Knicker Removal – Set Eight

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It was only a matter of time before Neddy made her appearance. Come on young lady, climb up on the saddle, and bare your bottom for the crop. Let’s make you gallop!

Move back further dear, poke that bottom out as far as you can, lean over as far as you can too, stick it out and spread your arsehole for us, show us what a dirty little exhibitionist you are…and tell us you need a spanking!

“Ohh I am ready Sir….I need a good long hard spanking Sir!” She shouts eagerly.

Yessss that’s it, good girl. Now start rocking, feet on the base, you have a long hard gallop ahead of you, look, here is your first hedge to clear…make noises as if you are galloping…

“Yes Sir…..clippity clop…. clippity clop….come on girl, hup hup hup!”

Here we are…let me help…THWAAAACK! …..Jump!


And so it goes…on and deliciously on! Until her bottom is well and truly striped!


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