Two Girls at ‘The Inveigle’

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Two young ladies at the Inveigle

Note….this photograph is not mine.
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Let us retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Inveigle’s auditorium as the audience departs after one of the Saturday night shows and head for the Inveigle’s bar. The two young ladies we met earlier at the start of the Inveigle story are sitting in a quiet corner, animatedly talking to each other and sipping large glasses of Madeira. However, before we eavesdrop on their conversation, let’s learn a little more about this pretty pair.

They are called Emma and Melanie. They rarely miss a Saturday night show at the Inveigle and can usually be seen sitting in the front row close to the front of the stage, determined to see things up close. Both ladies are very attractive. Emma is 23 years of age, with blonde hair, matched by a fresh creamy complexion. In contrast, Melanie has light brown hair. She is slightly older than Emma at 25 years of age. They are ‘closet lesbians’ with a shared love of spanking.

Both had left home as soon as they could at age of 21 wanting to be free from parental constraints. They met each other at work, both working as secretaries for a large bank based in the City. To save on renting costs, they had agreed to share a small apartment. Forced to share the only bed in their one-bedroom apartment, they soon developed a mutual attraction for each other and became lovers.

Of the two, Melanie possessed the more dominant personality and frequently chided her younger companion over her perceived failings. Emma, however, didn’t seem to mind about her bossy partner. In fact, she secretly rather liked being controlled by this slightly older woman, abdicating most of the responsibility for her life to Melanie. She felt cared for and loved. That’s what mattered.

The two ladies were happy in their life together, but the weekly grind of working long hours, five days a week often left them feeling in need of some excitement that could occasionally take them away from their humdrum existence. There was very little for two young, unaccompanied ladies to do for entertainment at this time in history. However, all was about to change.

One Saturday afternoon, Melanie had been down to the local corner shop for some food and had been handed a flier by a strangely dressed young girl in a very short dress which showed off her long frilly drawers and black and white striped stockings. As Melanie entered the apartment, Emma saw that she was holding a colourful-looking flier.

“What’s that Melanie? Anything of interest?” Emma enquired.

“Well, Emma, it might be! Have a look, it looks and sounds deliciously naughty!” Melanie said, in an excited voice.

She handed the flier to Emma…

“Gosh!” exclaimed Emma, staring at the image of three naked female bottoms bending over with their split drawers in varying states of opening. “I’ve never heard of the Inveigle Theatre. What do you think it’s all about?”
“Oh, I’m only guessing, but that little statement in the bottom left-hand corner of the flier might provide a clue!”

Emma read out the statement, looking rather puzzled, “‘Watch our bottoms glow red … we dare to bare!’ ….What’s that meant to mean?!… Oh, and it says, ‘ladies only’! I don’t understand.”

Melanie, the more Worldly-wise of the pair, chuckled, “Well, my love, I think I can have a good guess. The Inveigle is a one of those theatres that caters for rather ‘specialised tastes’.”

Emma still looked puzzled. “What ‘specialised tastes’? I still don’t understand.”

Melanie looked directly into Emma’s eyes and then said one word, “Spanking!”

There was a shocked silence, before Emma blushed bright red and spluttered,“Spanking? Really?! You mean they put on shows showing ladies spanking each other in front of an audience and, from the look of it, they are spanked on their b…bare bottoms?!”

“Don’t look so horrified and such a prude, Emma,” replied Melanie. “It sounds rather fun and exciting! I hear that female spanking shows have become all the rage amongst the likes of us! Let’s give it a try! We never go to anything exciting together. It’ll do us good to get out and do something different for a change on a Saturday night. It’ll be better than sitting here in front of the fire dosing or darning our stockings! Besides which the show is only 6 pence and it’s for ladies only. We’ll be perfectly safe!”

Emma sighed and replied, “All right, Melanie. I suppose we could give it a try. We have nothing to lose. If it’s not any good, we could always just get up and leave. When does it start?”

“Brilliant!“ replied Melanie, with a big smile. ‘It starts at 8.00, so we’d better have something to eat and then get changed into our finery!’

And so Melanie and Emma attended their first ever show at the Inveigle and, at least to Emma’s surprise, thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, they were enthralled by the razzmatazz, the music, the costumes and all those lovely naked female bottoms getting spanked and even caned in front of their very eyes. Thereafter they became regular attenders at the shows, and always came away feeling very happy and distinctly aroused. Such were the ‘aphrodisiacal powers’ of attending an Inveigle show, they barely slept a wink on Saturday nights as they relieved each other’s tensions in ways that might shock many well-brought up young ladies!

It didn’t take long for Melanie to initiate Emma in the delights of spanking. After one particularly arousing show in which two new Inveigle girls, Samantha and Charlotte, first performed their special act, Melanie decided it was time to try something different with Emma.

As the two girls arrived back in their apartment after the show, they cast off their hats and cloaks. Melanie stoked up the fire and poured two glasses of wine before collapsing on the sofa next to Emma, giving her a long lingering kiss.

“Wasn’t the show this evening just brilliant, Emma?”

“Oh yes! It was even better than ever. I just loved the new act with that lovely pair of girls, Samantha and Charlotte. They both have such beautiful bottoms and Samantha certainly knows how to spank!”

“Mmmh! I agree. They were rather wonderful!” said Melanie, and then, after a long pause continued, “Have you ever been spanked, Emma?”
“No, never! Why do you ask?” replied Emma. “Have you?”

“Maybe!” said Melanie, in a rather evasive tone.

Emma turned to look into Melanie’s face, “What do you mean by ‘maybe’?! Either you have or haven’t!”

“Oh, all right. Yes, I have!” replied Melanie, with a little laugh.
“What was it like? Who spanked you? What did they spank you with? Was it on your bare bottom?” Emma rattled off a whole list of questions, suddenly eager to hear more.

“Gosh, so many questions, Emma! Well, if you must know, I was spanked on a number of occasions at my boarding school by one of the senior prefects. Most of the discipline was left to the senior girls, rather than the teachers. This particular prefect was very strict and feared by most of the juniors, but I rather liked her. In fact, I rather had a crush on her and sometimes would deliberately misbehave so that I could be sent to see her. I think she realised this, but didn’t let on. Every time I misbehaved, she dealt with me just like everyone else.”

Emma looked at Melanie, hanging on her every word. “Go on, Melanie, don’t stop there. Do tell me how she ‘dealt with you’ and don’t miss out any details!”

“You’re so impatient, Emma!” Melanie said, with a little chuckle. “When I reported to her study, she would always give me a good telling off before ordering me to raise my skirts and bend over her knee. She would then proceed to open my drawers so that my bottom was to all intents bared. She’d usually spank me with her hand, although she did sometimes use her hairbrush if she thought I had been especially naughty.”

“Did it hurt?” enquired Emma.

“Oh yes, especially the hairbrush. It stung like anything and soon had me in tears, howling my head off! But….afterwards, once the stinging subsided, a lovely warmth engulfed my bottom and spread to you know where! Invariably, it left me feeling very aroused and I had to rush to the privacy of the water closet to relieve myself as soon as she had finished with me!”

“Gosh! Well I never! Who’d have thought it?” said Emma, looking somewhat horrified and excited at the same time.

“Well after that revelation, I have another confession to make, Emma. As I reached the age of 18, I was appointed a senior prefect and, as you may guess, I got to spank a few of the junior girls in my charge.”

“Really? You actually spanked other girls? Crikey! …..I just have to ask…..did you…did you enjoy it?” enquired Emma, looking somewhat amazed by this second revelation.

“Oh yes! It was great fun, even more so than having my own bottom spanked! There’s nothing quite so exciting as having a nice plump young lady’s rump to redden wriggling across your knees!”

“I’m shocked! How can you possibly sound so pleased to cause someone else so much pain?” Emma said, trying to sound genuinely shocked, but failing miserably. Her eyes sparkled with excitement and lust, giving away her true feelings!

“Would you like to try it?” asked Melanie.

“Try what?” returned Emma, now the one being evasive.

“You know exactly what I mean, young lady, so don’t play the innocent with me! I’ve got a good mind to put you across my knee right away!”

Emma laughed, and then said, “Yes please! I thought you’d never ask!”

Melanie quickly seized the moment, “Oh, I see! So you’re asking me to spank you. Well, in that case, you’d better remove your skirt and petticoats, and then come across my knee.”

“Yes, Mistress, of course!”

Emma stood up and quickly removed her outer clothing and stood there in just her chemise, drawers and stockings. Melanie did likewise. It would be so much easier to spank her friend without the constraints of a corset, bulky dress and petticoats. She then sat down on the edge of their bed and patted her lap.

“Over you go, you naughty little minx!”

Emma slid over Melanie’s proffered knees, giggling nervously. She felt Melanie’s hand reach down to her drawers, pulling the sides apart as far as they would go. She could feel a gentle breeze of cool air wafting over her exposed cheeks as they ‘popped’ into view.

“Have I ever told you, Emma, what a lovely bottom you have?” Melanie said, stroking it gently with her hand.

Emma smiled to herself and giggled again, “No you haven’t… Mistress!”

Melanie continued to admire and caress her lover’s bottom for some time, but finally decided it was high time to introduce this virgin bottom in the delights of spanking.

She had decided not to spank Emma too hard this first time. It wouldn’t do to put her off at this stage of the proceedings. Emma needed to appreciate that a spanking could be an erotic act rather than just pure pain! After all, this was not meant to be a punishment.

Melanie started to slap Emma’s bottom just hard enough to make it sting a little and produce a little colour. She alternated her smacks between the two lovely mounds protruding through the split in Emma’s drawers, making them wobble like two pink jellies on a plate. It was a delightful sight. Emma seemed to absorb the smacks with ease and Melanie could feel her friend’s body relaxing across her knees.

“How are you finding it so far, Emma?” she asked.

“It’s actually rather nice. I’m beginning to see why you enjoyed your trips to that senior prefect’s study! My bottom is beginning to tingle delightfully. Even my pussy is tingling!” came Emma’s giggled response.

“Would you like me to start smacking your bottom a little harder now, Emma?”

“I suppose you could try,” Emma responded, “but please don’t get too carried away. I’m still getting used to the sensations!”

Melanie stepped up the intensity ever so slowly, each smack only slightly harder than the previous one. She kept a careful note of her friend’s reactions. As the smacks became harder, she noticed that Emma no longer lay passively across her lap. Her bottom started to squirm a little and she started to let out little gasps as each smack landed. Melanie also noted that Emma’s bottom was becoming steadily redder, no longer a soft pink colour.
Just as Melanie reached the point where thought she had better stop, rather surprisingly Emma suddenly turned her head towards Melanie and said, “Please Melanie, will you spank me really hard now. You can stop holding back.”

“Are you sure, Emma?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Go on, spank my bottom as hard as you can and keep going until YOU think I’ve had enough! Ignore my begging and pleading to stop. I need to know what a real spanking feels like! I need to know what all those Inveigle girls seem to get out of it!”

“You are a brave girl, Emma. Alright! If that’s what you really want me to do, then I shall. In that case, I had better lower your drawers right out of the way. I need to access the whole of your bottom and thighs if I’m really going to spank it properly!” Melanie responded excitedly, having been given ‘carte blanche’ to give her friend a real walloping….although, by the time she had finished spanking Emma, the term ‘carte rouge’ might have been more appropriate!

With that, Melanie undid the pink ribbon holding up Emma’s drawers and slid them right down. Then, abandoning all constraint, she really started to lay the smacks on with a will. Emma’s bottom leapt into motion, bucking and wriggling under the onslaught. She started to yelp loudly and tears started to run down her face as her bottom grew redder and redder. ‘This is more like it!’ thought Melanie, as memories of spanking junior girls at school came flooding back.

She continued to spank Emma long and hard, but Emma made no attempt to beg her to stop, despite her now loud howls and shrieks. Finally Melanie stopped feeling exhausted.

“There you are, Emma. That’s enough spanking for me. Even if your bottom can take more, my hand certainly can’t!” Melanie said, gently stroking her friend’s now well-reddened posterior. “Was your spanking as you imagined it, my love?”

Once Emma’s sobbing subsided, she rolled off Melanie’s lap and sat on her knee, giving her a big kiss and hug. “Oh Mel, that was perfect! It’s difficult to describe. It was such a confusing mix of pain and pure pleasure to begin with, but the pleasure eclipsed the pain in the end. Thank you so much! I really, really enjoyed it. Thank you, my love!”

“I’m so pleased. I enjoyed spanking you as well. I’ve wanted to spank you before, but until now I’ve never had the courage to ask,” Melanie said, kissing Emma repeatedly.

They sat quietly on the bed in each other’s embrace for some time before Melanie suddenly whispered in Emma’s ear, “Would you like to try the experience from the other side? Would you like to have a go at spanking me, Emma?”

“Oh, yes please. I thought you’d never ask. I think I might enjoy that as well and it’ll give me the chance of getting my own back!” Emma replied.
Emma jumped off Melanie’s lap and sat down on the bed. “Right, stand up then. Your turn to have your bottom warmed!”

Melanie stood up and Emma’s hands quickly reached out, unceremoniously pulling down Melanie’s drawers. Melanie just stood there now half-naked not moving.

“Get over my knee then, young lady. Don’t just stand there gawping at me!” Emma said, with a stern expression on her face.

Melanie complied, nestling herself comfortably across Emma’s knees. Emma wasted no time and began to spank Melanie’s bottom hard and fast. Melanie wriggled around a bit, letting out a few little gasps, but otherwise showed little response. Emma slapped away, but soon discovered that her hand was beginning to smart dreadfully and suddenly stopped.

Melanie turned her head and giggled, “Oh dear, Emma! Would your hand be hurting already by any chance?”

“Errr…well, if you must know, yes, it is hurting!” Emma replied disconsolately.

“There is a saying sometimes used by spankers, ‘this will hurt me more than you’!” Melanie said, laughing. “You might prefer to use my wooden hairbrush. Shall I get it for you?”

Emma, “Yes please! But won’t it hurt you too much?”

Melanie chuckled, “Oh yes, it will certainly hurt, but I think I can still take it. It won’t be the first time my bottom has been closely acquainted with a hairbrush!”

Melanie jumped off Emma’s lap and retrieved the hairbrush from the dressing table and handed it to Emma before repositioning herself across Emma’s lap. “Right, Emma…spank away!”

Emma did just that, walloping her friend’s bottom as hard as she could manage. This time Melanie responded just as Emma had hoped, bucking and wriggling, yipping and yelping loudly just like she had herself earlier. Emma was entranced by the sight of Melanie’s reddening buttocks writhing frantically across her lap and the sounds she was emitting. Clearly Emma was thoroughly enjoying spanking from the ‘other end’!

By the time Emma finally decided to put the hairbrush down, both girls were thoroughly aroused and couldn’t delay any longer. They stripped totally naked and leapt into bed, and then proceeded to give each other some of the best orgasms they had ever experienced in their lives. It was a long night!

Needless to say, spanking became an essential ingredient of their love-making thereafter. The sounds of loud smacks and cries emanating from Melanie’s and Emma’s room on a Saturday night after a visit to the Inveigle became a regular occurrence. It was just as well that their immediate neighbours were elderly and partially deaf!

Anyway, we have left Emma and Melanie for far too long sitting in the Inveigle bar. Let’s return to their quiet corner and listen-in to their animated conversation!

“What did you think of the two new performances tonight, Emma?” asked Melanie, taking another sip of Madeira from her glass.

“Oh, I loved ‘Gentleman Jack’. Despite the absence of any real spanking, I thought that Kate portrayed the character very well. She looked very fetching in her outfit, particularly with that top hat. I must admit, I wouldn’t object to having a session with her and her riding crop if I could afford it!”

“Really?” said Melanie, with a quizzical look on her face. “In that case, perhaps I had better drop into the saddlery shop and purchase a riding crop to use on you! What do you think, Emma?”

Emma laughed, “Put it this way, I wouldn’t stand in your way! Anyway, coming back to the performance, I really found her vivid descriptions of how she spanks her clients utterly enthralling and distinctly arousing. She has a way with words and knows how to play on people’s perverted imaginations!”

Melanie responded, “Oh yes, she certainly has a way with words, and I’m sure she also has a way with that riding crop of hers! I’d love to watch her using it on you. Now that would be very arousing! Unfortunately, as you say, we can’t afford to have a private session with her, although I suppose we could try to save up some money to do so later in the year?”

“Maybe, but it’ll take some time, especially if you squander money buying riding crops!” Emma replied. “Anyway, what did you think of the Tableaux Vivants act?”

“Oh, now that was rather good, in much the same way as Kate’s portrayal of Gentleman Jack, but with the added bonus of seeing those three naked ladies posing for the tableaux. I loved Kate’s descriptions of Herric’s drawings. They really made me look again at those wonderful images with fresh eyes and brought them to life. They’re incredibly erotic.”

“Yes, I would agree with you, Mel. I particularly enjoyed the final part of the act. You know, the bit after the final tableau when the audience groaned in frustration at not witnessing the girl actually being caned. Just as I thought there would be a riot, we were treated to the thrilling sounds of a cane swishing and thwacking away, followed by loud yelps from behind the curtain. Then, to crown it all, the girl’s red striped buttocks stuck out through the curtains, clearly displaying what we had heard was for real! I thought this was beautifully choreographed, a master touch!”

“Yes, that was a rather clever touch,” Melanie confirmed. “Anyway, I suppose we had better finish our drinks and leave soon, although I’d first like to have a look inside the souvenir shop in the foyer. Do you realise that we have almost been together as a couple for almost a year. I want to purchase something I’ve had a look at before to commemorate our relationship and all the happy times we have spent together here and at home.”

“Gosh! I didn’t realise we had been together for so long. Yes, let’s get something to celebrate our wonderful relationship, Mel! I wonder what you’ve been eyeing up?”

“Come on then. Drink up and let me show you.”

The girls left the bar and went to Mr. Trentham’s Emporium, the Inveigle’s souvenir shop, which by now was devoid of other customers. The shop was largely filled with colourful posters and photographic images of the various stars of the show, mainly in black and white or sepia. A few had clearly been hand-coloured. Melanie ignored all these and picked up a photographic album. Apart from the front cover, it contained blank pages on which customers could paste photographs from those on sale taken by Mr.Trentham, the Inveigle’s resident photographer. His work was much admired by all the Inveigle’s many fans.

“This is what I thought we could buy,” said Melanie, showing Emma the album. “We can purchase our favourite images, a few at a time when we come to the show each week. What do you think?”

“Oh yes, Mel. What a lovely idea. It’ll contain such lovely memories for us both, if you think we can afford it?” Emma said, in an enthusiastic voice.
Just at that moment, Abigail strolled into the shop. “Good evening ladies. It’s so nice to see you at the Inveigle again. You two must be our most regular customers.” Abigail had noticed this young couple from her box on numerous occasions sitting near the front of the auditorium. The Inveigle’s success depended on such ladies and she felt she needed to show her appreciation.

The girls turned round and curtsied. Melanie spoke up for them both, “Oh, good evening Miss Hayes. It’s so lovely to meet you. Your establishment is so wonderful, we really have a job to stay away! We just loved the two new acts tonight.”

“I’m so pleased you enjoyed them. We had such fun devising them, although it was mainly Kate’s idea.”

“Oh, Kate is such an incredible performer,” Emma gushed. “We’d love to meet her at some point.”

“That might be possible to arrange at some stage… I see that you are thinking of buying one of Mr. Trentham’s new albums. Perhaps, you might like him to take a few pictures of yourselves to put in it?” suggested Abigail.
“Oh, we couldn’t possibly afford that, Miss Hayes, but thank you for the suggestion,” replied Melanie.

“Oh, no ladies, I was thinking of letting you have a photographic session with him for free, ‘on the house’. You’re both such good customers, it’s the least I can do as a way of thanks. Besides which, Mr, Trentham is always on the lookout for what he naughtily likes to call ‘fresh flesh’, particularly if you’d be prepared to remove a few items of clothing and expose your bottoms! He is what you might call a ‘bottom connoisseur’!”

The girls looked somewhat taken aback by this last suggestion. To expose their bottoms in front of a man? They weren’t at all sure!

Abigail sensed their reluctance. “Oh don’t worry ladies. He’s a perfectly safe and honourable young man. Besides which, you’ll be chaperoned by one of my girls. You can even spank her or get her to spank you if you want a few ’action photos’ in your album!”

“Really? Oh thank you, Miss Hayes, thank you. It’s so kind of you to offer. We’d really enjoy that if it’s no bother?” Melanie responded enthusiastically for the two of them.

“No problem, Ladies. My pleasure,” said Abigail, smiling at the pair. She could see that both ladies had attractive figures and bottoms. They might just provide wonderful new subjects for Mr. Trentham photographic skills. “If you’d let me have your names and address, I’ll contact you with some suggested dates and times. Let me know which is convenient for you.”
Melanie quickly pulled out her little notepad from her handbag, wrote down their contact details and handed it to Abigail. “Thank you so much, Miss Hayes, we’ll look forward to the session.”

The two ladies were over the moon with excitement. Who would have thought that they were worthy subjects to pose for ‘the’ Mr. Trentham? It would be a really memorable experience to put into their album.

After Abigail left the shop, the two ladies chose several photographs to start their album before finally leaving for home. It had been a memorable evening in more ways than one.

Here are the photographs Melanie & Emma purchased for their new album, the first two of Kate as ‘Gentleman Jack’, and the third of Kate dressed as a maid about to be birched:

True to her word, Abigail did indeed arrange a photographic session for the two girls, assigning one of the Inveigle girls to chaperone them in Mr. Trentham’s studio. Determined to have some realistic shots, the two girls asked the girl to give them both a real spanking. It was so stimulating to be spanked by another girl and to be able to watch each other being spanked. They even went as far as accepting a proper caning from the girl. They couldn’t wait to see the results, all those lovely tramlines across their bare bottoms! Here are just a few of the photographs Mr. Trentham took of their marked bottoms, during their photoshoot:

A few days later, the girls received a note from Mr.Trentham to say their photographs were ready if they wished to collect them from his shop. When they arrived, they were met by Mr. Trentham in person. He showed them the photographs and they were delighted. He then went on to say, “You two girls make delightful models. I don’t suppose you would consider doing some more modelling for me? I’d pay you to do so.”

“Before I give you an answer, would you mind if we just had a private discussion with each other outside, Mr. Trentham?” asked Melanie.

“Of course not, my dear. Go ahead. Take your time.”

Once outside, the pair had a long discussion and finally came to the conclusion that they would model. They could do with the extra money and it might prove fun.

They returned to the shop and told Mr. Trentham they would agree to modelling for him. He was delighted. He then went on to sketch out an idea that they might like to try out. He burrowed around in a cupboard drawer and produced a small woodcut picture, clearly taken from an old book. It showed two entwined young ladies spanking each other simultaneously. One was using a mirror on the floor to watch herself spanking her partner’s bottom.

“What about a pose along these lines? I know that you both love spanking each other, but I bet you’ve never tried this before?” Mr. Trentham said, with a little chuckle.

Emma took the picture and looked at it carefully. “Gosh, Mel, that looks rather fun, don’t you think? I’ve never thought of doing that!”

Melanie took the picture and her eyes lit up, said “Oh yes, Emma, that looks like a really exciting idea to try out.” Then she turned to Mr. Trentham. “Yes, we’re very happy to try this.”

“Excellent,” replied Mr. Trentham. “I thought it would be rather fun if you dressed up as two young housemaids for the shoot. I’ve got an extensive wardrobe of clothes in my studio. I’m sure we’ve got something that will fit you both.”

“Oh yes, that sounds good to us,” replied Melanie again. “We like dressing up!”

Emma then turned to Melanie and whispered something in her ear. Melanie nodded her ascent. Turning back to Mr. Trentham, Emma then said in a slightly nervous voice, blushing like mad, “Neither of us has ever been spanked by a We were w…wondering whether we could be two naughty young housemaids and get some pictures of you s…spanking us together? Does that sound too outrageous?”

“Oh no, young lady, not at all! The only slight problem is that I can’t take photographs at the same time as spanking you!”

Emma looked disappointed, “Oh well, it was just a silly idea I had. Never mind.”

“Wait a moment,” said Mr. Trentham, “I’ve just had a bright idea. I’ve got a young lady apprentice who could take the photos for me under my instructions. She could also act as your chaperone, not that you need to worry about me. I’m a gentleman through and through!”

Emma’s face broadened into a big smile, “Oh Mr. Trentham, that will be most exciting! We’ll look forward to the shoot. When would you like us to come to your studio?”

“Would Saturday afternoon suit you both?”

“Yes, that would be ideal for us. Thank you.”

And so the photoshoot took place the following Saturday. Here are a few of the photographs that were taken, all of which they proudly added to their their album, adding a few comments to their captions:


Melanie spanking Emma

‘’Emma has such a delightful sexy bottom… I could spank it all day!’’ Mel xxx

Emma spanking Melanie

”I got my own back and eventually managed to wipe that smile off her face!” Emma xxx


Mr. Trentham spanking Melanie

“‘Mmmmh! He was such a gentleman!’’ Mel xxx

Mr. Trentham spanking Emma

‘‘He had a rather heavy hand, but it was most ‘stimulating’ . He made me cum!” Emma xxx


Mr. Trentham slippering us together with a leather slipper

“Gosh! Didn’t that slipper sting! He got rather carried away and our bottoms were very red and sore for several days, but what a memory!”

Asa’s Note :-

These photos are of me, from one of my videos, spanking Charlotte and Amber. I am a private man, please respect them, by not copying and using them.


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