Inveigle Visits – Number Three ~ A Public Thrashing in the Spanking Booths.

A public thrashing in the spanking booths…

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When you go down to the booths today,
You’ll be sure to get a lovely surprise!

You’ll see a naked young lady, named Jane,
Having her bare bottom thrashed, and in pain!…


Scarlet, so called because of her long hair which she had dyed a bright scarlet, was one of the Inveigle’s multi-talented girls. She played the violin beautifully and had a wonderful singing voice, both of which Abigail made full use of in the Saturday night shows. She also had a beautiful body and needed very little encouragement to bare all in front of an audience. At heart, she was an exibtionist. Like most of the other girls, she was more than happy to switch when it came to spanking. She was equally comfortable having her own bottom spanked as much as taking another girl across her lap to spank them. When it came to spanking others, she loved to strip naked and have the spankee naked as well. She relished the skin-to-skin contact!

As far as the regular clients went, she had a number of devotees. One in particular stood out, a young 21-year old blond-haired beauty called Jane. She loved being totally naked as much as Scarlet. As far as spanking went, she preferred to be spanked rather than to be the spanker, although she was capable of both. Apart from having her bottom well-warmed, she found her enjoyment further enhanced by being spanked in public. The bigger the audience the better. She just loved to be thoroughly humiliated! As a result, she always requested that her spankings were conducted in one of the spanking booths in the Lanes, an ideal place for attracting a large audience.

Let’s join the lovely Jane on one of her visits to Scarlet. We find them kneeling on a window seat in one of the spanking booths. They are naked as the day they were born, looking down at the gathering crowd of ladies in the Lanes below. What a deliciously enticing pair of bottoms on display!

“From the sound of it, Jane, there is a big crowd out there tonight,” commented Scarlet. “In a moment, I will open the window. I want you to announce your imminent chastisement and invite them up here to witness your punishment. I shall be thrashing your beautiful bottom with a cane and then I shall add to your pain with a sound hand spanking across my knee! Make sure you shout out loud and clear.”

Scarlet flung open the window and pushed Jane forwards, so that her bare breasts were clearly visible as she leant over the window ledge, “Ladies, may I crave your attention,” she shouted, as the crowd suddenly went quiet. “My name is Jane and I have been a very naughty young girl. In a moment, Mistress Scarlet is going to thrash my bottom with a cane. We are both naked. If any of you wish to witness my thrashing, please find your way now to booth 42. We will leave the doors wide open so that you can watch my bottom being severely caned and hear my cries and howls of anguish. I hope that you will enjoy the spectacle as much as I will enjoy the thrashing! The first stroke will be delivered in 5 minutes. Thank you.”

Immediately the noise of excited chattering ladies started up again. Snippets of conversations drifted up to the window….”I’ve just got to see this….” ”…I hope that Mistress Scarlet lives up to her name and paints scarlet stripes across that naughty girl’s bottom….” “…Oh! I just love to watch a good caning…” “…She said they were both naked. How delightful!”

As the two girls awaited the arrival of their audience, Scarlet selected one of the canes she intended to use and swished it around a bit to make sure it suited her requirements. She then instructed Jane to bend well over the low vaulting horse in readiness for her caning, making sure that her legs were slightly parted. The audience would probably enjoy seeing her fanny and would no doubt want to check Jane’s state of arousal during the caning from time to time. The horse was right up against the window, so that Jane’s head slightly stuck out through it. Scarlet knew that some ladies really enjoyed watching a ‘victim’s’ facial expressions and cries almost more so than watching a victim’s bottom squirming around under the cane. Jane would therefore have an audience for both ‘ends’!

Once it was clear the audience was in place, Scarlet wasted no more time.
“Right you naughty little minx. Tell the assembled company why you are here.”

A hush descended on the audience.

“I’m here because I like to display my naked bottom and have it thrashed!” said Jane, wiggling it provocatively to the crowd.

“Please tell us why you like having it thrashed in public, you naughty little slut!” continued Scarlet.

“Because the pain and humiliation excites me. I enjoy everyone watching me being thrashed. It makes my pussy all wet!” replied Jane loudly, showing not an ounce of embarrassment or shame.

The pair of them could clearly hear comments from the crowd… “She is a real masochist, isn’t she?” …. “What a perverted, dirty little slut!”…. “I hope she really gives her what for with that cane she’s holding!” …. “Has she no shame? To be so blatant about her needs in public! It’s one thing to do it in private, but in public? Well, I never!”… “If she was my daughter, I’d thrash the skin off her backside with that cane!”

And so the comments rolled in, although the hypocrisy of some of the comments was blatantly obvious. They were all here for only one reason. They just loved watching young ladies having their bottoms soundly thrashed. They were all avid spanking voyeurs, the ideal compliment to Jane’s spanking exhibitionism.

Scarlet addressed the crowd in a loud voice, “Quiet, ladies! As you are now aware, you see before you one very naughty, dirty little slut. I intend to cane her delightful bottom with this cane as hard as I can. I shall attempt to thrash the wickedness out of her and make her repent her bad ways. Shall I begin?”

This question was met by a loud chorus of “YES! YES! YES! Cane her! Cane her! Cane her naughty little rump!”

Scarlet tapped Jane’s perfectly proferred posterior with the cane and then whipped in a hard stroke right across the centre of Jane’s bottom… SWISHHHH!!…THWACKKK!! Jane’s buttocks jiggled as she let out a loud shriek, almost deafening the ladies standing outside the window.

“That was a good one!” someone in the crowd shouted. “Give her another one like that, the naughty little Jezebel!”

SWISHHHH!!…THWACKKK!! Scarlet delivered another full-bloodied stroke. Jane kicked up her legs, and threw back her head, howling out loudly, “YEEOWWWHHH!!” Those standing outside the room were entranced by Jane’s facial expressions. As the cane bit into her buttocks, her eyes and mouth opened wide, almost as though she was surprised by the intensity of the pain.

Without waiting for Jane to recover from the last strokes, Scarlet whipped in four more strokes in quick succession… SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!…SWISH! THWACK!

For the avid spanking voyeurs, Jane’s reactions to this onslaught were wonderful. She shrieked and howled, tears flowed down her face in torrents, her buttocks bucked up and down, and her legs kicked and scissored this way and that! It was a performance few would forget! Bright red weals blossomed across her rounded cheeks marking the cane’s rapid traverse up and down her backside. The crowd cheered and clapped loudly in appreciation of the performance.

Scarlet turned to the onlookers and nodded her thanks, “That’s six strokes, ladies. Do you think she’s had enough yet?”

As if speaking with one voice, there was a definitive loud “NO!”, followed by a series of separately voiced comments, ….”You can’t stop yet! There’s plenty of space on her fat ass to add more stripes!”…. “Come on, make her beg for mercy!”…. “Make her howl…”

“Calm down ladies. Have no fear, her punishment isn’t yet over by a long chalk! I’ll give her another six strokes to make it a round dozen. Then I’ll put her across my knee and spank her caned bottom very very soundly. Will that satisfy your lust to see the dirty little slut soundly punished?”

“YES! YES! YES!” came the collective response. They were like a crowd at a gladiator fight or public execution, whipping each other into a frenzy, wanting to see blood! Each lady on their own would have been much more reasonable and sympathetic to Jane’s situation, but in a group they all seemed to lose all self-control and inhibitions. They wanted to see this girl, albeit a willing victim, very soundly thrashed! Anything less would be totally unacceptable.

Scarlet wasted no more time playing the crowd. She raised the cane up high and proceeded to deliver six very firm measured strokes to Jane’s quivering bottom, filling in the gaps between the first six. Yet again Jane howled and cavorted on the horse, displaying her ‘charms’ as her legs kicked and parted with each stroke. To the more observant onlookers, her pussy lips looked very engorged and distinctly wet. Despite her cries of apparent pain, she was clearly deriving much enjoyment from her ‘predicament’!

“Right ladies, that is the end of Jane’s caning. After a short break, she’ll be going across my knee. If any of you require to visit ‘the facilities’ to relieve yourselves, now is the time to go! You have 10 minutes. In the meantime, Jane will stand here with her bottom facing the door and hands on her head, so that those of you who wish may examine her bottom more closely. However, there is to be no touching! Thank you, ladies.”

A few ladies left, but those near the front were reluctant to abandon their ‘front row seats.’ A few of the ladies who had been standing outside the window, repositioned themselves inside the booths so they could get a glimpse of Jane’s now well-thrashed bottom, something they had been denied throughout the first act of the performance.

After the interval, Scarlet sat down on a long red-cushioned couch and ordered Jane across her knees. She pushed her well over and elevated her left knee slightly, which had the effect of raising her bottom up nice and high, with her head virtually touching the floor.

Scarlet carefully inspected Jane’s bottom, checking that the caning hadn’t broken any skin. Then without further ado, raised her hand and started spanking.


Whilst at this stage she wasn’t smacking Jane very hard, she knew from experience that a spanking applied to an already well-caned bottom could be very painful, rapidly reigniting the smouldering burning sensations already implanted by the cane. To be kind to Jane, she needed a fairly gentle build-up before she really started to wallop her at a level where the onlookers would not feel she was being too soft!

She continued slapping Jane’s bottom, gradually deepening the reddish glow, alternating her smacks between Jane’s beautiful twin cheeks.


Jane emitted little yelps and wriggled her bottom, trying hard to put on a convincing performance for her audience without overdoing it. Needless to say, one or two ladies started to egg Scarlet on…”Come on Scarlet, stop patting her bottom. Spank her as if you really mean it! She can hardly feel it at the moment…”

Scarlet realised that she would have to step up her performance soon if she was to satisfy her audience. By now, she could feel the heat radiating from Jane’s bottom and decided it was time to let rip. She readjusted Jane across her lap and then started to let fly with her hand, smacking it down hard in a more random, unpredictable pattern, including delivering some smacks to the back of Jane’s upper thighs,


The increased intensity of the spanking finally got Jane to react in the way her audience loved to watch and hear. She started yelping and crying out loudly as she had done when under the cane. Her buttocks wriggled and squirmed vigorously on Scarlet’s lap, forcing Scarlet to take a firmer hold around her waist to stop her sliding off onto the floor.


“That’s it Scarlet! Hold her tight and make her feel it!” …. “Go on spank her harder, Scarlet. Give her a damn good hiding! She deserves it!”….

The spanking went on and on….
Despite Jane’s high pain threshold, Scarlet’s hand was proving increasingly more resilient than Jane’s bottom and she eventually broke down into loud gasping sobbing, tears running down her face. She started to beg, “Oh Mistress, please stop. I beg you, sfop, stop!” (sob, sob, sob)
“Don’t listen to the little slut. She’s loving every minute of it!” …. “Her bottoms glowing bright red. It could heat half of Whitechapel!”….”Watch her buttocks jiggling with every smack. It’s so sexy!”….

Finally, like all good things, the spanking came to an end. The audience cheered and clapped their appreciation, whilst Jane lay limply across Scarlet’s knees, a look of deep satisfaction across her face. She had indeed enjoyed every minute of her spanking and humiliation, and the more observant onlookers had noted that she had orgasmed numerous times during the latter half of her spanking. What a ‘pain slut’ she was!

After a long look at Jane’s well-thrashed backside, the audience started to leave. However, they were suddenly stopped in their tracks when a rather large lady in the crowd shouted out, “Who thinks that the girls should change places? Who thinks that Mistress Scarlet should receive some of her own medicine?”

There was a loud rumble of agreement amongst the crowd and, to their delight, Scarlet addressed Jane, “Well my naughty little minx, it would appear that you’re being given the opportunity to get your own back. Take my cane and give me six hard strokes, my dear. Don’t hold back. We don’t want to disappoint the ladies, do we?”

Jane rolled off Scarlet’s knee and grabbed the cane, whilst Scarlet bent over the vaulting horse presenting her own fine bottom to the excited crowd.
Jane swished the cane several times through the air and then said, “Ladies, thank you for watching my thrashing. Now it’s payback time! I’m going to give Scarlet six of the best. Would you all be so kind as to count her strokes out aloud? Thank you.”

A hush descended on the awaiting audience as Jane slowly raised the cane and paused. It’s tip quivered and then suddenly came swooping down across Scarlet’s unblemished round rump…





“OoooH! OUCH!!”


The final stroke was met yet again by loud cheering and applause….”Well-done, young lady. That’ll teach Scarlet not to be so harsh on you!” ….”Bravo! You’ve painted some lovely stripes across her round little ass!”…..”Why don’t you be the Mistress next time? Your caning was as good as Scarlet’s.”….

After a while, the crowd drifted away, leaving the two girls alone to comfort each other in privacy as only they knew how!


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