Good Grief! My girls have been out together again, and instead of sore bottoms, they have sore heads today… so….shhhhh.

I received this from Amber, Charlotte, Samantha and Stephanie. Looks like they were enjoying themselves! I wonder if any have got up yet!

I think to myself, that all the men and women who are out, have no idea who they are or what they get up to! Little do they know that those wiggling bottoms on the dance floor are red and sore!

Good luck to the lovely young ladies, as for me, I was curled up with a cup of tea, watching a crime drama on the telly! “Eye eh you can’t beat a good murder can you!?”

I thought of my friends obviously, and part of me thought how nice it would be, to be 40 again, and have a little boogie with them…it would make them laugh if nothing else.

I am happy to share their nights and days out with cheeky texts thank you very much! Now I’m off to put the kettle on, and edit some photos of their bottoms.

Bye for now.


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