Sorted….the new place!

One thing about living in England is that if you are a slightly eccentric old spanker like my good self, and know where to look, you can find somewhere reasonably easily. Thank you to a like minded gentleman, I now have a new place to shoot in.

The old Victorian house and the more modern ones you know and love (see up in the menu photos) are still there. But to compensate for my loss of a school room, study, and Victorian Parlour, I now have complete access to my mystery location. I can wander at will, anywhere, and the grounds are totally private and secluded, I can even stay overnight.

Here it is…

I am already drafting stories of school trips to an historic house, naked picnics and all sorts!

Spanking in time to a ticking clock for a naughty Victorian maid…

Spanking for naughty girls on the stairs, by the huge windows…

Naughty schoolgirls, lesbian lovers, maids etc in bedroom scenes, bent over the foot of the bed with an angry mummy….mistress…etc

So many windows!

Around the house…so many rooms!

Bottoms will be bared here, cheeks will blush, pussies will be fiddled with!

And outside there are statues, fallen trees, ponds…and all secluded.

You have much to look forward too. If things go well…no covid lockdown, no blizzards etc I should start to shoot there in January!


4 thoughts on “Sorted….the new place!

  1. Hello Asa,

    Congratulations on your new domicile

    Wow….., a great location … and a great interior. I think it was a stone for me and many other readers that you found a new home so quickly . It would have to go with the devil if the girls and your guests don’t feel comfortable here.

    A wonderful idyll, to give spirit and soul and of course also the imagination the necessary freedom

    best wishes

    ” Hawkeye “

  2. Thank you my dear friend, the support I have had from everyone has warmed my heart and took my soul up to the skylarks. For a few minutes there I thought of packing it all up. But no, not me, especially with my very special followers. Onwards and upwards until the final journey! All I need is someone to take over my blog when that day comes. The writing of Jeanie and Robyn makes me hope they might, it should not be lost,….but that day will be many years away…(I fucking hope!)

  3. Great site for spanking explorations. I am glad you found it so quickly and it does look like a place you can use for many stories.I am an otk first and foremost so the couch came to my mind right away.Thank you for all you share and have created have a great day.

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