This will be a huge section, mainly about my girls as Victorian maids, but before we go there, this might interest you….

Asa’s Naughty Vintage School Girls

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Asa’s Naughty Schoolgirls

Just a note before we start the Victorian stuff. I love to spank maids, and have acted in videos doing exactly that. With certain girls I love to role play too. Not for the camera, but just special time for me. The love of a victorian maid in all her finery has thrilled me for years.

When I spank a maid, I seem to time travel! Everything else in the world fades away…

So! Off we go! My girls in Victorian attire….81 Photos so far

This is Samantha acting the part of a Victtorian Mistress, reprimanding Kate, who is acting the maid…

Click here for a little story with eleven saucy victorian spanking photos of Samantha and Kate…

The Unusual Punishment of a Naughty Victorian Maid

This is Claudia, known on Twitter as Miss Iceni. I have chosen her to be the owner of my Victorian Bawdy House, the Inveigle.

In a story that is!

Just right for the part isn’t she?

Here is a set I have done in black and white of Samantha as a Victorian Mistress in corset and bloomers, with Cherry as her submissive…


And here are some sets in sepia…

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Charlotte in Sepia – 1

More of these to follow, keep in touch with my Twitter feed.

Here she is in colour…

Look at Samantha here, she looks just how you want a naughty maid to look.

Ready for the number of strokes to be decided upon…

She has just been told it is two dozen with the birch, hence the look of shock on her face.

I love the way bloomers frame a bottom to be spanked, and which in turn frames the pussy on view…

Of course, a naughty bottom needs a few cane stripes, and if a maid deserves it, she gets it!

I very much like how the bloomers slid down slowly when Samantha was in this position, almost like a silent invitation to punish her…

Here is a little sequence played by Samantha, of a maid going over the stool for the first time

“Go to the stool Samantha.”

“Bend over.”

“Dress and petticoats up girl!”

She turns, trembling.

“Hold your position for six of the birch. Do not move! If you do, we will start again!”

‘Yes Master.’

There is something delightfully erotic about a naughty maid, neatly turned out in her fine starched uniform, a good God fearing young woman in a time when they were taught to respect their elders and betters, and corporal punishment was normal.

I know my version is a fantasy version, and in real historic times, things were hard. But here, I love to see the mass of uniform with its aprons, mop caps, and petticoats etc lifted to reveal a beautiful Victorian rump, for spanking!

And my dear friends, I do!

When I spank a girl in these outfits (all made in Edinburgh by a seamstress, to original drawings, even the bloomers) I escape this world. The only thing in my whole world right then is the delicious bottom bared for one reason…

Please Sir, spank me

The beautiful winking eye of Kate…waiting…

Waiting for starters orders
Up high and ready
Waiting on Neddy
Keep still
Bottom presented well
Ready to gallop
Bend over
The bloomers open
Push out dear!
Ready and bared
Ripe for spanking!
Hold it there for me
What a beautiful target
Ohhhh, the shape!
You are a naughty maid
Spanking profile

I love the tuft of hair!

An account of me and my maid Kate…


Here is another set of Charlotte dressed in this outfit…

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