Jean Marie’s Erotic Words – 4

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My naughty little friend Jean Marie is toying with starting a blog. I am not saying that she is saying goodbye to us, but she might. here are her thoughts on what she might write about….

3rd S.E. submission

​As I discussed with Mr. Jones, I’m thinking about starting my own blog.

This experiment in submitting written pieces on the Spanking Emporium blog is kind of a trial run at that, trying it on for size. In my first piece, as I struggled to decide how to approach this, I provided an introduction to things about me. In my second submission (don’t you just love that word?), I painted a fantasy featuring some of my tastes. In this third submission (Yes, Sir! As you wish, Sir! Please may I have another cane stripe, Sir? That word makes my mind reel), I want to take a deeper dive into my tastes, for you to see if we think alike.

​IF I start my own blog, I think I’ll call it, “Butt Stuff.” I want to address everything to do with my butt. To clarify, I’ve got tiny tits, have always been self-conscious about them, but do not want to have them artificially enhanced. And since puberty, I’ve had a shapely large ass, which has garnered a LOT of attention. And my pussy and my ass have always been inextricably linked (and I’m not talking about that thin divide between those two holes, the perineum, as I like to call it, the Bridge of Sighs). So much of what satisfies my butt excites my pussy.

First and foremost, of course, is spanking. My blog will primarily focus on impact play. Before this GODDAMNED virus, it seemed like I was getting spanked all the freaking time. A Canadian friend in the scene, Hermione, commented that she was amazed at all the many and varied spanking experiences I’ve had, which made me reflect that, though I got started late, I have played more than my fair share. So, I want to discuss hand spankings over the knee, and leather strappings, riding crops, birch switching, and wooden paddles and canes. I love all my pervertibles, from hairbrushes to spatulas, wooden spoons, pancake turners, wire whisks, even insulated electric cords. I’m now exploring slippering and multi-tailed whips for the first time, so the future looks bright!

​I am unashamedly open about being anal-erotic, so would like to colloquy about this in all its manifestations, whether fingering, tonguing, figging. anal sex I’ve shared with men, strap-on butt sex I’ve enjoyed with women, butt plugs and training. I’d even like to tip-toe into the shrouded territory of enemas.

​I’d love to discuss all the discipline-oriented literature out there, the fun of role playing, erotica, the topics are nearly inexhaustible!

​With ALL of the aforementioned topics, the concept of trust enters in. I hope to develop a sense of mutual trust with you, my audience. I hope to have a dialogue with you via the comment section. I’m excited about what’s to come, as well as a little scared. Those are the emotions I feel when I pull my panties down and provide my hind quarters for a session of discipline. Here we go…!

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