Kate’s Story – Part Sixteen (Part A – The Plimsol)

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Kate meets Miss Kenworthy

By the time Miss Kenworthy, Head of Discipline, had joined the school, Kate wa, like all girls in the top year, doing other extra duties, and in favour with most of the school’s staff. However, as with all the girls in the school, any mistakes that she made were still punishable. She was a Deputy Librarian.

The first punishment that she ever received as A Deputy Librarian occurred as a result of Kate cheating in an exam. She didn’t really cheat in a major way. She just wrote down the formulae for quadratic equations on her wrist. She found it very difficult to remember such things. But all the same, it was cheating, and that carried a tariff of two dozen smacks on the bare bottom with a plimsoll at St. Helena’s.

Miss Kenworthy was rather impressed with Kate’s attitude and bearing towards the punishment and subsequent ones that she awarded her. Right from the very first whack, she said exactly the right words…exactly….perfectly, softly, submissively. She took it perfectly too.

“You’ve been a very naughty young lady Kate,” said Miss Kneworthy, picking up a school plimsoll. “Bend over the punishment stool over there.”

“Yes Miss Kenworthy, I am sorry for being so naughty. I really do need a good spanking. I think it will do me good.”

She bent over with no fuss at all. Her short gymslip rode up to reveal perfect white school knickers…

She let out a delightful gasp when they were lowered and she eagerly pushed her bottom up for every whack, making such gorgeous, delightful squeals as the plimsoll landed with every loud WHACK!

Without being asked, she counted the whacks out loud, every single one. After each whack, she said, ‘‘Thank you Miss Kenworthy’’…loudly, as if she wanted the girls out of the open window to hear.

And when she heard giggling and laughter from a fast growing crowd outside, she screamed the count out louder and louder, pushing her bottom up to meet every single smack.

No matter how hard she hit that bottom, it pushed back, up, and out. In other words, she really loved it.

No matter how hard she hit that bottom, it pushed back, up, and out. In other words, she really loved it.

Right up until the final whack, which was as good as Miss Kenworthy could give, Kate loved it, and needed it…


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