Kate and Charlotte Enjoy a Spanking Threesome with a Client

This is another detailed account of a customers visit to the ‘Inveigle’. You will find the story, and all the other accounts of client visits here…


Charlotte and Kate have a threesome with a client…

Occasionally Abigail had requests from ladies who had never personally received or given a spanking before. Many of these had probably harboured a long standing desire to try spanking, but had never been able to pluck up the courage to seek the experience until they became aware of the various services offered by the Inveigle. Some knew exactly what they wanted, but for some potential clients, their desires were a bit less clear cut….’To spank or be spanked? That is the question,’ to quote Shakespeare! One such undecided client was a young lady called Emma, a wealthy single lady in her late 20s.

Emma approached Abigail after one of the Saturday evening performances and asked to see her in private. Like many women who attended the Inveigle shows, she wore a mask to preserve her anonymity. Once in the privacy of Abigail’s parlour, she explained the purpose of her visit. She had never been spanked in her life, but she frequently had erotic dreams involving either spanking other ladies or being spanked herself. She wanted to try both ‘sides of the coin’ with some of the Inveigle’s girls. Having seen Samantha’s and Charlotte’s recent double act, she would dearly like to try out her fantasies with the pair of them…. a double act…or perhaps what might be called a threesome!

Unfortunately, Samantha was not available, but Abigail said that she had another girl called Kate who could pair off with Charlotte. She explained that, whilst both girls were essentially submissive by nature, both had a fair amount of experience ‘topping’. She was sure that they would be more than capable of satisfying Emma’s requirements. Emma was happy with this suggestion and booked a double session with the two girls. She asked for both girls to dress as ladies’ maids. Abigail readily assented to the request.

On the following evening, Emma presented herself at the Inveigle and was shown into one of the private function rooms, referred to simply as the ‘Punishment Room’, by a junior Inveigle maid. Emma was wearing a long short-sleeved floral dress. Being of a somewhat shy nature, she also wore her black ‘Inveigle mask’. She felt more comfortable dressed as the mysterious ‘lady in a mask’, helping to hide her nervousness and the possible embarrassment she might feel in such a novel situation for her.

As she entered the room, she was pleased to note it’s inviting domestic drawing-room appearance. There was a long settle set against one wall, with a sumptuous dusky yellow upholstered chaise longue against another. The floor was covered with thick Persian rug, whilst on the walls hung a series of rather erotic paintings depicting various spanking scenes, all signed with the initials ‘AJ’. Apart from these, there was nothing that really indicated that the room was used for anything other than for relaxation. However, as Emma continued to look around the room, she noticed a small table discretely positioned in one corner, upon which lay what were obviously corporal punishment implements: a stout wooden hairbrush, a long ruler and a variety of leather straps and paddles. Sticking out of a decorative vase, close to the table, were a range of canes of different thicknesses, a variety of riding crops and a martinet whip. Next to the vase stood an empty bucket, full of water and several fresh birch rods. Emma felt an enormous thrill at the sight of all these implements, implements which she had only heard about and had never seen ‘in the flesh’ before.

As she was examining the selection of canes, there was a knock on the door. Suddenly awoken from her reverie and feeling slightly alarmed, Emma just managed to shout out, “Come!”

The door opened and in walked Charlotte and Kate dressed as maids. They stood in front of Emma standing with their heads bowed and curtsied, saying, “Good evening, Mistress.”

Emma drank in the girls’ appearance, such sweet and succulent looking young ladies. “Gosh!” she thought . “What lovely looking girls. I really can’t believe I’m actually here and going to spank them both myself!”

Emma nodded and gave the girls a little smile, but suddenly felt unsure as to how to proceed. She had been so excited at the prospect of the forthcoming session that she hadn’t really devised any plan of action. Fortunately Charlotte was no stranger to sessioning with shy clients and, noticing Emma’s predicament, quickly took control of the situation.

“You asked to see us in the punishment room, Mistress. We have been very naughty and beg your forgiveness. I beg you, please don’t dismiss us from your employ. We won’t ever do it again!”

Emma wasn’t at all sure what ‘it’ was, but Charlotte’s quick intervention seemed to give her the impetus and courage to throw herself into the role play.

“Yes Evans, I did ask to see you. The housekeeper informed me that you both skipped the church service on Sunday morning and she later found you both in bed together, naked! What do you have to say to that?” Emma said in a stern, albeit slightly quavering voice.

Both Charlotte and Kate blushed slightly, but confirmed that this had been the case. In a quiet voice, Kate added, “We weren’t doing anything improper, Mistress, we was just trying to keep each other warm. It’s so cold in our attic without a fire.”

“Really! Why were you both naked then and not wearing any nightwear? Tell me that!” replied Emma, warming to her role.

“I’m not really sure,Mistress. It just felt nicer!” said Kate, with downcast eyes.

“Ummm! Well, I’ll let that pass for the moment, but that doesn’t explain why you missed the church service. You know that I expect all my domestic staff to attend church every Sunday!”

This time Charlotte replied, “We didn’t mean to miss the service, Mistress, but we overslept.”

“This is totally inexcusable! I had originally intended to dismiss the pair of you, but I think that would be a little harsh. No! I shall give you both a good spanking instead. That should keep you both warm in bed, at least for tonight!”

The two girls tried to display a mixture of relief and of alarm. They were good actresses!

“Oh Mistress, thank you for letting us keep our jobs. We really don’t know how we would have survived if you threw us out on the streets. Thank you,” said Charlotte.

Kate looked up and added, “Oh Mistress, thank you. You must spank us very hard to help us mend our ways!”

Charlotte glanced at Kate thinking, “Steady on there Kate, she might give us more than we bargained on. Some of these new clients get rather carried away and we end up having our asses really thrashed!”

Emma then walked over to the table and examined the implements again, eventually choosing the stout wooden clothes brush. Slapping it against her palm, she said, “I think this will do ….for a starter! Now, take yourselves over to that wooden settle, lift your dresses and let down your drawers. Once you’ve done that, bend over side by side with your hands on the seat and with your bare bottoms presented high in the air.”

“Yes Mistress, of course, Mistress,” they said in unison.

As they did as instructed, Emma stood back to admire the two lovely bottoms that came into view, feeling more and more excited by the prospect of spanking them.”

“Will this do, Mistress?” enquired Charlotte looking over her shoulder.

“Oh yes! You both look divine!” replied Emma.

She then stepped forward and stood next to Charlotte and tapped her bottom with the brush, making it wobble delightfully. She then reached over to Kate and did the same, checking that she could spank each of them without changing her position too much.

“Right my naughty little maids. I shall start spanking you now. Don’t move!” With that, Emma started tentatively smacking their bottoms, ….Smack! Smack! …Smack! Smack!

Much to Charlotte’s annoyance, Kate turned her head and said, “Oh Mistress, you can spank us much harder than that! Come on, remember we skipped church and were found lying together naked in bed! Give it some welly!’

Charlotte dug her elbow into Kate’s ribs. “Why did you say that, you stupid girl?”

Kate chuckled, “Oh Charlotte, we both know we like having our bottoms spanked, the harder the better!’

Charlotte’s only response was a loud “Humphhh!”

Encouraged by Kate’s exhortation, Emma’s next few strokes were laid on much more vigorously… SMACK! WHACK! … SMACK! WHACK!…SMACK! WHACK! … SMACK! WHACK!

The girls immediately reacted to this next set of smacks, with no need to put anything on for Emma’s benefit. The hairbrush was being applied sufficiently hard to really sting their bottoms which cavorted delightfully with each smack. Loud yelps flew around the room as Emma stepped up the pace and severity of the spanking she was delivering. “Oh what fun! I never dreamt it would be quite so exciting and arousing!”

She continued for some time, trying to ensure that each bottom got its fair share and took on the same degree of redness as the other….SMACK! WHACK! … SMACK! WHACK!…SMACK! WHACK!

Finally she tired, ‘’Right you naughty girls, time for a change! As Kate seems to be so enthusiastic about having her bottom spanked, I want to spank her separately over my knee!’

So saying, she sat down on the chaise longue. “Come over here Kate and get across my knee,” she said, beckoning with her finger. “Lie sideways and face the back of the seat.”

Kate did as instructed, whilst Emma enjoyed examining her bottom more closely. She parted Kate’s cheeks and had a good long feel of Kate’s beautifully warm, reddened, rounded cheeks.

Emma then got Charlotte to hand her the clothes brush and resumed Kate’s spanking. This time, she showed no signs of restraint. If this girl relished a hard spanking, then that is what she was going to try to give her!

And so the room was filled once again with the echoing sound of hard wood smacking down on soft flesh …SMACK! WHACK! … SMACK! WHACK!…SMACK! WHACK! … Kate wriggled, squirmed and bounced up and down on Emma’s lap, yipping and yelping loudly in response to each punishing smack. It was what she needed and what she wanted! Charlotte closely watched her friend getting her bottom walloped. She too was enjoying the sight and sounds as much as Emma.

Finally, Emma ran out of steam and eased Kate off her lap. “Well girls, how did you find that? Was I strict enough?”

In response, the two girls walked up to her and each gave a kiss. Charlotte then spoke for them both, “That was lovely, thank you Miss Emma. You are a natural! We especially liked the telling off you gave us at the start and I’m sure Kate’s bottom is really sizzling after that walloping you gave her with that clothes brush. However, more importantly, did you enjoy spanking us?”

“Oh yes! It was a fantastic experience and enormous fun. I felt so empowered and, I’m ashamed to say, very aroused!”

“Don’t be silly, Emma,” said Charlotte. “There’s no need to be ashamed. We all get very aroused by spanking, be it spanking someone else or being spanked ourselves. That’s what the Inveigle is all about. Provided that both the spanker and spankee enjoy it, there’s nothing wrong in being turned on by it!”

“Thank you for that. You’ve put my guilty conscience to rest. However, there’s one other thing I’d like to try. Would you mind giving me a spanking, so I know what it feels like?”

“Of course we will. We’ll spank you together! We’d enjoy turning the tables!” replied Kate, enthusiastically. “How would you like us to spank you? With our hands?”

“First give me a hand spanking and then the strap. Do it for real. I mean spank me hard and fast. Only stop when you think my bottom is red enough. Don’t listen to me begging you to stop…punish me. I need to experience a proper spanking!”

“Oh, I think we can manage that if that’s what you really want?” laughed Charlotte.

“Oh yes, please. Thank you!”

“Right then, young lady. You had better go to the corner over there and bend over. Place your hands on the end of the chaise longue and don’t move!” Charlotte said in an authoritative tone. “Kate, prepare Emma for her spanking whilst I fetch a suitable strap for us to use on her.”

Whilst Kate prepared Emma, pulling up her dress and lowering her drawers, Charlotte selected a strap from the corner table and returned to find Emma’s bottom already naked. “Oh Emma, what a lovely spankable bottom you have! Your dress didn’t really show your figure off to full advantage. We’re really going to enjoy spanking you! Now, Kate, let’s warm her up gently with our hands to begin with. You take her left buttock and I’ll take her right.”

With that, the two girls started to spank Emma, alternating their smacks…Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Emma stoically bore the smacks, only emitting little yelps every now and again.

“Right,” said Charlotte, after a few minutes. “That’s your warm up. Let’s notch things up now, shall we, Kate?”

“Oh yes!” said Kate. “It’s payback time for the walloping you gave me!”

This time they spanked Emma in unison, delivering a series of stinging smacks in quick succession… SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Emma’s stoical silence immediately crumbled and she started to frantically wriggle her bottom and let out loud yelps… “Yeeouchh! Yoweeeh! OooooHHHH!”

Once Emma’s bottom was well reddened and well warmed, the girls stopped and gently stroked Emma’s bottom … “Well done, Emma. You took that very well for a first timer. When you’ve managed to draw breath, we’ll fetch the strap to your bottom! However, if you’ve had enough, do say so.”

“No! I’m determined to have the full experience. Please use the strap and don’t hold back, whatever I might say!” replied Emma, trying to sound brave.

“Right you are! …Now Kate, I’ll give her six strokes with the strap whilst you hold her down and then I’ll hand you the strap to give her another six, and so on until we feel her bottom is red enough!” said Charlotte, as she picked up the strap. She showed it to Emma and then turned her attention to her bottom….


“YEOWWWHHH! FUCKING HELL!” yelled Emma as she leapt upright clutching her bottom with both hands. “God! That strap really stings! OWWW! Owwhhh!”

Charlotte was not amused. “Take your hands away and bend back down immediately, Emma. Please refrain from swearing! If you do that again, I’ll strap you even harder….Kate, hold her down more firmly. Five more strokes to come from me and then it’s your turn.”

CRACK! “Yeowhhhhh!”





After the sixth stroke, Emma burst into tears, but Charlotte ignored it. She passed the strap over to Kate and then pressed down on Emma’s back with both hands. “Your turn, Kate.”

Gleefully, Kate proceeded to raise the strap high and brought it down with a loud CRACK, setting Emma’s buttocks back into frantic motion, renewing her cries of pain. She started to beg, “Stop! stop…please that’s enough. Stop! Owwww, ohhhhhh! Stop, stop, enough! Owwwwwww!! owwwwwwww!!!!”

However, as instructed, Kate ignored her pleas and continued to thrash Emma’s bottom with the strap, fanning the flames already lit by Charlotte to new heights. After she had delivered the six strokes, she handed the strap back across to Charlotte, saying, “Your turn again Charlie, unless you think she’s had enough?”

Charlotte carefully inspected Emma’s bottom. It was well-striped and quite red in places. “Ummm! I think another six from each of us should finish the job. There are a few patches that aren’t yet very red!” With that Charlotte laid on six more strokes, albeit slightly more gently than her first set.

Kate followed suit, although rather wickedly laid some of her six strokes across Emma’s upper thighs. Oh how she howled and twisted this way and that in an attempt to evade the strap, but to no avail. Despite being primarily a submissive, Kate was still very adept in soundly spanking a moving target!

Once the girls had completed Emma’s strapping, the poor young lady was a blubbering wreck and her bottom a mass of red swollen flesh. However, it was what she had requested and that’s what the girls had delivered.

The two girls knelt down caressing and kissing her bottom. “There, there my dear. It’s all over now. You took that strapping very well.”

They the helped Emma to stand and rearrange her clothing. “Was it how you had envisaged it?” enquired Charlotte.

It took a while for Emma to reply, but as her sobs gradually subsided, she suddenly smiled and said, “Gosh! I really don’t know how you girls manage to take such spankings time and time again in the shows. It really stings your bum and hurts.” Throughout her response, Emma vigorously rubbed her bottom. Then she added, with a little giggle, “But, I’m beginning to feel some compensation! My bottom is very warm and throbbing, but so also is my cunt!”

Kate and Charlotte laughed loudly and gave Emma a big hug and kiss, “Welcome to the wonderful world of spanking!”

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