Knickers Removal – Set 20

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As you know, Charlotte lives a full time spanking lifestyle, her Mummy still spanks her if needed, always on the bare. But first, before you see the knickers fall, her jeans need to come down, after a few crisp smacks from her Mum. (Yes, this is her real mummy)

Oh Charlotte! Not another parking ticket! She does tend to park where she likes, the naughty girl.

Of course, the jeans must come down, come on, back up you get you naughty girl!

Right then Mummy, let’s get her back over, give her a few more, and then get those knickers down shall we?

“Oh yes Mr.Jones! I am most annoyed, she has some heavy duty humiliation on her way too!” Says Mummy sternly.

“Oh good! I am lucky to have friends like you!”


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