Jean Marie’s Erotic Words – 1

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1st S-E submission

​Mr. Jones is holding a writing contest on his marvelous blog. For an inspirational theme, he posted an evocative photo of one of his lovely models, Cherry. This voluptuous girl was standing on a stool, dressed as a schoolgirl, as though she’d just been spanked. I should probably say that Cherry was “undressed” as a schoolgirl because her magnificent bared bottom was on full display. I took one look at this breath-taking photo and the sap within me began to flow. My sap is both my creative juices and my sexual arousal. My mind was highly inspired and my sex was soaking wet. The words just flowed out of me. I submitted this brief story to Mr. Jones for consideration, and he surprised me by publishing it right away on his blog. (I’m still unsure whether I won this contest yet…) The fictious internal character stories I’d created to match the beautiful exteriors of the bevy of gorgeous models stayed with me, and I wrote a longer piece, which I submitted to Mr. Jones just to entertain him. He surprised me by publishing that continuation, too, then saying that he’d created a “guest space” on his blog for me to submit written work on an on-going basis. I felt, honored, technologically challenged, and a bit overwhelmed. So, being the organized school teacher I am to my core, I 1) thanked him, 2) worked out the tech questions, and 3) sat down to think about what to write on this large, world stage.
​And all my sap froze. I mean, I DRIED-UP like a brown, crinkled leaf in autumn. Just a day before I was full of ideas for sexy short stories and for flirtatious emails to send to Mr. Jones. But now, nothing. So, by way of introduction in this first piece, I thought I’d tell you my writing process and a little bit about me.
​I always write in the nude, without a stitch of clothing on my thirty-two year old body. I’m a very sexual person and I want to be in-touch with that. I’m a serial monogamist. I was most recently in a long relationship with a handsome, fascinating to the point of brilliant, wealthy, older gentleman. He treated me very well for several years until he suddenly didn’t, proved to be a poopy-head who wanted to date other, younger women. I’m working through that baggage, but it has relevance because I used to get spanked frequently by him, share incredible sex, and write using those elements for inspiration and motivation. Now I do a LOT of self-spanking and masturbation. (This corona virus crisis has hit my love-life hard!)
​So faced with this writer’s block, I got out one of my favorite implements of ass destruction, an oversized Tupperware spatula. I gave my bared callipygous bottom a very hard paddling in front of the bathroom mirror. (I like to see the fanny (what Americans call the butt) flesh jump and contort, I like to watch it turn from pale to pink to rosy red to tomato red to Bing-cherry deep-red to dusky rose to magenta. I like to feel the cool mounds warm, then heat up, and take fire.) Normally, this (or my lover’s hard hand) would get me pumped-up, but it didn’t this time. So I went to my bedroom and laid down and rubbed rose-scented lotion into my skin, especially the abused portion, my backside, and then masturbated. Now, if you’re like me, spanking and sex go hand-in-hand. Like a horse and carriage (in a song’s lyrics) I can’t have one without the other. I confess that I had several really pleasant orgasms, but I still did not come up with any story ideas!
​I tried not to freak out. I let my cum-drunk brain ponder the stable of lovelies that regularly model for Mr. Jones. I’ll confess that I’ve always been bi-curious, and have started to act upon these tendencies recently.
​I thought about the exquisite Charlotte. Pretty face and a beguiling smile, fair complexion, blond hair, pert small breasts that are a lot like mine, a cute, trim bottom; she’s sexuality incarnate. She has a tattoo above her ass crack of a bow, which always makes me think that she’s a gift-wrapped package that I’d love to open slowly and cherish its contents. That shit-head of a man I mentioned from my past was openly infatuated with Charlotte when he introduced me to the Spanking Emporium blog.
​Then there’s her near-twin, Samantha, with a slightly cooler look about her, with a golden tan to compliment her blond hair, larger, wide-set breasts, a calligraphy design for a tramp-stamp above her similarly trim butt cheeks.
​The afore-mentioned Cherry is young, round, as previously said, she’s voluptuous, with large, full, high-set breasts, a trim waist that blossoms out to womanly hips. I could stare at her perfect ass for hours, though I’d prefer to touch. She’s tanned as only a brown haired, brown eyed girl can get tan. Like all of her cohorts, Cherry is very pretty, her beauty is augmented with a cleft chin and a cupid’s bow mouth.
​And finally (among the regulars) is Kate, a red-haired beauty with attendant fair skin, very large, pendulous breasts that make one’s mouth water, a full, large pair of buttocks that make my pussy wet, and a knowing smile that makes me suspect that she knows full well how her looks drive people mad with lust. She has another feature that must receive comment. She poses for pictures without modesty. Kate seems to happily show off her pussy and rosebud as she bends over for punishment in the photos.
​These women danced around in my mind as my fingers danced around my clitoris. I share an anal-eroticism with Kate, so I parted my bottom, rubbed some lotion up there, and played inside my bum-hole, as I like to do whenever sexually excited. Still, no scenarios came to me, as orgasm after orgasm washed over me.
​My thoughts switched to the man who instigated all this. I don’t know Mr. Jones well (yet), but know that I look forward to our journey together, whether long-distance or in-person. In a way, he reminds me of Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame, but Mr. Jones’ harem-ladies are not just nudists, they’re all spankos, which excites me in a way that the air-brushed, pedestal-positioned bunnies and centerfolds never did. He is an incredible photographer, a talented word-smith, a caring individual, and that rarest of creatures, a genuinely nice man. In our email correspondences, we’ve developed a strong friendship, as we’ve shared details about our backgrounds that make us who we are. In what I compose for the Guest Space on his site, I plan to touch on some of the things I’ve mentioned here in this introduction, as well as explore new territory. I’m worried about how much time these expressions may take as a busy school teacher. I’m worried about what to say, though I now have the kernel of an idea for next time. So, this piece has served its purpose for me. I hope you’ve found it entertaining enough to want to read more. Until then, Warmly, Jean Marie

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