A little update…

Having been told by the owners of my studio that Me and my girls are not the type of people they want to have around, you can understand that my girls and I are a bit glum….feeling hurt and unwanted. Sat drinking tea, eating cake feeling like lepers on the edge of a biblical village.

As you know we have been kicked out. We understand what they mean, but all the same, it is not nice when people say their businesses are tainted by ‘People like us….so go away! we do not want you here!’

We’ll be okay. We know that you like us 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

The search for new places goes on, people with broader, kinder minds are making kind offers. These places are already agreed to, but not ready to use yet….but hopefully in a few months you will see the results of naughty girls being spanked by angry mummies etc here…

But when I go to my blog, and look at all my photos, I just find it all a bit sad, to think of my school and Victorian sets, being dismantled and put into storage….possibly never to come out.

So today…sadly, I just can’t be bothered! Sorry. I am at the studio now, moving things, packing plimsolls and canes away.

Poor Mr.Jones…..poor Mr.Jones girls….not wanted, pissed off, and so the world ….NOT YOU MY DEAR FOLLOWERS! Your kind words are wonderful!

But the rest of the fucking prudes in this WOKE WORLD can go and bollocks today! Go and make your money, and then being the hypocrites that you are….have a wank whilst looking at the photos ‘People like us’ create for you!!

Not that I am bitter or anything…..lol


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