Ma and Pa at the Gym

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Ma and Pa at the Gym

: Pa decided to go the gym. He lamented woefully how he had not regained his youthful figure. Ma’s pies and puddings and wonderful Delights completely made him forget himself. Enough is enough said Pa and joined the local gym..

:At the gym was a personal trainer believed in unusual measures of persuasion..a Ma in lycra with special shoe known as a dap…if Pa gained weight he’d get a tap with the dap – the more the pounds, the more the whacks. If he kept to target green flash would be directed at another place – Miss Lycra would bare her seat and receive a whack or two. ‘Twas worth the pain of diet plan to see Miss Lycra peel down her uniform…

:Then one day as Ma was steaming with some friends at the gym in came Miss Lycra with her curves, unknown to Ma, and proceeded to tell the assembled crowd about this chap with whom she had a special arrangement ..

: Ma was listening and the ladies were laughing until Miss Lycra uttered the words “he has a tummy to admire and eyes full of desire but his heart is really in the rear..”..

:Then it became clear of whom she was speaking. “ That’s my man Miss Lycra dear, and now your rear is in contention for I shall wallop your bottom bare for taking liberty without permission..”

: and Miss Lycra was then and there upended across Ma’s knee with bottom bare in the air for all the ladies to see. And individually and as one they watched and waited as Ma dealt with the delectable bum they had the same thought. They appreciated the OFJ for all their own diet pain and as those cheeks turned pink all those ladies shifted in their seats and thought of misdemeanours and omissions of their own – was the remedy in front of them?

: When Ma had finished with the miscreant Miss the orb over her lap it was quite pink. She let her up and with a parting whack said “now miss next time have a think and ask before you leap”. Miss Lycra smiled and said she would and thought that “woman packs a whap with her hand, what might she do with a dap?”, which brought forth an emerging plan…

: meanwhile the ladies one and all had an itch they just couldn’t contain so asked Ma to scratch it for them and one by one without delay they went over her lap, bottoms bare of all shapes and sizes and Ma certainly did her exercises…but who among the Ladies of Steam would do the same for her?

: Till when they all were satisfied one of them (a bottle blond but quite perceptive) said “our lady spanker needs a dose, I think we all should help her”. And so it was those ladies of steam, sitting on freshly spanked cheeks, had Ma stretch out across their laps, her beautiful bare and plump terrain a fresh canvas for their attention – and they did oblige with willing hands for their mentor of give and receive…the sighs of contentment could be heard between there and Barnt Bare Acre Green!

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