A Sad Day….a very sad day indeed.

I have just been told by the people who rent my studio that I am being kicked out. Other businesses…it sounds like ALL of them, that share the business park with me, have got together and said that being close to me and what I do, has tainted them. I am not the type of person people want to associate themselves with.

I will carry on, but not sure yet how.

I am judged, and sentence with out any trial….I am being thrown out.

The funny thing is you know, we all (I assume so anyway) masturbate, they will. They will look at photos like mine and others, and have a lovely orgasm. Yet the next day they tut, and see me and my girls as filth. “Asa Jones and his girls should be tarred and feathered and drummed out of town! They are disgusting!”….I can see it in their eyes.

People like me always lose in the end. Society and peoples standing in it rule the day.

Thank you for the love.

I have a feeling that this might now begin to fade away…I am still going to see my girls, but as friends…spanking friends.

No rash decisions, it is time to think and plan. Who knows?

A very sad Asa today….not very often I cry, hardly ever. But between me and you, right now….I am.


6 thoughts on “A Sad Day….a very sad day indeed.

  1. What the HELL!
    I’m sure you keep the nudity within your facility. What is the imposition to them? That is nuts.
    Move to New Hampshire USA and we will protect you. Whatever you do in your 4 walls is your business; even commercial business.

  2. Hi Asa, I just read the bad news. I find it hard to believe that the rooms that for me are living rooms and “study” will soon no longer exist. For me it is not a pat on the back and “it will be done again” to raise a good friend. From a distance it is always easy to say, “I’ll help if I can …”, but unfortunately I don’t know of a suitable solution .

    But I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If there is any way I can help, please let me know

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