Week One – Wednesday

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A series of strange events had occurred. Last week, pages 1-9 of a maths exam disappeared and then miraculously re-appeared. Today the test had taken place, all three of our naughty girls got all the questions right….except one. The one on page ten.

They have never got remotely close to getting 95% before. How obvious! They had not thought that through had they?

They are staying behind, they had been there for half an hour already.

“Right!” Said Mrs.Pollard….”you are all getting twelve of the tawse on each bare cheek! Unless the thief….the cheating thief owns up. She will then get twelve…I am waiting!…five, four….three…two…”

Samantha stood up. “It was me Mrs.Pollard, I don’t know what came over me…L…L”

“Get out here! How dare you!? How very dare you!”

“Get over the stool and get your skirt up!!”

“Yes Mrs.Pollard.”

She gave her four over her knickers.

“Prepare yourself young lady, these are coming down! And you are getting another eight!”

“That spanking was for stealing! Tomorrow, straight after school. All three of you will report to my Study, where we will address the cheating issue!”

They left, supporting a stumbling, crying Samantha.

See you tommorrow, straight after school!


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