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Jean Marie is my American friend, joined together by the love of spanking and the written word. How lovely that all the water and land between us, can evaporate, courtesy of the Internet.

Her first story was for a competition…

Her second was a continuation…(what happened next)

No – 3







I have also set her a task. I have asked her to take over this story of mine, using any of my photos she likes…

But if she does not choose to, it matters not. That is how it is for the chosen ones, the people who make it to ‘My Contributors’ page. Freedom! And no pressure….let them fly!

Let’s see how she does, watch this space.

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2 thoughts on “Jean Marie’s Story Page

  1. I’ve played around here (with my knickers pull up and my skirt left alone, thank you very much) and don’t see how I can edit it or add my own stuff. This is very frustrating!
    I hate feeling frustrated… and there are SO MANY erotic photos… While I’m waiting to get the bugs worked-out with technology, I think I’ll just slip a hand under my skirt, and into the gusset of my knickers, and… oh, that’s so nice! GOD, Mr. Jones’ models are ALL so hot! Oh, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck, that’s good!
    Ahem! That’s better! Now I just need the technology to cooperate. Please help!

  2. You can’t. You send me your stories and I load them up. You edit on your own lap top etc.

    Anything you send. I will add. Blogging is a bit different to word processing. Only me can add.

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