The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans ~ Part Eleven

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A thrashing for Karen

It had been a quiet week on the disciplinary front at St. Angela’s. There had been no spankings or slipperings, which left Charlotte feeling somewhat deprived of her usual ‘spanking fix’ in assisting in Miss Tanner’s punishment sessions. She looked at the clock, only one hour until school ended for the week. “Oh well,” she thought, “perhaps Miss Tanner will invite me to her house again for coffee tomorrow.” Saturdays had started to become a regular fixture for them both, a time when they could both let their hair down (and remove most of their clothes) to indulge their mutual obsession with everything to do with bottoms and spanking.

The time passed slowly and Charlotte had now just finished all the necessary assignments she had been given by the headmistress, when there was a knock on her door. In walked Karen Smith, looking somewhat shamefaced.

“Hello Karen,” said Charlotte, cheerfully. “I haven’t seen you for a while. I hope you have been behaving yourself?”

“Ummm, well…” Karen stammered, “… not exactly!”

“Really?” said Charlotte, raising one eyebrow in a questioning manner. “What is ‘not exactly’ meant to mean?”

“Errh…well, Miss Flood found me skipping her games lesson. I was hiding in the changing room. I hate games, especially with Miss Flood and I made the mistake of saying so to her face. She told me to report directly to the headmistress.”

“Oh, I see,” said Charlotte feeling somewhat excited at the prospect of seeing Miss Tanner ‘dealing with’ this silly girl yet again. After Karen’s last punishment, the headmistress had threatened her with a severe caning if she committed any more offences. Twelve strokes to be precise! Canings were fairly rare at St. Angela’s but certainly not unheard of. Canings were usually reserved for serious offences, hardly the sort of offences that Karen seemed to commit. However, Karen was certainly a persistent offender and didn’t seem to have been deterred from committing them so far. Already this term she had earned herself a hand spanking and two slipperings. The latter slippering had been particularly severe, as Charlotte knew only too well having been slippered herself in like manner by Miss Tanner!! Miss Tanner had suspected that Karen was one of those girls who secretly loved having their bottom smacked. The girl herself had more or less admitted it on close questioning. That is why Miss Tanner given her such a severe slippering last time.

“Well, Karen, I had better check to see if the headmistress can see you,” Charlotte said. She stood up and knocked on Miss Tanner’s door.

On hearing Miss Tanner shout “Come!”, Charlotte opened the door and entered. “Sorry to bother you Miss Tanner, but I’ve got Karen Smith outside. She said she was sent to see you by Miss Flood. Apparently she skipped the games lesson today and was found hiding in the changing room. She told Miss Flood she hated games lessons with her. Not a very diplomatic thing to say!”

Miss Tanner looked furious and spluttered, “Good God! I’ve punished that girl three times already this term, and yet she’s back for more! What am I to do with this wretched girl?”

“Why don’t you give her a good swishing with one of your canes, headmistress?” suggested Charlotte, rather liking the sound of the term ‘swishing’ in preference to ‘caning’. In her mind it seemed to beautifully convey the essence of a sound caning, just as the term ‘whacking’ conveyed the essence of a sound slippering!

Miss Tanner looked at Charlotte and then nodded. “I think you’re right, Charlotte. I threatened her the last time she was in here with a caning if she reappeared too soon. Well, a caning it will be! Please select a couple of canes from the punishment store and bring them here.”

Charlotte went into the store and chose two canes from the many canes hanging from the wall. One was a long, thin crook-handled cane, a bit like the one she had herself tried on her own bottom and had used to masturbate herself! The other was slightly shorter and thicker. She swished them both through the air a few times. She preferred the thinner one as it seemed so much more whippy and made a much more exciting high pitched ‘swishing’ sound in contrast to the lower pitched ‘whooshing’ sound of the thicker cane. Hopefully one of them would meet Miss Tanner’s approval.

She quickly returned and handed them to Miss Tanner. She took hold of each one in turn, flexing them between her two hands and then executing a few air shots. “Both are good choices, Charlotte. However, I think I’ll use the thinner one. It’ll sting like blazes, but won’t bruise her so much. It should make her think twice about coming back here again! Now please send her in.”

Charlotte opened the door to her office and beckoned Karen in saying, “The headmistress will see you now.”

Karen slowly entered, her hands clasped tightly together and her head bowed, not daring to give Miss Tanner eye contact.

“Look at me girl,” said Miss Tanner. “I’m not going to waste my time giving you a long lecture about your continued inability to behave yourself and obey the rules. The last time you were in here, I threatened you with a caning if you came back and I’m going to do precisely that. I’m going to let the cane do the talking for me! You will receive the maximum dose I am able to award…twelve strokes across your bare bottom my girl. Let’s see if a good thrashing with my cane might finally persuade you to toe the line. Now get over that gym horse over there. Miss Evans, please prepare her!”

“Yes Miss,” said Karen, nervously eyeing the cane in Miss Tanner’s hand. She’d never had the cane before, but she had often fantasised about being caned after hearing stories from other girls who had been ’swished’ by Miss Tanner. Perversely the cane was something she both feared and craved to become more closely acquainted with. Well now was the time!

Whilst Karen’s emotions were running riot, so also were Charlotte’s. However, in Charlotte’s case it was more a matter of extreme excitement. She had never witnessed, let alone assisted in a caning before. She felt as though she had finally reached the pinnacle of her spanking career as the headmistress’s spanking assistant. Ever since she had secretly played with the cane in the storeroom, she had longed to see one in use. From that experiment, she wasn’t sure that she wanted to feel a cane properly applied across her own bottom. It had stung even when fairly gently applied. However, she was certainly feeling very aroused and excited by the thought of watching Miss Tanner apply it to Karen’s bare bottom.

Karen slowly walked up to the horse and bent over the top. Charlotte grabbed her wrists and helped pull her into position, placing her hands firmly on the front legs of the horse. She then stepped round behind Karen and started rolling up her skirt and pulling down her bottle-green school knickers. Just as she was sliding the knickers down, Miss Tanner interrupted the proceedings, saying, “I think, Miss Evans, we’ll have her knickers right off. I want a totally uninterrupted view of her bottom and I may just decide to place a few strokes across her thighs as well,

Charlotte adjusted Karen’s skirt and knickers, noting that this time Karen’s bottom was an unblemished creamy colour, a totally ‘fresh canvas’ for Miss Tanner to use. Karen’s mother had clearly not needed to discipline her daughter recently. Satisfied that all was ready, Charlotte stepped back into the corner, saying,”She’s all yours now, headmistress.”

“Thank you, Miss Evans,” replied Miss Tanner. She walked slowly around Karen, gently swishing the cane as she did so, her high heels making a loud click-clack noise as she did so.

“You’ve never had your bottom caned before, have you, young lady?”

“No, Miss.”

“Well, you’re in for a real treat then aren’t you! If you thought that that last slippering I gave you was painful, think again! The cane is a lot worse. I’m told it really stings and burns like nothing you have ever experienced before! I hope that it will finally cure you of your bad behaviour and your desire to have your bottom smacked!”

They all knew that in reality it would quite likely increase the desire in a girl like Karen.

Karen’s eyes tried to follow Miss Tanner’s movements as she circled slowly around her, mesmerised by the sight of the cane quivering in Miss Tanner’s hand. She started to feel more and more apprehensive. “When is she going to start? The suspense is killing me! Please just get on with it,” she thought, as she lay there, her bottom feeling very vulnerable as a gentle breeze played across her naked cheeks.

Miss Tanner was in no rush to get started. She really wanted to make this caning a very memorable experience for Karen, one which hopefully she would not wish to repeat! She wanted to build up Karen’s level of fearful anticipation, before she started. It was a form of psychological warfare. Some might even call such an approach as being very sadistic. However, Miss Tanner really had had enough of this silly girl’s antics. Spankings and slipperings had clearly not worked, so she had little option but to apply the ultimate, ‘nuclear’ deterrent, namely a severe caning!

In time honoured fashion, beloved of all caning experts, Miss Tanner started to take a few practice shots, swishing the cane loudly through the air…SWISH!…SWISH! Each time Karen’s buttocks clenched involuntarily in response to the noise. In contrast, Charlotte felt a surge of excitement rush through her each time. It was such a thrilling and highly arousing sound!

Finally, the waiting game was over. Miss Tanner stopped pacing around Karen dangling over the horse, and tapped the cane across Karen’s bottom, checking her distance. Charlotte held her breath as she watched Karen’s buttocks flinch, and legs involuntary kick, even at the light initial touch. Tapping it on her buttocks.

Suddenly, Miss Tanner drew the cane back and then brought it whistling down hard, landing with a loud THWACK! right across the centre of Karen’s awaiting bottom. Karen shrieked and kicked out her legs, as a thin white line rapidly blossomed into a tell-tale red tramline across each buttock, a mark unique to the cane. Charlotte starred in total awe. What an absolutely wonderful sight!

After a short pause, Miss Tanner started to tap the cane on the spot she intended to strike, leaving Karen in little doubt as to where the cane would next deliver its excruciating sting. In this instance, the cane tapped on the lower bulge of Karen’s rounded cheeks, just above the junction with her thighs… tap, tap, tap, tap….SWISH! THWACK!

“YEOWWHHHH!” squealed Karen, her bottom rapidly displaying another red tramline.

Charlotte remained rooted to the spot, enthralled by the whole procedure, her arms tightly folded in front of her, as she desperately fought the urge to bring some relief to the growing arousal she felt between her legs.

Tap, tap….SWISH! THWACK! Again Karen shrieked out, her legs kicking wildly as she absorbed the horrible burning sensation.


Miss Tanner always tried to vary the number of taps before delivering a cane stroke so as not to be too predictable. She liked to surprise the ‘victim’ and keep them guessing, adding to the suspense.

Tap…SWISH! THWACK! The next stroke was delivered very quickly, again catching Karen totally unwares. “YEEOWWHHHH!!” she shrieked, both legs kicking up as another burning stripe was laid across her already sizzling rump.

And so the caning slowly progressed, until six neat red stripes adorned Karen’s rear end. Miss Tanner paused at the half-way point of the caning, Karen by now sobbing loudly. Miss Tanner turned to Charlotte, “Miss Evans, would you be so kind as to inspect tNhis young lady’s bottom and check that there are no signs of any broken, damaged skin. I don’t want to cause her any lasting injury.”

“Of course, headmistress,” Charlotte responded. She walked around to Karen’s rear and knelt down. Carefully she gently traced the line of each stripe with her finger, feeling the heat rising from the six raised welts that now adorned Karen’s bottom. As she did so, Karen’s legs parted slightly revealing her neat little pussy which, to Charlotte’s amazement, glistened with the obvious signs of sexual arousal.

“Good grief! The girl is soaking wet! How on earth could such painful treatment generate such a response?” she wondered. “I know I get turned on by having my bottom spanked, but I’m sure that such a severe caning would soon extinguish such a response in me!”

Charlotte wondered whether to say anything to Miss Tanner, but decided not to. If Karen was managing to derive some pleasure from this extremely painful experience, so be it. Let her! She was also enjoying watching the spectacle and had no desire to see it end before it ran its full course.

Charlotte stood up, “Her bottom seems to be holding up well to the caning, headmistress. I can’t see any obvious damage.”

“Excellent! I’ll continue then. Six more strokes to come, young lady. Hold on tight!” said Miss Tanner.

Tap, tap….SWISH! THWACK!

Tap, tap…. tap….SWISH! THWACK!

These last two strokes inevitably led to a renewal of Karen’s loud shrieks of pain, rapidly followed by frantic pleas for mercy. “YEAHHHHH! Oh Miss, Miss, please stop. It hurts so much! Please stop! I promise to behave myself in future.” Sob, sob, sob.

Miss Tanner shook her head, totally unmoved by Karen’s begging. “I promised twelve strokes, Miss Williams, and twelve strokes you will receive! Now settle down and resign yourself to your fate. Four more strokes to come. Hold on tight!”

The cane was placed back across the now well-welted bottom. Both Karen and Charlotte held their breath. This time, four taps were followed by the last four strokes in quick succession, giving Karen absolutely no breathing space between each one. The cane whirred up and down in a blur, making it almost impossible to see…SWISH! THWACK! SWISH! THWACK! SWISH! THWACK! SWISH! THWACK!

These had Karen’s bottom bouncing up and down on the horse, eliciting louder and louder howls as she was pushed to the limits of her endurance. Tears streamed down her face. Charlotte was amazed at the speed of delivery and gasped out loudly, feeling totally ecstatic at the sight of this schoolgirl’s bottom being so soundly thrashed. However, her ecstasy was rapidly replaced by a feeling of regret. How she wished that the caning would continue. She felt that she could watch Miss Tanner cane Karen’s bottom all day! Was she being a sadist ‘by proxy’? Probably, but what the hell! Despite Karen’s loud howls of pain, she also knew that Karen seemed to be deriving enormous pleasure from the experience as well!

Karen was allowed time to recover over the horse, whilst Charlotte filled in the punishment book, before being told to get dressed and leave.

After Karen’s departure, Miss Tanner turned to Charlotte, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh yes! It was awesome!” replied Charlotte, her eyes gleaming with undisguised pleasure.

“I thought you might! How would you like to have a taste of the cane yourself?”

Charlotte suddenly felt alarmed. She had enjoyed watching Karen being caned immensely, but it did look extremely painful and had left Karen’s bottom well marked. She was not at all sure that she could cope with such a caning herself, let alone enjoy it.

“Ummm! I’m not sure, Miss Tanner. Caning does look rather severe. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to try it just yet.”

“No matter, Charlotte. I was only asking, given the alacrity with which you suggested I caned Karen. Perhaps we could try something else on your bottom, something similar but slightly less severe than a cane. Have you ever ridden a horse?”

Charlotte blinked, feeling slightly confused, wondering where this was leading. “Oh yes, Miss Tanner. I used to regularly ride when I was a teenager. I loved it. Unfortunately I haven’t done much riding since then.”

“Oh good! Well, perhaps you might like to have a refresher riding lesson after school today. I’m told that many girls who like sitting on a saddle astride a horse, also enjoy having their bottoms thrashed with a riding crop!”

“Really?! I’ve never heard that said before, but I suppose I could give it a try.” Charlotte responded. She wasn’t at all sure that she really wanted to ‘give it a try’, but Miss Tanner’s suggestion did nevertheless sound rather exciting the more she thought about it.

“That’s good! Well you had better get back to your work now and report to my study at 5.00 pm when everyone has left …naked!” said Miss Tanner, dismissing Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Karen had made her way slowly down the corridor towards the girl’s changing rooms, rubbing her bottom with both hands as she went. She desperately needed to relieve the intense burning and throbbing sensations in her bum. On entering the changing room, she quickly peeled down her knickers and, using some wetted paper towels, she gently dabbed the afflicted area in an attempt to calm things down. She then walked over to a mirror and tried to look over her shoulder at her bottom. She was enthralled by the twelve parallel red stripes that adorned her cheeks. She gently felt each one, each still a slightly raised welt. As the throbbing sensations gradually subsided, a glorious warmth started to spread towards her loins. She smiled to herself and thought, “Finally a long-held fantasy had come true! I’ve actually been caned and survived the experience! It hurt a lot whilst I was being caned, but it was also extremely ‘stimulating’, especially those last four strokes!” It was all too much. She couldn’t resist inserting her fingers into her now very moist slit and started to frig herself vigorously. As she did so, she kept glancing over her shoulder relishing the sight of her striped bottom whilst replaying in her head the noise of the cane swishing down across it… SWISH! THWACK! SWISH! THWACK! SWISH! THWACK!

It didn’t take long before she let out a loud scream of ecstatic pleasure as she experienced a mind-blowing orgasm. Now feeling satisfied, at least for the moment, she carefully pulled her knickers up over her ravished rear and smoothed down her skirt. She then made her way slowly home in a happy daze, trying to work out how she might manage to engineer another caning from Miss Tanner, although not too soon. Her bottom needed time to recover!

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