Photo Set 343 – concerning a banana!

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Whilst going through my old files looking for photos I never used in stories, I found the huge set I took for the schoolgirl masturbation with a banana. They were for a story called ‘Kate’, click ‘Photo Stories’ above and scroll down them all to find it.

These are all previously unseen, just in case you wondered, the girls get caught and punished! What a surprise! But these are just them with the banana…

Why I purchased the bentest banana in the world, I do not know!
Samantha had to wiggle it around the edge before pushing in, very exciting to watch!
Look at Samantha’s bottom resting on the table.
Ooooh! I am not sure who enjoyed it the most?
I remember this, Samantha got very excited and had to rub her pussy and clit, hard and fast. The banana slipped out due to her losing concentration of her banana hand! Once she had cum, the insertion proceeded!
This is how they looked at each other upon reaching this fast fucking scene. Samantha said…”I think Asa is going to enjoy this as much as we are!” She was not wrong!
Just the stalk sticking out, but damn, I got her leg in the way!
Samantha is fascinated watching it slide in and out quickly.
She takes it out, we had 1/3 of it each.
Kate asking Samantha to suck it and taste her juices….did she? I know…but am not telling!

This is a shot of them being caught, I used another in the story. Just imagine though, if it was real life! What a situation to be caught in!

What a view for the teacher! Samantha whips her fingers out of her pussy, but keeps fucking Kate’s cunt with the banana! Kate being caught….orgasmed wildly….screaming don’t stop!

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