Robyn’s Naughty Spanking Facts – Part 1…

Robyn as you all know by now is my editor. I take my photos and write a story. Quite well too I think, but us writers need someone like Robyn, who then moves in to tidy it all up for you.

My imagination is paramount to my blog, you see my mind on your screen. I want it to look as good as it can, and have been blessed by finding my dear Robyn. My blog gets better every day because of her, she frees my time to create more and more.

However, she can be a little shy, and likes to hide away in the background.

She is pretty, shapely and yes, I would love to use her as a model. But it is not for her, and as always, I respect the wishes of a young lady, well, any woman of course, what man worth his salt doesn’t?

So here, is this, your very own section Robyn.

She has been researching spanking history, writing her own stories and building a huge collection of Spanking Magazines, books and ephemera, for man years, here she is going to use all her knowledge and vast library and collection to entertain you.


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So, welcome to Robyn X’s ‘history, ephemera, and facts of spanking.


No – 1 …what she made for my birthday.

No – 2 …her first erotic words, concerning birch rods in her life.

No – 3 …concerning birch rods, and orgasms….I can see a theme developing here.

No – 4 …..concerning a dressage whip and a bare, male, bottom.

No – 5 ….concerning a historic piece of spanking writing, with superb illustrations.

No – 6 …a follow up to No 4

No – 7 …Robyn’s thoughts on self spanking!

No – 8 ….concerning tan lines

No – 9 …an unusual spanking position

No – 10 … Another unusual spanking position

No- 11 ….concerning barrels!

No – 12 ….concerning naughty boys bottoms and Dominant Women

No – 13 ….concerning rocking horses

No – 14 …inspired by Asa’s new studio’s stained glass window.

No – 15 …concerning words

No – 16 …suspended and whipped

No – 17 ….concerning green knickers!

No – 18 ….concerning Cupid, and Flapper Girls

No – 19 …concerning, among other horsey things, jodhpurs!

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No – 20 …concerning the wonderful skill and art of erotic spanking!

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21 ….concerning uniforms, Part One

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22 …is part two of girls in uniform

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23. …is part three of girls in uniform

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I have entrusted Robyn with a rather large set of photos I took of a marvellous spanking. My photos, her writing, based on my original idea.


When will my Aunty be satisfied?


Robyn Jones

17-year old Megan Thomas was a very spoilt young lady indeed. She had been brought up single-handedly by her mother, Bethen, after her husband, Owen Thomas, had died not long after Megan’s birth. Fortunately, Owen had left a small fortune for his wife, so she wanted for nothing. Bethen doted on her daughter and indulged her every whim. She had never been able to say no to her daughter and, by the time Megan reached her teens, Megan ruled the roost. She knew exactly how to wrap her mother around her little finger.
In a late attempt to bring her daughter under some semblance of control, Bethen had enrolled her daughter in an exclusive private girls’ school in the hope that it would tame her adolescent behaviour. However, the school seemed to have no more success in controlling Megan than her mother. Despite frequent dressing downs, numerous detentions, countless lines and punishment essays, Megan proved more than a match for the teaching staff. Unfortunately the headmistress was not a great believer in corporal punishment, which might have stood a better chance of bringing the naughty little minx under control if it had been employed. Only rarely did she use the cane and when she did it was often little more than a token gesture. Bethen had been summoned on a number of occasions by the headmistress to ‘discuss’ Megan’s behaviour and each time she had felt very ashamed. On her last visit to the headmistress Bethen had been informed that, if Megan continued to flout the rules, she would be suspended from school and, if that didn’t work, then she would be forced to expel her.
Bethen was in despair. She had tried to confront Megan about her behaviour, but Megan had dismissed the school as being far too old fashioned, operating under an out-of-date system of unnecessarily silly rules and regulations. It needed to reform itself and enter the twentieth century! Getting nowhere, Bethen decided to seek the advice of her older sister, Miss Kathryn Williams.
Kathryn was in her late-30s. She was a much more forceful character than Bethen. Unlike her younger sister, she had never married and seemed to prefer the company of women rather than men. She had trained as a teacher and had worked for a number of years in a girls’ boarding school, ending up as a senior housemistress in one of the school’s boarding houses. Unlike Megan’s day school, Kathryn’s school was far more ‘traditional’, regularly enforcing discipline by means of corporal punishment. As a senior housemistress, Kathryn had the role of disciplining the girls in her charge. She was well-versed in how to effectively spank, strap and even cane her charges when they warranted such punishment. Although she was always very fair in her treatment of the girls, she secretly enjoyed her disciplinary role and took great delight in baring their bottoms. Although it excited her sexually, she never overstepped the mark and usually relieved her arousement later in the privacy of her own flat.
When Bethen came to see her after her last visit to Megan’s headmistress, Kathryn listened quietly to her sister’s tale of woe. If she felt any emotion about how her niece had been behaving, she did well to conceal it. Of course, she blamed her sister for being too soft on the girl, but that really didn‘t excuse Megan’s behaviour.
When her sister finally finished her diatribe about Megan, Kathryn sat there for a few minutes thinking, before responding, “Well, Bethen, I’m not exactly surprised that Megan’s has got so out of hand. She has been allowed to get away with things for far too long. You clearly have indulged her every whim and fancy, and she now has you twisted around her little finger. You’ve been far too soft on her. Adolescent girls need a firm hand and I’m afraid that you lack the strength of character to provide that hand.”
“I admit that I have let her get away with murder over the years, but I’ve never had the strength to stand up to her. She’s such a ‘force of nature’. But what am I to do now? I can’t see any way of turning things around and avoiding her being expelled,” Bethen moaned miserably.
“You can’t, but I think I can,” replied Kathryn.
Bethen looked up with a hopeful expression on her face, “Really? Oh, please tell me what you’d propose.”
“Well, for a start Megan would need to stay with me for a while, possibly for a term. She could still attend her present school, but whilst she is living with me, she would have to abide by my rules. If she doesn’t respect those rules, then I’m afraid that I will need your permission to punish her as I would any of the girls in my care in this school.”
“Oh!” replied Bethen, knowing full well of her sister’s reputation for being a strict disciplinarian. “You mean you want me to give you permission to spank her if she misbehaves?”
“Precisely!” said Kathryn, “and if necessary, not just to spank her but to strap or even cane her if I feel her behaviour warrants it!”
“Oh dear! You won’t hurt her, will you?” said Bethen in a rather pathetic voice.
“If a punishment is to work, it must be painful enough to curb her behaviour, otherwise she’ll never be reformed! There’s no point in namby-pambying her. Look where that’s got you!”
“I suppose you are right, Kathryn,” Bethen replied, still sounding a little reluctant and feeling slightly guilty at consigning her daughter to her sister’s ‘gentle care’.
“Good! Now go home and inform her of your decision to get her to stay with me for the rest of the term. Tell her that her Aunt wishes to get to know her better and that you want time to sort out your life!”

All was arranged and Megan dutifully turned up at her Aunt’s house the following week with all her necessary clothes and books. Megan didn’t know her aunt very well and seemed excited to have time away from her mother. She would be free to do whatever she wanted without being constantly nagged…or so she thought!
Things went well for the first week and Megan appeared to be on her best behaviour. However, as she settled into her new existence, she started to relax and revert to her normal self. On a number of occasions Kathryn had to reprimand her, although she had done nothing too dire. However, towards the end of the third week, Kathryn got a phone call from Megan’s headmistress. The wretched girl had been caught skipping lessons and, to make matters worse, she had been discovered in the ‘passionate embrace’ of a sixth former from the boys’ grammar school behind the sports hall. She wanted Kathryn to collect the girl from school immediately as she had decided to suspend Megan for two weeks. She had contemplated expelling Megan, but fortunately had decided to give the girl one more chance.
As Kathryn jumped into her car to fetch Megan, she was furious. She had had to drop everything and find someone to cover for her whilst she was off the school premises. It was high time she brought this young madam up short! She needed to experience a painful lesson that would show her where the boundaries between good and bad behaviour lay!
On reaching Megan’s school, Kathryn had a short talk with the headmistress’ secretary before marching Megan back to her car and driving back to her own school in frosty silence. As Megan stepped out of the car, she suddenly found her Aunt by her side. Grabbing Kathryn by the ear, she hauled Megan up the path to her front door protesting noisily at her treatment, much to the amusement of some of the sixth formers walking past. Megan could overhear one of them laughing and commenting, “Miss Thomas looks furious. That girl’s going to have her bottom roasted, if I’m not mistaken!”
Inside the house Kathryn let go of Megan’s ear and said, “Right, young lady, drop your school bag and follow me into the lounge. We need to have a little talk.”
Megan followed her aunt into the lounge clutching a letter the headmistress had given her to pass on to her aunt. She’d never seen her aunt looking quite so cross as she did now. Kathryn sat down in a leather armchair and took hold of long, thin, crook-handled cane that had been propped against the side of the fireplace. Megan eyed the cane nervously. Kathryn bent the cane across her knees as she stared angrily at Megan for some minutes. Megan didn’t know where to look and stared at the carpet, feeling more and more apprehensive as the silence continued.

Suddenly, Kathryn broke the silence, “You are a very wilful and naughty young lady aren’t you?”
Megan just stood there, still staring at the carpet saying nothing.
Getting no response, Kathryn suddenly shouted at her, pointing with her cane, “Get down on your hands and knees there on the carpet in front of me….GET DOWN RIGHT NOWWWW!!”
Megan quickly sank down onto her knees before her Aunt. She has never been spoken to like this before and, for the first time in her life, obeyed instantly.

“Well? What do you have to say for yourself?”
“I only missed the domestic science lesson, Aunty. The teacher, Mrs Cooke, is useless and I don’t find her lessons very inspiring!” Megan managed to blurt out in an impetuous voice.
“That’s besides the point, young lady. Skipping lessons isn’t acceptable in my book whatever the subject! However, you didn’t just skip the lesson did you? What else were you doing?” replied Kathryn sternly.
“Errrh! Do I have to say?” said Megan.
“Yes! You had better! I want the whole truth. Leave nothing out!”
“Well, errhhh…errrh, I was with someone behind the sports hall, Aunty,”
“I see, you were with someone…and who was this ‘someone’?”
“A boy,” whispered Megan.
“Oh, you were with a boy ….and what were you doing with this boy behind the sports hall pray?”
“Errhhh, well…we were….k…kissing each other,” mumbled Megan.
“Hummph!” Kathryn snorted. Then, noticing the letter Megan was holding, commanded her to pass it to her. Kathryn noticed a slight trembling in Megan’s hand as she handed her the letter. “Not so confident now are you young lady!” thought Kathryn as she started to read the letter, resting her cane on Megan’s shoulder.

“According to this letter, you were found by a member of staff with your knickers around your ankles and the boy’s hand up your skirt. Is that correct?”
Megan blushed furiously, muttering, “Yes, Aunty.”
“Humphh! Disgraceful! I wonder what might have happened next if you hadn’t been disturbed?” commented Kathryn, not expecting an answer this time. “I see that the headmistress punished you before I picked you up.”
Megan thought this was a statement as well, not a question, and said nothing, staring resolutely at the carpet.
“Yes, yes….yes I was punished, Aunty!” squealed Megan, in alarm.
“That’s better,” responded Kathryn in a calmer voice, “And how were you punished, Megan?”
“She caned me, Aunty.”
“Oh yes? How many strokes did she give you?”
“Three strokes, Aunty.”
“Good God, just three strokes! Your headmistress was really ‘pushing the boat out’ wasn’t she!” Kathryn responded sarcastically, before continuing her inquisition, “Did she cane you across your hand or your bottom?”
“My bottom, Aunty,” Megan replied.
“Was it across your bare bottom?” inquired Kathryn.
Megan blushed, “Of course not Aunty, the headmistress only ever canes pupils across their knickers.”
“She’s not much of a disciplinarian then,” snorted Kathryn, appalled at the leniency shown to her niece. “Get over my knee and let me see the damage.”
Megan looked aghast and didn’t move.
Megan almost jumped over her Aunt’s knee, not wishing to find out how serious her Aunt’s threat really was. “Yes, Aunty, right away, Aunty.”
Kathryn put her cane down on the floor and slowly raised Megan’s light blue gingham dress. She then started to peel down her navy blue school knickers.

Megan screeched as she tried to grab her knickers, “What are you doing Aunty! No, please don’t pull my knickers down, I beg you. It’s so embarrassing.”
“Remove your hand this instance, young lady. If I decide to bare your bottom to examine the damage, then I shall, unless of course you’re still hankering after a trip to the front gate!”
Megan reluctantly removed her hand and Kathryn continued to peel her knickers down. She stared at Megan’s virtually unblemished creamy coloured bottom. She could only count two faint cane lines.

I can’t believe it. You call that being punished! There’s barely a mark on your bottom, young lady! I’ll show you what a ‘punished’ bottom really feels and looks like!” spluttered Kathryn.
Then, with a determined look on her face, she grasped Megan tightly around the waist with her left arm and, without warning, landed a very hard slap across Megan’s bottom…. SMACK!
“Yeowwch!” screeched Megan, attempting to roll off Kathryn’s lap. “That hurt! You can’t do this….I’ll tell my mother you hit me.”
“I think you’ll find that your mother won’t say anything. She gave me permission to punish you in any way I felt appropriate if you misbehaved,” replied Kathryn, landing another loud smack across Megan’s cute round rump, making the flesh ripple…
“I can’t believe my mother gave you permission to spank me, you…you…you SADISTIC BITCH!” Megan shouted out, without thinking of the consequences. She was incensed that she was being spanked by her Aunt in such an ignominious position.
“Oh, I think you’ll discover that she did give me full permission to spank your naughty little bottom if I felt you needed it! You’re a spoilt brat who should have been spanked years ago.” So saying landed two more hard slaps to each of Megan’s quivering cheeks…
“Yeeouchhh! Yeowhhh! Aunty, please stop…it hurts! I’m 17 years old, too old to be spanked like a child. You can’t do this.”
“Oh yes I can, and I will! You called me a ‘sadistic bitch’, so I had better live up to my name,“ responded Kathryn, walloping Megan’s squirming bottom across her lap with renewed vigor. “Make yourself comfortable young lady, because I’ve only just started your spanking! You’re going to be here for some time!”

It was not long at all before a huge struggle began, but the strength of her Aunty was such a surprise. Her grip around her waist was vice-like. All she could do was kick and squeal. She realised very quickly that there was no escaping the onslaught on her bare bottom.
SMACK! SMACK! “Ouchhh! yeeeowhh!”
SMACK! SMACK! “Arghhh! eeehhh!”
Megan’s bottom was beginning to sting and burn unbearably. “How much longer must I endure this?” Megan thought. She looked over her shoulder at her Aunt’s hand remorselessly rising and falling …SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
“Surely she’ll stop soon when she’s satisfied I’ve been punished enough. Her arm must be tiring and her hand must be stinging almost as much as my poor bottom.” She glanced at her Aunt’s face, but found no comfort. All she saw was a look of eager excitement in her Aunt’s face. “The bitch was enjoying herself!”
Realising that struggling and cursing wouldn’t get her anywhere, Megan decided to adopt a different approach which she hoped might persuade her Aunt to bring her punishment to a rapid conclusion. She stopped struggling and started to shed tears.
“I’m so sorry Aunty…” SMACK! SMACK! “ I didn’t mean to call you a sadistic bitch…..” SMACK! SMACK! “I was very naughty calling you that…” SMACK! SMACK! “I’m SO sorry I skipped the lesson to be with that boy…” SMACK! SMACK! “Please, PLEASE stop now, Aunty. You have punished me enough. I promise I’ll be as good as gold from now on…” SMACK! SMACK!

Kathryn had heard similar pleas before from numerous girls she had placed across her lap over the years. She wasn’t going to be fooled by crocodile tears and false promises. Besides which, she was rather enjoying herself. Megan had such a spankable bottom. It was beautifully round, plump and fleshy, more than capable of taking a prolonged spanking and much more. Although it was firm, it still wobbled and quivered in a most delightful fashion. She had no intention of stopping. Megan’s bottom had had years of neglect by her sister and it was up to her to make up for this! Megan wasn’t going to escape lightly. Oh no!
And so the spanking continued relentlessly.
SMACK! SMACK! “Ouchhh! yeeeowhh!”
SMACK! SMACK! “Arghhh! eeehhh!”
Kathryn finally stopped spanking her niece. Megan let out an audible “Phew!”, thinking “Thank God that’s over!” For good effect, she sniffed loudly and said, “Thank you for my spanking, Aunty (sniff, sob, sniff). I’m very sorry to have caused you so much trouble with my bad behaviour (sniff, sob, sniff)….Can I please get up now?”
“I’m glad you appreciate my efforts, Megan,” replied Kathryn, smiling to herself. “However, you may NOT get up now. That was only a warm up. I haven’t finished punishing you yet. There’s much more to come!”
“WHAT?” shrieked Megan, her eyes opening wide suddenly feeling very alarmed. “You can’t be serious. You’ve just spanked the living daylights out of me and you say there’s more to come? Surely you must be joking, Aunty!”
“I am certainly NOT joking, young lady. That was just a little hand spanking to prepare your bottom for much harsher treatment!”
“You call that just a ‘little hand spanking’? It really hurt…you nasty bitch! Let me get up this instant,” said Megan, rather inadvisably.
“Temper, temper! You’re in no position to adopt such a tone of voice with me, young lady. Clearly I haven’t yet got through to you. I think I’ll try something else,” Kathryn replied, picking up a black plimsoll she had conveniently placed in advance under her chair.
Megan caught sight of the plimsoll out of the corner of her eye and quickly changed her tune. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Aunty. I didn’t mean what I just said. Please, please don’t spank me with that! I can’t take any more.”
“Oh, I think you can and you will, my dear, so brace yourself….I think perhaps two dozen good whacks might do the trick, don’t you?”
“No, oh Aunty, No, no!” pleaded Megan to no avail, as the first of many hard whacks landed across her wriggling buttocks, which started to positively glow bright red. The room filled with the noise of rubber sole meeting soft flesh….WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Oh how Megan howled and cried out as her buttocks squirmed and wriggled fruitlessly in an effort to avoid the slipper. Kathryn was well practiced in walloping a moving target, each stroke landing exactly where she wanted it to land to impart its stinging lesson!
Finally, after delivering the two dozen hard whacks, Kathryn ordered Megan to stand. Megan quickly dismounted, tears rolling down her face as she hopped from one foot to another and gingerly tried to cup her hot ravaged cheeks with her hands.
“Stop jumping around, you silly girl,” Kathryn said. “Girls half your age take a walloping like that with much more dignity! Take your hands away from your bottom and stand facing the fireplace now!”
Megan either chose not to obey or was too distraught to take in the instructions as she continued to rub her bottom.
This time Megan rapidly responded and stood facing the fireplace with her hands in front of her, her bare bottom on full display, sobbing loudly. Kathryn sat down in her armchair and assessed the state of Megan’s bottom. “Mmmm! I’ve done a good job there. Beautifully red from top to bottom….no missed white patches anywhere! I can feel the heat radiating off her cheeks even from here. No need to light the fire!” Kathryn thought, chuckling to herself.
“Right, young lady. Now, you will remain like that for the next 30 minutes without touching your bottom. Compose yourself whilst I decide what to do with you next, and do try to stop that irritating snivelling and sobbing! You’re such a baby.”
Kathryn sat back in her armchair and admired her handiwork. Already she felt rather aroused by spanking her niece’s lovely bottom so severely, but resisted the temptation to touch herself, at least at this stage of the proceedings.
Megan stood facing the fireplace, feeling distinctly uncomfortable. Her buttocks throbbed and stung dreadfully. How much more was she to suffer at the hands of her strict Aunty. When would Aunty be satisfied that she had been punished enough?

After 30 long minutes Kathryn decided that Megan had recovered sufficiently from her spanking and slippering to allow her to continue with the naughty girl’s punishment. She had decided that she would now tawse and cane Megan. The girl needed to experience the full range of sanctions she could apply both as a punishment for her recent wayward behaviour at school and as a warning of what would happen again if she continued to misbehave.
Kathryn had no qualms about the severity of the prolonged punishment she was giving Megan. So far Megan had escaped any real form of discipline throughout her childhood and this was reflected not only in the way she often treated her mother, but also in her constant flouting of rules at her school. It was time that this young lady was brought to heal!
Kathryn stood up and turned her armchair so that it faced out from the fireplace next to where Megan was standing. She then took hold of a heavy leather tawse with twin tails and instructed Megan to turn round.
“Right, young lady. It’s time for the rest of your punishment. Stand in front of the armchair, place your hands on the arms and stick your bottom out,” Kathryn instructed Megan, pointing to the chair with the tawse.

Megan looked nervously at the long leather strap. She’d never seen anything like it before, but she was sure that this was really going to hurt. She made one last attempt to plead for mercy from her Aunt.
“Please, Aunty. You’ve already punished me severely. I know I deserved every smack you gave me, but surely that is sufficient? I really promise to behave myself from now on.”
“No, Megan. I am firmly resolved to carry out the rest of your punishment. The spanking and slippering I have just given you were both relatively mild punishments. I need to drive the lesson home to guarantee that you don’t ever misbehave so badly ever again. I’d be failing in my duty as your Aunt and failing your mother if I don’t make this a very memorable experience for you! After today, you’ll think more than twice before stepping out of line. Now do as I ask unless of course you’d prefer me to call in two of my senior girls to assist me. They’d soon get you held down across my desk for the thrashing I intend to give you!”
By now, Megan was under no misapprehension that her Aunt was bluffing. She really couldn’t face the ignominy of being held down over her Aunty’s desk by two of her senior girls, let alone them being witness to her punishment. Resignedly, she walked round to the front of the chair and bent over, presenting her bare bottom for her Aunt to deal with.
“Well done, young lady. You’re beginning to learn obedience, even if it is the hard way,” commented Kathryn, as she watched her niece get into position. “I shall be lenient. I was going to give you a dozen strokes with my tawse, but I’ll limit myself to six. It will still hurt…a lot, but if you take the strokes without too much fuss, I’ll stop at six strokes. If not, then I might just give you the dozen I had originally intended. So beware!”
Placing her left hand on Megan’s back to steady herself, she raised the tawse high over her shoulder and then brought it down hard across the meaty centre of Megan’s trembling buttocks….THWACK!
Megan gave a loud yelp of pain and lifted her left leg in an attempt to help absorb the sting. A broad red stripe adorned Megan’s bottom running right across both cheeks.
“God! That’s awful! That really stings, far worse than Aunty’s slipper. How am I going to endure eleven more strokes with that horrible strap?” Megan thought as she started to whimper.

After a short pause to let the sting sink in, Kathryn raised the tawse again and delivered a second resounding THWACK, this time across Megan’s sit spot.
“YeeeOUCHHHH!” That stroke was a real stinger. Megan’s cheeks clenched and unclenched, trying to wring the burn out of her flesh.
“Relax your bottom, Megan. I know that sounds strange, but you’ll find it helps to cope with the pain!” Kathryn advised her niece. She waited, watching the second red band of scorched flesh blossom. Then raising the tawse high, Kathryn lashed it in low down where Megan’s buttocks met her thighs…THWACKKKK! Megan let out a loud howl of pain, furiously waggling her bottom in a vain attempt to dispel the burning sting and then started to sob loudly.

You’re doing well, Megan. You’re half-way through…three more to come,” Kathryn said, encouragingly.
Taking pity on her niece, Kathryn decided to deliver the last three strokes in quick succession. Whilst it would really hurt, at least the tawsing would be over before Megan had a chance to fully register the pain. The tawse cracked down in quick succession like rapid fire gunshots….

Megan reeled under the onslaught and leapt up screaming, clutching her bottom and rubbing it furiously…”OOOHHH!… OUCHHH! OOOHHH!…EEEEEE!” Kathryn was not very impressed with her niece’s antics, but she decided to ignore them. After all, it was Megan’s first taste of the tawse.
“Right, young lady. Back facing the fireplace and keep those hands away from your bottom.”
Megan limped back to the fireplace and did as instructed. Kathryn noted her shoulders shaking as she sobbed loudly, her buttocks involuntarily twitching.
Kathryn knelt down and gently inspected Megan’s now livid red buttocks. “Mmmh, I have done a good job. Such a lovely colour! Not too much damage, apart from a few darker red patches where the tails of the tawse had bitten into the flesh,” thought Kathryn.

“I think we’re almost there Megan. Now, stand there and await the final part of your punishment. You may drop your dress for now. I’ve saved the worst until last – 8 strokes of my cane. Providing that you accept the cane with good grace and don’t make too much fuss, your punishment will be over. I do, however, intend to make them very hard strokes, so that you will know what a proper caning feels like…not the gentle taps that your headmistress gave you earlier today!”

Megan stood facing the fireplace in a daze. Slowly she managed to stop crying and calm her breathing. Her bottom still felt very sore, but the burning sensations had started to transform into a rather stimulating warm glow that was seeping towards her loins. In fact, she suddenly realised, the sensations were distinctly arousing!
“How could that be?” she thought. Very slowly, so that her Aunty hopefully wouldn’t notice, she inched her hand down towards her pussy. It was distinctly moist! She inserted a finger and started to tickle her clitoris….”Mmmmm!” she thought. “This feels rather nice, much nicer than that grammar school boy’s attentions behind the sports hall!”
Megan’s pleasure was suddenly interrupted by Kathryn, ”I hope, young lady, you aren’t doing something I think you’re doing?!”
Megan blushed, quickly moving her hand away from her pussy, “No Aunty. I just had a rather tickly itch on my right thigh.”
“Oh really? Well, keep your hands where I can see them,” replied Kathryn knowing full well what her wayward niece had been up to. Deep down she was rather pleased that Megan had clearly found her spanking so far rather stimulating. She felt that it rather excused her own distinct sense of arousal generated by spanking her niece’s lovely bottom. She felt distinctly less guilty.
Meanwhile, Megan stood there now feeling rather frustrated that she couldn’t relieve that ‘itch’ between her legs. However, she suddenly remembered that her punishment was far from over. She still had a caning to come, which rather subdued the itch.
Megan’s level of anxiety started to rise to the point where she wanted her Aunty to just get on with it. Taking a deep breath, Megan turned her head towards her Aunt and said, “Please, Aunty, please would you cane me now. I can’t bear the suspense.”
For once, Kathryn was taken by surprise. Her niece was actually asking her to cane her. She was not trying to weedle her way out of her punishment! Clearly ‘little miss Megan’ was finally succumbing to the power of a good smacked bottom!
“Well, Megan, seeing as how you have asked me so nicely, I had better get on with it. Move away from the fireplace and bend over.”
Megan shuffled backwards and bent over with her hands on her knees. Kathryn flipped up her skirt over her lower back to reveal her bare bottom, her knickers still rolled down around her thighs. Kathryn noted that, although her buttocks were still quite red, the deep hue was beginning to lighten.
“Well, I’ll soon touch up her colour again with some lovely red stripes!” Kathryn thought to herself, a little shiver of excitement running through her body. She just loved thrashing a girl’s bottom with her cane. The cane was such an exquisite instrument of punishment in the right hands. It made such a thrilling sound as it swished through the air and wrapped itself around a pair of rounded cheeks. Equally thrilling was the loud thwack as it landed on soft flesh and made them quiver. She also loved the sight of the lovely red tramlines it painted and prided herself on creating neat parallel lines across the miscreants buttocks. She was going to enjoy this.

Taking up her cane, Kathryn whipped the first stroke in hard across the middle of Megan’s rump….SWISH! THWACK!

Megan gasped loudly…”Yeeeehhhh!” She had thought the tawse was bad enough, but the pain generated by the cane surpassed it by miles. Rather than being spread out over a wide band, all the punishing power was concentrated along a narrow line across her bare bottom. It was a real revelation after the gentle ‘caning’ she had received from her headmistress.
Kathryn swung the cane back and then brought it whistling down, lower than the first stroke to land under the overhang of Megan’s buttocks….SWISH! THWACKKKK! The stroke virtually lifted Megan off the ground as she just managed to prevent herself from falling forward. She howled out loudly…”YEEEOWHHH! FUCK!”

Watch your language, young lady. I won’t tolerate swearing. Do it again and I’ll increase your punishment to a dozen strokes,” said Kathryn.
“Sorry Aunty (sob, sob, sob), but it h..hurts so much! (sob, sob, sob)” whimpered Megan.
“Apologies accepted, young lady. Now stick that bottom out and tey to relax your buttocks. Six more strokes to come.”
And so Kathryn continued to lay on stripe after stripe, which had Megan’s bottom in a perpetual state of motion as she continued howl and sob loudly. She did not, however, swear again and held her position.

Finally the sixth stroke was delivered and Kathryn stood back to admire her handiwork. Megan remained bending over, sobbing loudly.

For someone who has never been properly caned before, you took that very well, Megan. I am proud of you. Now, I want you to stand up and place yourself back facing the fireplace with your hands on your head. We don’t want you rubbing your bottom just yet, let alone doing anything else with your hands!”
Megan slowly stood up and shuffled back to the fireplace, placing her hands reluctantly on her head. Oh how she wished she could relieve the sting in her cheeks, let alone the ‘itch’ between her legs which, despite the severity of the caning, felt very wet indeed!

Meanwhile, Kathryn sat down in her armchair facing Megan’s well-striped bottom, still holding the cane in her right hand. Her left hand started to stray between her legs, drawn there by an overwhelming urge to masturbate herself. Spanking and then caning Megan’s delightful young bottom had proved so utterly stimulating, she could no longer resist the temptation.
She started to rub herself, hoping that Megan’s sobbing would drown out any noises she might make. She swished her cane a few times, the sound adding to her enjoyment as she watched Megan’s buttocks flinch each time she whisked it noisily through the air….SWISH! SWISH! SWISH!

Every now and again, Kathryn stopped rubbing herself and caressed the tip of her cane across Megan’s now well-welted cheeks. Megan jumped and emitted a little squeak each time, but otherwise remained still. Despite the throbbing sensations in her bottom, she slowly became aware of what her Aunty was up to! However, she didn’t dare to say anything. In fact she longed to be able to do exactly what her Aunt was doing! The thought of her Aunt being turned on by spanking and caning her bottom was in itself extremely arousing, let alone the heat that was now beginning to migrate from her bottom to her own pussy.

And so Kathryn continued to masturbate….sometimes using her cane instead of her hand to stimulate herself….

…her breathing became noisier and noisier, until she could no longer hold back and, arching her back, came loudly unable to stifle her cries of ecstasy.
Megan smiled to herself. Her Aunt was finally satisfied! She couldn’t bring herself to disapprove of her Aunty’s rather perverse behaviour, because, to her surprise, she had found the whole affair incredibly arousing. She couldn’t wait to be dismissed and go to her bedroom to find release for herself!


What a team we make, I take some photos to fit an idea in my head, pass the idea and photos to Robyn and …..ta daa! It gets done. She will do more for me, see here…