The Naughty Nurse – Part Four

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The spanking is over, and Lady Kenworthy has decided on corner time.

She told the naughty nurse to put her hands on her head and stand by the window, so she could study the height of her bottom from the floor.

“Hmmmm, turn around, and bend over.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Hmm, that is no good, I want your bottom clearly on show.” Said an annoyed Lady Kenworthy. “Turn around again…let me think.”

“Maybe if I get on the pouffet?” Volunteered Charlotte.

“Good idea, it sounds like you want your naughty red bottom on show!” Smiled Lady Kenworthy.

“Yes Mistress, I do, very much.” Blushed Charlotte. “If you want an honest answer! I have wanted to meet someone like you all my life!”

Lady Kenworthy smiled a particularly disarming smile. “Then I think I have an idea, I have some friends coming around soon. I think you will like them. Let’s get you up there and on show, up you get, bend over and look out of the window, when you see a black Audi pull up, wait for the doors to open. They will look up, because I always greet them with a wave and then go to boil the kettle…when I am fit. Smile at them, then turn around, and put your spanked bottom to the window.”

Charlotte waited excitedly.

“Oh, here they are Mistress.” Said Charlotte, ready to turn and present her bare red bottom to complete strangers….her pussy twitched at the thought.

“Push it to them! Present it!”

“Yes Mistress.”

The four women got out of the car, and walked to the window, to admire the view of a freshly spanked, bare, wiggling bottom. They squealed and giggled together and went to the back door of the cottage.

Kate, Liv, Stephanie and Amber walked in.

“Hello girls, I think I have found our spanking pet….Charlotte, whatever you are paid as a nurse, I will quadruple, if you agree to come and live in, as my maid…my very naughty maid, who agrees to corporal punishment and humiliation.” She turned to Charlotte. “What do you say?”

Charlotte turned, and smiled.

“When can I start Mistress?” She purred.

“You already have!” Replied Lady Kenworthy.

And so it begins….

This is the end of Charlotte’s introduction, there is lots more to come.


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