Week One – Thursday – Part 1

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Yes! That really is a size fifteen plimsol!

Mrs Pollard had returned to her study after conducting assembly in the main hall. The three girls had cringed under her gaze, and blushed profusely when she announced that they must report to her immediately.

All the other girls heads had turned to them after Mrs Pollard had left the room, and all the same heads had followed them as they nervously left the hall.

Mrs Pollard sat waiting, as the three naughty girls slowly and silently made their way towards her stout oak door.

The girls went into the secretaries office and were duly shown to the door of Mrs Pollard’s study, and told to wait. “The three girls are here for you Mrs Pollard.”

“Thank you, show them in.” Said Mrs Pollard.

She stood to greet the three naughty girls as they filed in, one after the other.

She pointed to the form she had positioned for them. “Form a line please, facing the form.”

Silently, resigned to their fate, they made a line.

They were reminded of why they were here. “You have been nothing but trouble all week! One thing after another, and yesterday you surpassed yourselves, especially you Samantha! Stealing a test paper! Well you have been punished for that you naughty girl! But all three of you, used the stolen paper to cheat! How dare you! How very dare you!! Bend over, put your hands on the form.”

As they bent over Mrs Pollard reached into her drawer for her size fifteen plimsol. Used fast enough and hard enough in her famous double time method, (one whack down, another on the way up…and repeat again and again.) it could take the skin off a rhino.

She stood before them and passed sentence, as she tapped the extra large, hard, inflexible, thick rubber sole, against her palm.

“This is going to be a long drawn out, painful operation. You are getting one of the most severe slipperings I will ever give!”

The reasoning behind this was simple, a caning, even a dozen strokes can be over too quickly. She wanted to draw it out, to spank and spank and spank those naughty deserving bottoms! The cane she knew, would caress those cheeks at the right time. That was not today, today was a day for blisters, not wheals.

The girls began to whimper. “Save your tears, they will be flowing free soon enough, believe me! You will get no sympathy, no mercy. Your bottoms are about to become sore…very, very, sore!”

She walked slowly around behind them.

To lift each skirt high.

The last girl, Stephanie had very tight knickers on, and Mrs Pollard felt a surge of joy and anticipation as she glimpsed the soft curves. Her pussy went moist, instantly.

She could see that she had been punished at home, her cheeks were red under her knickers. She took her time and admired the view.

Then she began, straight away at full force and fast speed…

WHACK on the down stroke…’Owwwwww!’ …immediately followed by a good THWACK on the return upward stroke! Time and time again, her cheeks soon turned crimson red and hot!

She then made her way down those naughty bottoms, all presented at a perfect spanking height. Cheeks wobbled, thwacks, and smacks, and cracks, and whacks….with screams, and howls, and yells and squeals, filled the room. The secretary sat at her desk, had not heard such ferocity for a few months. Her hand strayed up her skirt, under her suspenders, into her groin, to pull some very wet skimpy panties to one side. Her warm wet slit welcomed the attention of her middle finger vigorously, as the spankings continued…..quickly and loudly!

And then, it was time for the soft white cotton to leave those curvy, red, hot, painful cheeks….to slide around those blushing red orbs of delight, to cascade in turn, by trembling thighs, to land in delicious heaps on the floor and around their ankles….


Part two of Thursday coming soon.

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