Week One – Tuesday

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Tuesday dawned brightly, a healthy breakfast and a cheerful drive to work was a lovely start to the day. However…Stephanie happened!

It is after school, the three friends have yet again ended up in the detention room, and this time their essay concerns ‘the slave trade, its abolishment, and how it’s memory affects the lives we lead today.’

Half an hour has passed, Samantha has done a whole page, Charlotte has done a whole paragraph, and Stephanie has drawn a huge penis with sperm shooting out, with a hand flying up and down it. An arrow points to the hand…..and written by it is ‘what that old fart is thinking of whilst we do this!’

Sha has just held it up behind her back, Samantha and Charlotte laughed loudly, Mrs Pollard has confiscated it.

“How dare you Stephanie? How very dare you!?!? Get out here, now!”

“Get yourself over the stool young lady!” Shouts Mrs.Pollard.

Stephanie smiles and winks at her friends, and then complies.

Six hard fast blows from the heavy rubber soled plimsol soon land on the seat of her skirt, which is even sooner raised by Mrs.Pollard.

And knickers lowered in temper, with little finesse!

To reveal her beautiful curvy bottom, wriggling and already a bright red!

Then she got what can only be described in the typically English old fashioned way…’A jolly good bare bottom spanking!!’

“Now let that be a lesson to you Stephanie, and and example to you two! Get back to your seat, you naughty girl…and WORK!”

I wonder what Wednesday will bring…..Samantha?

See you soon


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