The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part 15

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Like all good things, Charlotte’s stay with Samantha over the half-term break was drawing to a close. They had had such a wonderful time together, indulging their passion for spanking and ‘pleasuring’ each other up to the hilt. It had been the equivalent of binge drinking, but far less damaging to their health. In fact, as far as they were both concerned, it was positively beneficial to their mental well-being!

Whilst they had done many things together during the stay, such as walking, watching films, shopping and cooking, these activities just afforded time to recuperate and gather strength for their next bout of erotic spanking and love making. They had become extremely fond of each other, a fondness that bordered on love.

As far as their spanking exploits had gone, their play was relatively gentle compared to the Friday afternoon sessions that Charlotte experienced after school. Her visits to Samantha’s house were the only times that Samantha permitted Charlotte to spank her. Samantha kept a strict divide between her role as Headmistress of St. Angela’s School with Charlotte as her secretary, spanking assistant and spanking pet, and her role as Charlotte’s lover at weekends. Indeed Charlotte was well-trained in using the correct forms of address. It was ‘Miss Tanner’ or ‘Headmistress’ at school, ‘Mistress’ when she was Samantha’s ‘spanking pet’, and ‘Samantha’ when visiting her in her own home.

Charlotte was enormously grateful to Samantha for befriending her and taking her under her wing… although it might perhaps be more accurate to say, ‘for taking her across her knee’! Samantha had introduced her to spanking and she loved it! She was a natural submissive and was one of those very fortunate young women who were able to orgasm purely through being spanked, providing the spanker knew what they were doing. Fortunately, Samantha had this ‘skill’ and got immense pleasure from using it on young ladies such as Charlotte.

Towards the end of the stay, Charlotte wanted to buy Samantha something special to thank her, not only for letting her spend time with her over half-term, but also because she felt cared for and loved. However, she was at a loss as to what she could buy for Samantha. What did you buy for a woman who seemed to ‘have it all’, if her sumptuously furnished house was anything to go by?

Charlotte finally decided to give her a small present, but of great significance to both of them – a wooden hairbrush with an embossed letter ‘S’ on its back. It might be a ‘small gift’ in the physical sense, but it was an expensive item to buy for someone on Charlotte’s small salary. It was made from a beautiful dark rosewood and the embossed ‘S’ was made from something akin to ivory. Charlotte rather liked the embossed ‘S’. If Samantha decided to spank her with the brush (which she was almost certain she would), it would hopefully leave ‘S’-shaped imprints on her bottom, at least temporarily. It would be like a form of branding as used as a mark of ownership on slaves in the past! Like in the Gor books she used to read.

As the last day of her stay with Samantha arrived, Charlotte walked into the small cosy alcove off Samantha’s bedroom which housed her dressing table and placed the hairbrush prominently on the table with a little thank you note attached to its handle with a small pink ribbon.

The note read:
‘To my dear Samantha,
Thank you so much for the lovely week we have spent together and making me feel loved and cared for. I hope you will accept this small gift of appreciation as a thank you and might find it useful!
Much love,
Your adoring friend,
Charlotte xxx’

When Samantha later entered her dressing room she saw the brush. She picked it up and read the note. She smiled and turned towards Charlotte who was standing nearby, “Oh Charlotte, thank you so much. You needn’t have gone to the bother of getting me a present. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having you here. But what a lovely gift and so pertinent, given our somewhat kinky relationship! I just love the embossed ‘S’ on its back. Can I try it out on you?”

“Of course you can,” replied Charlotte, relieved that Samantha seemed to like her gift.

Samantha sat down on the small cushioned chair next to the dressing table. “As both of us know full well, a hairbrush can have two very different uses and has two very different sides. Obviously one side is used for the innocent practice of brushing hair, whilst the other side can be used for spanking naughty bottoms. It is one of the few disciplinary items that can be left innocently lying around, ready to hand should it be required for the latter purpose. Generations of mothers have used hair brushes for disciplining their naughty offspring, especially their daughters. Which side would you like to try, Charlotte?”

“Both sides of course, Samantha!”

“Very well, Charlotte. Let’s try brushing your hair first. It’s a bit cramped in here, but come closer and bend your head down towards me.”

She then picked up the hair brush and started to slowly comb Charlotte’s hair. “You really are very beautiful, Charlotte. I’ve loved having you around to stay with me.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed staying with you too. It’s been like a dream holiday for me. You’re such a fun person to be with. I do love you so much,” Charlotte replied.

“I love you too, Charlotte. It would be really good if you might consider moving in with me permanently at some stage.”

Charlotte was thrilled with the suggestion, “Oh yes, Samantha! Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, of course, my love, but there would need to be some rules if our relationship was to work well. We’d need to discuss things before you decide to accept my offer, but not now. Let’s not spoil this moment together.”

“Gosh!” was all Charlotte could say, as Samantha continued to brush her hair.

After a while of companionable silence, Samantha suddenly said, “Right Charlotte, it’s time to put my hairbrush to a different use. I haven’t yet used the reverse side. Come a bit closer and bend slightly further forward…. That’s right! …Now, let’s see if I can ‘print’ a few ‘Ss’ on your lovely cheeks. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes please!” replied Charlotte, waggling her bottom affirmatively.

“Very well,” laughed Samantha.

She gently brushed the hairbrush bristles across Charlotte’s naked cheeks, an interesting sensation, before turning its back to face Charlotte’s bottom.

She then started to gently stroke the smooth wooden back across Charlotte’s soft, rounded cheeks in a circling motion. “Such a gorgeous, spankable bottom,” Samantha murmured, “so soft, so smooth, so round, so utterly adorable!”

Charlotte beamed with pleasure as she heard these words of adoration for her bottom. “My bottom is yours to do whatever you wish! You can caress and stroke it, you can tickle and kiss it, you can spank or even cane it, if that is your wish!” Charlotte was in heaven, having her bottom worshipped by the woman she loved.

Samantha laughed. “I think your bottom has had quite enough of all this ‘soft worship’! It’s time for harsher treatment, don’t you think?”

“Oh yes please! Spank me hard and don’t hold back. I need to feel your love!” said Charlotte, now desperate to experience the intense sting of the brush.

“Very well, my love. Brace yourself!”

So saying, she raised the brush high and brought it down hard twice on Charlotte’s awaiting bottom…SMACK! …SMACK! Charlotte squealed with pleasure….”Ooohhh! Eeeeeh! … Lovely!”

Samantha paused and inspected Charlotte’ bottom, “Mmmh! I can’t see any ‘Ss’ yet! I clearly need to smack you much, much harder if I’m going to make my mark!”

So saying Samantha delivered six meaty smacks across Charlotte’s quivering cheeks in quick succession.


Charlotte squealed loudly and her buttocks gyrated in a most alluring fashion as the stinging brush got to work.

“Oh yes, yes, Samantha. Please spank me harder…YES!” yelled Charlotte, as she slipped ‘into the zone’ of pain-induced pleasure.


Samantha continued to wallop Charlotte bottom relentlessly until Charlotte eventually came with a long, loud scream of ecstasy. It was Samantha’s ‘gift’ for Charlotte. Charlotte remained bending over the dressing, weeping tears of joy, as Samantha tenderly stroked her well-punished cheeks.
“There, there, my love. Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh yes, it was so good. Thank you, thank you, Samantha.”
Samantha glanced at Charlotte’s red bottom as she continued to caress it and then giggled, “I can see lots of ‘S-shapes’ all over your bottom. How delightful! The brush has most certainly left its mark!”

Charlotte laughed in turn. “Really? I hoped it might,” she said, reaching her hand round to feel her own bottom. “Gosh, it’s even left slightly raised ‘S-shaped’ wheals. What a lovely reminder of an incredible spanking! If I ever step out of line and upset you, you must use your new brush on me again…’S’ for Samantha! ‘S’ for spanking! ‘S’ for sizzling rump!”

More to come…


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