Knickers Removal – Set 14

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Here are the two girls who appear on my blog and site more than anyone else, the enchantingly naughty schoolgirls, Charlotte and Samantha. I wonder what they have done this time? Because this is a photo set, and not a story, does it matter?

Imagine the scene, Mr.Jones with a raised eyebrow, and stern voice has just reprimanded them. The rest of the class has been dismissed, I have walked to the implement cupboard and selected a cane. I swish it as I return. They sit staring forward, not wanting to make me any more angry than I already am…

“Stand up, go to the front of the desk.” …….swish

Two trembling sets of naughty girl’s knees straighten, and they do as they are told. “Stand at the front of the desk, side by side, facing it.”

“Lean over, and hold the back rest, do not let go….if you do, I will start again. You are both getting four each.” ….swish!

“You are getting your four strokes on your bare bottoms.” I say as I lift their skirts to reveal two beautifully laundered, crisp, white, tight pairs of school panties.

In turn, I hook my thumbs into the waistband of their knickers and pull them around their delightfully plump, soft, curvy cheeks. Then I let the white cotton, tumble to the floor to drape around their trembling ankles.

Let’s dwell, let us linger on the beautiful sight on that sunny late summer afternoon. Imagine how it felt for them…the cool air on their bare bottoms as Mr.Jones lowers their panties, slowly. Their bottoms are now bare, and presented, for punishment.

Not long now before the best, yellow, flexible German rattan whacks into their cheeks, and wraps right around their firm buttocks.

Then look how it is from my point of view, delicious soft cheeks, waiting.

Oh my word ladies and gentlemen, just look at them, blazers and skirts raised, framing those soft cheeks, with knickers lowered, pussy lips poking through. It is what we dream of isn’t it. Feast your eyes, devour the scene…..stop a while. Look, just look.

How blessed I am to have two such lovely blonde, pretty girls, willing to bare their shapely bottoms for me.

I decide to give them a spanking first, let’s give those cheeks a nice cherry red, concentrated blush, for the cane to land on. It helps my aim you know…

“Now girls, grip the back rest firmly, brace yourselves. You are getting four of the finest each, remember….if you let go, even after number four, I will start again. You do not let go, you can rub your bottoms when I say and not before. This is of your own making, you have both been very very naughty girls. This is what happens to naughty girls. I have little sympathy.”

I stand to their side, I aim at the nearest first…Samantha. She is gritting her teeth, eyes closed. I will do her with a back hand swing.

Once more, let us think. These two girls love the whole aspect of spanking, like me, it is of great interest to them. The crime, the being caught, the reprimand, the sentence, the delivery of punishment, the corner time…all of it. Yet…yet there is more.

Imagine how they feel when they read this, how they feel when the photo is taken, knowing that thousands of you will look, and imagine.

I think that right now Jeanie for one will have her legs apart, and fingers fiddling away, so too will Emma, Robyn, Brenda and other women who write often. I know that Jim, Ben, Robin, Tony and many others of my male followers will be looking and imagining as they grip and stroke their manhood.

“Shall I walk around, grip their cheeks and part them in turn for you? To shoot your warm runny sperm and watch it trickle? And you girls, why not dip your tongue in, let it run around their rims?”….hmmm?

Oh…the caning, sorry, this is in the knickers removal section….so just look and aim….let the girls feel adored and desired. Let’s all join together in naughtiness. I bet Samantha and Charlotte will do the same as you, imagine that! United by my blog, from England to wherever you are, you might be masturbating at the same time…..ooooh…..come on, get to your climax…is it getting there..hmmm…just a few more rubs and……ohhhhh that blessed relief!



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