Excellent Use of Leather on a Naughty Daughter’s Bottom

This is a set for my ‘Red Bottomed Girls’ section, click here to see the rest…


This girl has been caught shoplifting and brought home in a Police Car. Two Officers march her to her front door to be greeted by a shocked mother. “It is either an official report, or you deal with it to our satisfaction Madam. It needs to be severe enough to teach her a lesson than she will never forget.”

She takes up the offer and gets two implements, a tawse, and a huge leather paddle…then orders her daughter to bare!

Half way through, to the surprise of the officers, she makes her naughty daughter strip.

At this point, the officers were satisfied with the colour of her bottom. “Well, I am not! She is only half way through, close the door on your way out!”

They walked down the path, to find a small crowd, showing concern at all the squealing. “It’s alright everyone, the girl who lives here has been caught stealing and is receiving a valuable lesson from her Mum!”

As the got in the car, they saw that the crowd had moved to the front garden, it transpired that the naughty girl had been a cheeky impudent brat for years….


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