Jean Marie’s Erotic Words – 2

Jean Marie and I have soon become close friends, her erotic writing is up there with the best I have seen, spanking and female masturbation abound!

Very much up my street.

This praise will make her blush no doubt, but not as much as posting her reply to a spanking and orgasm shared by writing…

I tried the brush on my clit. I wrote about it. Here is my piece:


A special gentleman friend of mine suggested I try something that he thought was sexy. He wrote me to ask that I get a make-up brush and tease my clitoris with its bristles.
My first reaction was, hey! those make-up brushes are expensive! And I use each one I have for some specific function. Then I remembered that I had a complete set of unused artistic paint brushes, from when I thought I’d give watercolor painting a try.

I get those out, lay down on my couch, cock my legs in the air, and start to play as my long-distance Top requested.

I start with the smallest-bristled brush. It tickles slightly, but I knew it wasn’t going to do the trick. I work my way through all six of these brushes. The biggest one felt better, but still was found lacking. I’m a girl who likes to lay on her back in the bathtub with my legs up the tile wall while the faucet pours water onto her opened sex and erect clit. I switch the brush to my left hand and start masturbating like I like it. I pop the hood on my lady bits like a mechanic would a cherry Chevy, with my fingers swirling around my clit, touching it occasionally, I rub faster and faster, harder and harder, grazing the clit more and more often. I become wet, my breath becomes labored, now we’re getting somewhere.

I put the handle of this, the largest of brushes, into my vagina. I hold no notion of masturbating here with it from either end, I just want to get it slick. Then, while ambidextrously still frigging my clit, I part my buttocks and push the paintbrush handle up my tooter nice and deep. Now that feels nice! I work the handle in and out of my ass as I masturbate my pussy in ever-tightening concentric circles. This is akin to rubbing your tummy while simultaneously patting your head. But I’m practiced when it comes to cumming.

I conjure up a mental image of this gentleman-in-question. I think about him spanking me. He’d probably do that too lightly for my tastes, too. I lovingly but firmly tell him that I need a blistering. He takes off his belt and gives me lash after lash with it, hard, so I have to yelp and dance. After about thirty licks, I collapse flat. Then I think of him laying on top of me, his erection in hand. Being the true-dominant-at-heart that I crave, he pushes his stiffy into my eager pussy and starts to thrust. I’m his, to do with as he wishes. While pleasing my hungry vagina, his hands sneak around back. I feel his middle finger invade my tight anus. The actual brush handle becomes the imaginary penetrating digit of my far-away lover. I get off with a high-pitched squeal and a gush of warmth. Will he be satisfied? Will he keep thrusting until he wears my pussy out with orgasms, as he did my flaming buttocks with his leather? Or, will he flip me over, need me with his erection up my innocent rosebud…

So now I’m writing back to my friend (who must be forgiven for not knowing the ins-and-outs of my pussy just yet)

Dearest Sir,
Thank you for the masturbatory advice! Used a brush and I had a wonderful climax, all the while thinking about you. It was very considerate of you to think of me.
Warmly (and glowing with the afterglow of a really nice climax!),
Jean Marie

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  1. Ooooh I wonder who the lucky gentleman is…::blush::

    I could see you, I was transported to the States and devoured every detail. Thank you!

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