Week One – Monday…

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It has been a troublesome reminder of working life after a lovely weekend pottering in her garden, the family visiting, and interspersed with a ride out to a country tea room.

What a difference! It is now 3.30p.m. the three usual suspects had been annoying all day long, and are now in detention.

Charlotte is being told off, she has not stopped chattering during detention, and Mrs.Pollard has had enough. “What on earth can you have to prattle on about Charlotte? You have been together all day, had lunch together and had two play times! Is it too much to ask that you sit quietly and do some work?”

Her two friends, Samantha and Stephanie giggle, and she turns to blob her tongue out at them!

Mrs.Pollard is fuming! “How dare you young lady? How….how very dare you!”

“You are getting a spanking for that! That is total disrespect! I was reprimanding you!!! And you turn to do that? Right!…”

She guides Charlotte into position, and picks up a twelve inch wooden ruler, which Charlotte eyes nervously.

“Stand there!” Says Mr.Pollard as she slides her foot stool from under the table with her foot. This is one of her favourite positions, her left leg up on a stool, and a naughty girls bare bottom up high for other girls to see as it wriggles under an expert spanking.

“Come on young lady, up you get! You know the drill, you have been up here often enough!”

Mrs.Pollard delivers ten whacks on Charlotte’s crisp white school knickers, stretched tightly over her firm young cheeks.

Her friends look on at her plight eagerly, and very soon the knickers are down, and the sound of hard smooth wood slapping on pleasingly plump cheeks is filling the small detention room!

What a grandstand view her two friends have! Each one, no matter which of the three, always enjoy seeing the others get spanked! The severity of the spanking picks up, and soon Charlotte’s legs are kicking, giving glimpses of her pussy. Both girls notice, that like theirs when being spanked, her pussy us dribbling.

Mrs.Pollard notices too! And increases her speed.

And so another week begins, for the three naughty girls and a teacher keen to punish them.

See you tomorrow!


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