Red Bottomed Girls

Us spanking lovers adore a red well punished naughty girls bottom. Here will be an ever growing collection…

Some will be in sets, like this…

Kate’s Beautiful Bottom on various apparatus. Click here…

Others will appear as little groups, like the girl below. So call back often, and of course I will let you know when I add any.

I have told you before that for many years I ran a spanking service for needy women. I still have a few, but mainly my girls have taken over. This girl came a few years ago, and said, ‘Shout at me like a real naughty girl, and give me the plimsol at the front of the class, on the bare, hard and long, just as you would in a real situation, no limits, and no matter what I shout, squeal or do, do not stop until YOU decide it is over.

She did not expect for me to arrange a class of girls, but she got exactly what she asked for….before the class!

Here are the devastating results of the plimsol on a bare bottom from cold, I gave it full force, fast…at least 30 whacks! She jumped, cried and squealed, but I held her firm and did not listen to her pleading…

Can you see the imprint of the pattern of the sole of the plimsol!

I put her in corner time and had told the girls before she came to whisper abuse and mockery at her. I did nothing about it and had to tell her not to rub as pellets of paper from rubber bands etc peppered her sore bottom! It’s all part of a traditional school punishment. She loved it and came back quite a few times for a repeat performance.

I have written of another client of mine, Molly, a few times. A petite girl (just right for the naughty schoolgirl she loves to be) with a pert bottom, who loves a good hand spanking. She gets very sexually excited! As you can see by the swollen lips of her pussy!

Here is a young woman from the Czech Republic, who came to see me and the girls many times for canings, birching said and the tawse.

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