Knickers Removal – Set Four

Samantha’s first turn to bare her bottom before the class.

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“Samantha! Pay attention! If you are drawing one more picture of a horse, you are getting a spanking! I thought so! Your talent in art, and your ability to ride are well known, but this must be the tenth time I gave told you this week. What have I just said about the repeal of the corn laws…eh? …eh?”

A blank stare greets me.

“What date are we talking about?”

“Errrr, the fifteenth?” She says hopefully.

“I mean the year! Stupid girl. Bring that bit of paper out here…NOW!”

She squirms in her seat…

“As I thought, another blasted horse. Well trust me young lady! After a couple of dozen with the plimsol you will not be bouncing on your saddle tonight! Bend over! Bare your bottom!”

“Awwwwwwww, yes Sir.”

“Bend your knees Samantha, present your bottom for a spanking properly!”

She did not ride for two days! And when next asked, she gave the correct year! A wonderful aid to the memory is a plimsol.


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