assignations that both ladies had ever had and, no doubt, would be one that they would want to repeat again!

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