The First Entry for Writing Competition No 4, is from Jean Marie

I love it Jean, thank you for your entry.

Asa’s Writing Competition #4
By Jean Marie

​Cherry sure seemed pleased and relieved to be allowed to step down from this cursed stool! I wonder if she could overhear my spanking while she stood on display? I don’t hear anybody getting a hiding… I wonder how long I’ll have to stand here? My bottom isn’t too sore any longer and I don’t think it’s red. I wonder if it’ll be bruised tomorrow?

​I feel so embarrassed, but surely, I’m not the only co-ed to become aroused during her punishment. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always fantasized about getting a spanking, and sure enough, the first time my bum is spanked, I got so excited. It’s all my mother’s fault for not spanking me as I grew up!

​“OH! You startled me! I wasn’t expecting you, Headmaster! I expected Miss Evans to dismiss me.”

​“Do you think you’ve spent sufficient time on the stool to have learned your lesson, Jean?” he asks as he caresses my bared bottom.

​“If you do, Sir. Thank you for taking the time and effort to correct my errant ways!”

​“Enough brown-nosing, Jean,” he mutters as he continues to caress my curves, now with both hands so that he’s parting my cheeks and gazing at the nether region up my crack! The old sod! Can he see my engorged sex, or the cream on my thighs? “I don’t think I’ve done a thorough job of spanking you, young lady. Please step back into my office…”

​Oh, fuck! “Please, Sir, your spanking hurt dreadfully! Truly, I’ve learned my lesson…!”

​“Back over the punishment horse, Jean. This time, boost yourself across it further; I want your cheeks parted for the strapping you have in store…”
​Twenty licks with the leather had my poor butt ruddy and on fire, but worse, it had my sex throbbing and near-orgasm. The Headmaster put the strap down to rub my burning flesh once more, parting me even more obscenely.

​“Just as I suspected, Jean; you seem to get all the more sexually excited the harder I punish you.” It seemed pointless to argue the point. “The only time that’s happened before was with Charlotte two years ago. Did you ever meet Charlotte, Jean?”

​“I knew of her, never met her. Pretty blond with a shapely figure, am I remembering correctly, Sir?”

​“Very accurate description, Jean. Charlotte and I worked out an arrangement, given her propensity to enjoy discipline, whereby she was made assistant to Miss Evans, got to do clerical work in my office instead of attend her last period class.”

​“That sounds heavenly,” I said before thinking. Then I cautiously added, “What must I do in exchange?”

​“Disciplining your superb bottom arouses you,” he said in a tone of voice I’d never heard before. “It happens to arouse me just as much…”
​I craned around from my ignominious position over the punishment bench to watch the Headmaster unzip his fly and release his rampant erection.

“My! You’re stiff… and throbbing… do you want me to suck you off?”

​“Do you know how to suck a man off? Ever done it before…?”

​“I’ve heard older girls talk about it…”

​“Then I think I’d rather put it up your ass crack…”

​“Not in my pussy?” I asked, trying to sound matter-of-factly casual instead of coquettishly suggestive. He shook his head. “Not up my butt?” Again he shook his head, but he released his eager erection from his pants.

“…Just hot-dogged up the deep crack of your magnificent ass, and with a little…” he no sooner thrust along the humid divide between my cheeks once or twice before he spurted a copious load of ejaculate onto my lower back and still-red butt cheeks. I reached back and rubbed the spunk into my inflamed skin. “I understand this stuff is good for the complexion…”

​“That… was… incredible!” the Headmaster gasped, suddenly exhausted but still enthused.

​“That seemed easy enough,” I added cheerily, hopping down off the horse.

“So, we have a date right here a week from today, and I’ll be in your office for assistant’s training on Monday at two P.M. Sound good?”

​This time the Headmaster nodded his head, still staring at my buttocks, never meeting the twinkling, mischievous look in my eye.

​“I think the rule is I’m supposed to keep my dress folded up and my knickers pulled down as I go back to my dorm, to show-off my marks to everyone along the way. But my butt is still quite sticky from your orgasm, Sir. Do you think I could…?”

​“By all means, put your uniform back aright, Miss.”

​“Thank you, Sir. And thank you for the stimulating strapping. I think I’ll go back to my dormitory and rub out a climax or two, thinking about the masterful job you did!” I blew him a kiss and made sure I put an extra wiggle in my walk as I sashayed away.

2 thoughts on “The First Entry for Writing Competition No 4, is from Jean Marie

  1. This is really ‘hot stuff’ Jean! I enjoyed the read. You write very well. I shall have to watch my position as Asa’s editor!

  2. Nice comment Robyn…surprised you did not mention how wet your knickers were. Your position is safe! But the way things are going, we might need an assistant!

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